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The Independent National Tournament Warhammer 40,000 FAQ


It's sad for me to say, but for the foreseeable future, the INAT will be taking a hiatus. After 5 great years, there are a number of important reasons that have led me (yakface, writer & editor of the INAT) to make this decision:
  • GW's FAQs updates are far more regular and comprehensive than they used to be, lessening the need for an independent FAQ somewhat.
  • My workload running Dakka and other side-projects has eaten into the amount of time I have available to work on the INAT.
  • The 6th edition of the game has incorporated tons of small random special rules and other elements that are clearly there to strengthen the narrative focus of the game rather than create a streamlined game for tournament play, so I actually think that 6th edition is much harder to try to identify and FAQ every possible grey area (which was the goal of the INAT).
  • I am not incredibly enthused with the direction of 6th edition Warhammer 40k personally, which means I no longer have the same drive to work to improve it.

A great big thank you to everyone who ever reached out to me to let me know how useful the INAT had been to them, their gaming group or their event. It was those moments that made all the long hours working on this project totally worth it.

I will keep the last version of the INAT up and hosted here (below) for anyone who wants to use it as the template for something further (although remember that it was last updated during 5th edition).

And who knows, maybe some day the INAT will return!


Welcome to the homepage for the Independent National Tournament Warhammer 40,000 FAQ. You can always find the most up to date version of the INAT FAQ right here!

The INAT FAQ is a completely 100% independent (unofficial) Q&A list for the game of Warhammer 40,000 5th edition. It isn’t meant to replace the Games Workshop official FAQs in any way, and in fact the issues addressed by the GW FAQs aren’t included in the document.

Download the FAQ Here:

File: INATFAQv5.1.1.pdf       Updated: 2012-04-12
File: INATappendix_v3.0.pdf       Updated: 2012-03-01

INAT FAQ v5.1.1 (released 04/12/2012)

What's New in v5.1.1?
  • 99.9% the same as v5.1.
  • Only addition is GK.21A.04 - Grey Knights vs. Psyk-out Grenades added on page 50.
  • Also, one incorrect question/ruling regarding Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion removed from page 51 (GK.26E.01).
What Was New in v5.1?
  • Covers the new Necron Codex.
  • Covers the new Sisters of Battle (White Dwarf) codex.
  • Takes GW's official FAQ updates (Feb 2012) into account.
  • As always, a random smattering of new questions added.

Appendix v3.0 (released 03/01/2012)

What's New in v3.0?
  • Covers Imperial Armor Apocalypse 2nd Edition.
  • Covers Imperial Armor Volume 11.
  • Covers the (Feb 2012) Imperial Armor PDF updates on Forgeworld's website.
  • As always, a random smattering of new questions added.

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Give Us Feedback!

Want to give us positive feedback, constructive criticism, tell us why a ruling should be changed or submit a new question*?
  • General feedback/constructive criticism can be posted into this thread on Dakka's News & Rumors forum.
  • New questions* for inclusion in the INAT FAQ can be submitted into this thread on Dakka's 40K You Make The Call forum.
OR: *In an attempt to keep the size of the INAT FAQ somewhat sane, we cannot include every question submitted to us. Only questions that stem from genuinely unclear rules text or those that are asked very frequently will be considered for inclusion.

The Goal of the INAT FAQ

As an unofficial tournament FAQ, the most important thing the INAT FAQ strives to give is:
  • players attending tournaments peace of mind knowing how tournament judges will be ruling the myriad of tricky situations that may arise at an event they plan to attend.
  • tournament judges a point of reference to help make sure that every ruling given at all tables across the event are consistent.
It is not intended to force individual players to play their game in a way they do not enjoy playing. As long as both players agree on how to play their game, the rulings in any FAQ should not be used.

Miniature gaming is meant to be fun. FAQs are not a replacement for common sense and good sportsmanship. Players are always expected to calmly attempt to resolve differences in opinion before consulting with a tournament judge and therefore reference the INAT FAQ.

Why a Tournament FAQ is Important

A tournament FAQ is a fan-made document that informs players how grey areas of the rules not covered by GW’s official FAQs will be handled at the event they’re planning on attending. There are some players and tournament organizers out there who feel that tournament FAQs are not needed and even worse, that these FAQs (such as the INAT FAQ) actually alter the way the game is ‘supposed’ to be played. [Read More Here]

How Do You Make the Rulings?

The goal of the INAT FAQ is to ensure a fun and smoothly run event for as many players as possible (which is also the goal of any good tournament). Because of this, our rulings stick with the ideal of the RAW (rules as written) except in situations where the vast majority of players we've witnessed play the game differently from what a hard reading of the rules might indicate.

This majority ideal is based on our collective experience from decades of running and playing in major national tournaments (which are comprised of strangers from all across the world) as well as input from the occasional internet poll.

We understand that this is formula is not an exact science and that sometimes we can and will get how the majority plays wrong. With each iteration of the INAT FAQ we attempt to reassess our rulings and reverse those that, given hindsight and feedback, need to be changed.

The History of the INAT FAQ

Over four years ago, before the INAT was introduced as the FAQ AdeptiCon would use, there used to be a specific AdeptiCon FAQ, which was produced by some of the head organizers of AdeptiCon. In their efforts to make the AdeptiCon FAQ as comprehensive as possible, they came upon Dakka and the Dakka FAQ project I had been working on there. [Read More Here]