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Ultramarine Faith Keeper by RAFF
Paintjob: 9.41Coolness: 9.54
Views: 12288Votes: 49
BA Librarian - Jump pack by Johnnyhorse
Paintjob: 9.5Coolness: 9.44
Views: 12622Votes: 45
Brother Lexicanum Callistarius by MajorTom11
Paintjob: 9.54Coolness: 9.39
Views: 8975Votes: 35
Ultramarines Librarian In Terminator Armour by Seemann
Paintjob: 9.79Coolness: 9.14
Views: 4376Votes: 18
BA Librarian by Phryxis
Paintjob: 9.47Coolness: 9.45
Views: 4635Votes: 64
Imperial Fists librarian by San76
Paintjob: 9.62Coolness: 9.25
Views: 2479Votes: 11
by Eggroll
Paintjob: 9.5Coolness: 9.33
Views: 1951Votes: 23
Librarian by RAFF
Paintjob: 9.5Coolness: 9.33
Views: 8565Votes: 23
Red Scorpions Space marine Force by Relaxdesign Minis
Paintjob: 9.4Coolness: 9.4
Views: 4109Votes: 7
Librarian Helios by Loricatus Aurora
Paintjob: 9.54Coolness: 9.23
Views: 3939Votes: 17
by clownshoe
Paintjob: 9.42Coolness: 9.33
Views: 1093Votes: 16
by nuclealosaur
Paintjob: 9.5Coolness: 9.25
Views: 2495Votes: 15
Salamanders librarian with custom stuff. by Pyriel-
Paintjob: 9.54Coolness: 9.19
Views: 9078Votes: 61
Space Sharks Librarian_01 by miniholic
Paintjob: 9.57Coolness: 9.14
Views: 1045Votes: 9
Ultramarine librarian by RAFF
Paintjob: 9.46Coolness: 9.21
Views: 8679Votes: 100
Grand Master Voldus, Warden of the Librarius by redgobbo
Paintjob: NewCoolness: New
Views: 1045Votes: 3
Paintjob: 9.33Coolness: 9.33
Views: 1787Votes: 15
by Eggroll
Paintjob: 9.41Coolness: 9.24
Views: 2781Votes: 22
dead blood angels hero by Decaius
Paintjob: 9.25Coolness: 9.38
Views: 2062Votes: 11
Mephiston front by Pixie with a pistol
Paintjob: 9.1Coolness: 9.5
Views: 7144Votes: 26
Paintjob: 9Coolness: 9.58
Views: 3874Votes: 16
Space Hulk Librarian Calistarius (2013) by bapfometh
Paintjob: 9.2Coolness: 9.37
Views: 2993Votes: 44
Infernus Terminators with Librarian by Kaaihn
Paintjob: 9.02Coolness: 9.54
Views: 22270Votes: 112
Deathwing librarian by RAFF
Paintjob: 9.48Coolness: 9.08
Views: 3403Votes: 32
Mephiston 7 by warspawned
Paintjob: 8.94Coolness: 9.56
Views: 1494Votes: 20
Njal Stormcaller in Terminator armour by 13Ravens
Paintjob: 9.67Coolness: 8.83
Views: 1273Votes: 8
Space Sharks Librarian_09 by miniholic
Paintjob: 9.17Coolness: 9.33
Views: 962Votes: 8
Ezekiel front by el shafan
Paintjob: 9.24Coolness: 9.24
Views: 1528Votes: 37
Ultramarines Librarian
Paintjob: 9Coolness: 9.47
Views: 3808Votes: 22
by Eggroll
Paintjob: 9.17Coolness: 9.25
Views: 1487Votes: 15

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