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Argive's Blog - Tricksy Eldar - Dark Reapers Finished
Argive's Blog - Tricksy Eldar - Maguan-ra (wagwan-ra) Finished !
Argive's Blog - Tricksy Eldar - Painting Many Many Maaaany Guardians !
Argive's Blog - Tricksy Eldar - Work Area Done- Dark Reapers Nearly Finished!!
Argive'stricky Eldars Project Blog- Experimenting With Uv Resin Diy Forcefield
Argive'stricky Eldars Project Blog- Wip Primimg For Days
Argive'stricky Eldars Project Blog- Wraiths And Aspects Wip Update
Argives Tricksy Eldars - Nesh-ravan Craftworld
Building My Hobby Den - Show Me Your Stools/chairs Please!
Colour Advice
Help Identifying Bits For Conversion - Shining Spears
Help Needed - Interpreting A Recipie / Glazing Questions
Looking For Techniques & Tips On Pealescent Effect
Pictures Of Wip