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Dakka Daily Poll: Does 40k need a complete re-write?

Posted: 2019-10-14 09:59:07
Does 40k need a complete re-write?
Yes total re-write from scratch.
Yes total re write but based on WHFB.
No it just needs some more special rules.
No it has no problems at all as it is.

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Sponsor Press Release:
HeresyLab - Lord of Deliverance Kickstarter

Posted: 2019-10-14 09:00:00

Sponsor Press Release:
Skrap Landz - 3D Printable Terrain Kickstarter

Posted: 2019-10-04 19:42:00

Sponsor Press Release:
HeresyLab - Lord of Deliverance Kickstarter

Posted: 2019-10-14 09:00:00

Dakka Forum: Edinburgh Miniature Company - Desert Rebels now available

Posted: 2019-10-13 15:59:07
Forum post by MOTN, 36 responses at time of this post.

These Tox Troopers are an update to my sculpts from several years ago, Anvil Industry still sell the slighter/smaller styled versions but these new 'heroic' ones will be available from me in metal. 7 poses in total. They come in 3 parts: head, rifle and main torso. I'm working on command and special weapon sculpts as we speak and if they prove popular I'll expand the range significantly (i.e. if I can make a profit, that profit will fund the new moulds). Alternate head and rifles sprues will also be made available.

Lots more images in my Dakka gallery or on my blog, link in sig.

Some scale comparison shots below.

Last but not least, the start of a Greek Mythology range - scaled to fit plastic historical's (not heroic scale).

Queries, comments, support, etc. all very much appreciated. Thanks,

Dakka Gallery: Skaven Skryre War Machines - Skryre Abomination

Posted: 2019-10-13 14:59:07
By c0wb0ys7y13

Dakka Gallery: Dark Despot

Posted: 2019-10-13 13:59:07
By KernelTerror

Dakka Gallery: Abaddon, Azathoth, Black Legion, Chaos, Chaos Space Marines, Heretic Astartes, Sin Eaters

Posted: 2019-10-13 12:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Seamus, The Mad Hatter.

Posted: 2019-10-13 11:59:07
By marv335

Dakka Gallery: Boon Drinking Companion

Posted: 2019-10-13 10:59:07
By Ramos Asura

Dakka Daily Poll: Best band that Sings about Warhammer 40,000

Posted: 2019-10-13 09:59:07
Best band that Sings about Warhammer 40,000
Keepers of Death
Bolt Thrower
Some band I forgot to mention?

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Dakka Gallery: Tau

Posted: 2019-10-13 08:59:07
By Modock

Dakka Gallery: Nekonari Trooper w/ Smg

Posted: 2019-10-13 07:59:07
By Barzam

Dakka Gallery: Raptors Eliminator Sergeant

Posted: 2019-10-13 06:59:07
By LS270686

Dakka Gallery: Genestealer Cult, Gsc, Kelermorph

Posted: 2019-10-13 05:59:07
By Reanimator

Dakka Gallery: Tau Gue'vesa Techpriest

Posted: 2019-10-13 04:59:07
By khanaris

Dakka Gallery: f4

Posted: 2019-10-13 03:59:07
By Klaus, not Santa

Dakka Gallery: Emperor's Children Praetor

Posted: 2019-10-13 02:59:07
By kizzdougs

Dakka Gallery: 69th Gunner

Posted: 2019-10-13 01:59:07
By Ashes and Temples

Dakka Gallery: Genestealer Cult Magus

Posted: 2019-10-13 00:59:07
By Hankovitch

Dakka Gallery: Namarti Reavers

Posted: 2019-10-12 23:59:07
By minisnatcher

Dakka Gallery: Eldar Warlock And Gyrinx

Posted: 2019-10-12 22:59:07
By hutber

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