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At the minute, I paint gold by base-coating with Chaos Black then a coat of Shining Gold, a wash of Gryphonne Sepia, and highlighting with Burnished Gold. However, my main problem is that my 'gold' looks either too orange and not really yellow (like real gold), or the black shows through it, and the detail is not picked out. If anybody could advise me of a better way to paint gold so that detail is really picked up it would help a great deal.

Thanks alot.

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One of two ways, use Balthasar gold as your base. It covers really well and I find it one of the better paints of the new paint line to use.

OR you can use brown as your base color, time and tested method of painting gold.

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I use a black undercoat, then a 50/50 mix of scorched brown and dwarf bronze drybrush. This drybrush doesn't have to be that dry. Just leave some black areas in the deep parts of the painted area (if there's any). After that a drybrush with bright gold and as a final layer i drybrush all the raised areas with shining gold. Here's an example of results on my Sanguinary Guards, which i painted using this method:

White Scars Space marines
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I started painting brown, then gold over that. Gives it a lot more depth.

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I would first use either brow or if you are a brave painter like me use Brass Scorpion then highlith with something else that looks goldish.
If you are going to try the last approach I would basecoat with white or black depending on what sort of colour of gold you are after

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I tend to work up from Tin Bitz... I'd imagine it works much the same as working from brown, in that it gives the 'depth' to the colour.

Using old Citadel paints as I do, I basecoat Tin Bitz, then a layer of Dwarf Bronze, wash with Gryphonne Sepia, then build up layers of Shining Gold depending on how yellow a look I want, with Burnished Gold and Mithril Silver for highlights.

... it's actually pretty much how I paint Brass too, just with more layers of Shining Gold for a more Gold-ey effect. ;p

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For covering troubles, as said use intermediate colors like brown for exemple.

If I had ONE tip to give you regarding painting gold, it would be to end with a silver highlight. THIS is what makes the différence. ;-)

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I'd definitely suggest basing your gold with something other than black. Browns, reds, and even greens provide a better base, and, along with the thickness/completeness of the application of gold paint over the top, allow you to vary the feel of your result substantially. Even in masquerade's example, practically no gold paint is applied directly over black (the brown/bronze mix takes care of that) - it just isn't a suitable base. For silver metallics, sure, but not for gold.

Easiest way to achieve depth and a warm, but not overly red, gold is to base in a medium-light brown, block in large highlights with a yellow gold, then do fine extreme highlights with a mix of that gold and a touch of silver. If your transitions are too stark, a glaze (not a wash, mind you - the brown took care of the deep shading) of sepia can help tie it all together in keep the silver from looking too cold.

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Bronze undercoat also works really welly for gold.

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check out the latest page of nerdfest09s blog..... he did a tut on gold there

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I also did a pretty big GOLD breakdown on my blog at one point: http://atticwars40k.blogspot.com/2011/10/great-gold-rush-quest-for-best-gold.html It might help you decide on a recipe at least...

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Northumberland, England

Thanks for all the replies - they've really helped I think I may go with the most common suggestion of a bronze/brown undercoat first as against black. Also i'll see about applying a silver highlight to bring out the detail.

@MrMerlin and Gunzhard - thanks for the links to tutorials, i'll take a look at them.

Everybody else, thank you for the suggestions, much appreciated.

Into the Fires of Battle! Unto the Anvil of War!

Salamanders 2nd Company - 2100 pts

"A moth-eaten rag on a worm-eaten pole,
It does not look likely to stir a man's Sole,
'Tis the deeds that done 'neath that moth-eaten rag,
When the pole was a staff and the rag was a flag."
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