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Dakka Downloads

There are a few programs and files out there which dakka is free to host for your convenience so here they are! All binary files are provided for windows only. If you need files for an alternative OS, then google it as they should be easy to find.

The GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free graphics editing program which will let you clean up and process photos and graphics without having to pay for software like photoshop. We will get some tutorials up in good time to help explain how to use this software to best effect for your wargaming photos and banner designs. This requires the GTK file below to run so make sure you download and run that first!

Inkscape is a free vector graphics editor application which will allow you to create symbols and designs from scratch quite easily. It is very useful for designing banners and transfers for printing onto decal paper. This requires the GTK file below to run so make sure you download and run that first!

GTK Library
If you wish to install the GIMP or Inkscape then you will need to install this program first. This program will install the required system libraries - the GNU Tool Kit - required by the GIMP or Inkscape to run.