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Dakka Gallery: Deathmaster Snikch

Posted: 2017-09-21 01:59:07
By Chris56

Dakka Gallery: Necron Overlord Tyyranus, The Nightbringer's Disciple

Posted: 2017-09-21 00:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Imperial Guard, Raptors, Space Marines

Posted: 2017-09-20 23:59:07

Dakka Forum: Favourite model of the past five years

Posted: 2017-09-20 22:59:07
Forum post by Mad Doc Grotsnik, 40 responses at time of this post.

Totes random I know.....

But before I head off to beddington, a quick topic. Hopefully the title is self explanatory. And it's open to any wargames miniatue range.

For me? Hands down the Imperial Knight. As a sad old grognard, to see the resurrection of an Imperial faction is one thing....but Knights is proper top banana.

And the basic kit is beautifully executed.

Easy to paint for people like me, but enough blank space for those with artistic talent to go to town. Yes your Knight will look better than mine, but my paint job is still flattered by the sculpt.

The pose and design also works for me. It's braced, but also stomping forward - and both in a heroic stance. Which given the static nature of its weapon sculpts is important. Such a large model could all too easily have turned out staid and static.

But for my money, they knocked it square out the park?

But enough of my fancying around and wimbrilng, yeah, I said wimbriling..... what's your nomination, and why?

Dakka Gallery: Forrest, Sylvaneth, Terrain, Wyldwood

Posted: 2017-09-20 21:59:07
By feltmonkey

Dakka Gallery: Varp Krigare

Posted: 2017-09-20 20:59:07
By Metsuri

Dakka Gallery: Chaos, Chaos Space Marines, Iron Warriors, Siege

Posted: 2017-09-20 19:59:07
By ratking

Dakka Gallery: Ork Battle Fortress Wip by Boundlessrealms

Posted: 2017-09-20 18:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Mortifactors Primaris Ancient 3

Posted: 2017-09-20 17:59:07
By warspawned

Dakka Gallery: Acolytes, Henchmen, Sage

Posted: 2017-09-20 16:59:07
By Jadenim

Dakka Gallery: Farseer

Posted: 2017-09-20 15:59:07
By grey_death

Dakka Gallery: Blood Angels Tactical Squad

Posted: 2017-09-20 14:59:07
By Meph

Dakka Gallery: Nurgle Random Purge Army

Posted: 2017-09-20 13:59:07
By raest209

Dakka Gallery: Kingdom Death Gorm And Survivors

Posted: 2017-09-20 12:59:07
By spiralingcadaver

Dakka Gallery: Another Great Image!

Posted: 2017-09-20 11:59:07
Taken with a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: The Throne & The Latrine: Close Ups

Posted: 2017-09-20 10:59:07
By Littletower

Dakka Daily Poll: Does 40k need a complete re-write?

Posted: 2017-09-20 09:59:07
Does 40k need a complete re-write?
Yes total re-write from scratch.
Yes total re write but based on WHFB.
No it just needs some more special rules.
No it has no problems at all as it is.

View Results / Discussion

Dakka Forum: [Campaigns] Into the Jaws of Hell (a Deathwatch/40k/Spacehulk campaign)

Posted: 2017-09-20 09:59:07
Forum post by Warboss_Waaazag, 44 responses at time of this post.

"Brothers, we all understood the risks when we made our pacts with the Deathwatch. Routine or not, our missions are sacred undertakings and the promises we made must be kept at all costs. No matter that we have found ourselves lost in this forgotten system, torn from the Immaterium by the abomination our new Admech allies call the . No matter that we have no choice but to plunge into the nightmare depths of this derelict hulk to thwart our otherwise inevitable descent into hell with it. And no matter that some of us may die fighting the innumerable horrors we will find within it. We have sworn oaths to destroy the enemies of Mankind wherever they may be found. Let us fulfill our promises of destruction and return the Emperor's light to this forsaken place that we may carry our hatred anew, to dark places yet undiscovered. For we are the Angels of Death and the Deliverers of the Emperor's Grace. Let none stand in our path and live. Let nothing stay our wrath."

-Watch Captain Erophon formerly of the Flesh Tearers, to the Deathwatch contingent aboard the Frigate Intolerance, Hour 14


This is a campaign for two or more players using a slightly modified version of the 40k rules. It plays best when one player takes on the role of "GM" and the remaining players take on the role of the space marines of the Deathwatch. I've taken inspiration from the many MiniWarGaming campaigns, the FFG Deathwatch roleplaying game, the various incarnations of the Space Hulk game by Games Workshop, and my own ideas. The campaign follows a group of Deathwatch marines on board the Gladius Frigate Intolerance after it has been blown way off course and dragged from the Immaterium into an uncharted system by the formation of a "brand new" Space Hulk. Here they find Admech forces that have been trapped here since the middle of the Great Crusade, waiting for a rescue that would nev...

Post continues at https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/729604.pa

Dakka Gallery: Bexxis.

Posted: 2017-09-20 08:59:07
By Shenloanne

Dakka Gallery: The Pic Made For Bols

Posted: 2017-09-20 07:59:07
Taken with a Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Unknown creator

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