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Dakka Gallery: World Eaters Raptor Champion 02

Posted: 2019-02-22 04:59:07
By KrautScientist

Dakka Gallery: Another Great Image!

Posted: 2019-02-22 03:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Army, Dead, Epic, Extinctor, Gauss, Lord, Necrons, Walking, Warriors

Posted: 2019-02-22 02:59:07
Taken with a FUJIFILM FinePix F601 ZOOM
By Paule

Dakka Gallery: Voidmaster Front

Posted: 2019-02-22 01:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Adeptus Mechanicus Techpriest

Posted: 2019-02-22 00:59:07
By LS270686

Dakka Gallery: Repentia 7

Posted: 2019-02-21 23:59:07
By warspawned

Dakka Gallery: Knights, Paladin, Titan, Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy

Posted: 2019-02-21 22:59:07
By AJay82

Dakka Gallery: Rat Rod

Posted: 2019-02-21 21:59:07
By Tokkutai

Dakka Forum: Can you use Coca Cola?

Posted: 2019-02-21 20:59:07
Forum post by darkcloak, 36 responses at time of this post.

For paint stripping?

I mean, it will take rust off nails so... What will it do to a plastic mini with acrylic paint?

I feel like someone should test this and inform us...

Dakka Gallery: Image by bebopdrums2424

Posted: 2019-02-21 19:59:07
By bebopdrums2424

Dakka Gallery: Daemons, Female

Posted: 2019-02-21 18:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Custom Terrain, Observatory, Scratch Build

Posted: 2019-02-21 17:59:07
By insaniak

Dakka Gallery: Obstacles, Scatter, Terrain

Posted: 2019-02-21 16:59:07
By kestral

Dakka Gallery: Ariadna, Armata 2, Non-Metallic Metal, Ratnik, Tak

Posted: 2019-02-21 15:59:07
By Modock

Dakka Gallery: Halqa

Posted: 2019-02-21 14:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: 03841: Graveflesh Servant

Posted: 2019-02-21 13:59:07
By Carrero Arts

Dakka Gallery: Custom Yt-1900

Posted: 2019-02-21 12:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Forum: Are Deathwatch worth playing if you don't have Primaris models for the army?

Posted: 2019-02-21 11:59:07
Forum post by ServiceGames, 36 responses at time of this post.

Before I even consider this, I want to make sure that running non-Primaris Deathwatch is even worthwhile. Using regular marines, do they end up suffering from a lot of the same MEQ issues? Are they only viable when run as Primaris?

Thanks in advance!


Dakka Forum: Can someone explain the whole "not another Primaris Lieutanant" meme?

Posted: 2019-02-21 10:59:07
Forum post by Ginjitzu, 36 responses at time of this post.

I don't get it. I had presumed that it was because Games-Workshop had released a ton of Primaris Liutenants, but today, when I went to actually go and buy one, I found that there are only two available on the entire store, and both are faction specific! So what gives? Were there more? Where did they all go? Or was it always an ironic meme, lamenting the actual lack of Primaris Liutenants available. I'm so confused :question:

Dakka Daily Poll: ForgeWorld MKVIII 'Errant' Armour, do you want it???

Posted: 2019-02-21 09:59:07
ForgeWorld MKVIII 'Errant' Armour, do you want it???
YES, I want/would buy MKVIII Errant Armour from FW
NO, the plastic torso is more than enough if I want MKVIII
Abstain, because I don't play 40K or SM

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