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Squadrons of LR Executioners?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
In order to free up a H.S. slot, is putting 2 Executioners in a squadron wise?
No. You open yourself up to losing one too easily. 5% [ 1 ]
No. The firepower is overkill. 42% [ 8 ]
Yes, provided that the extra slot is critical. 37% [ 7 ]
Yes. It makes it harder to gain their killpoint. 16% [ 3 ]
Other (write in). 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 19
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Made in us
Newbie Black Templar Neophyte

Are 2 in a squad overkill?

I am playing with a few list ideas for 'Ard Boyz, and one of them involves 2 Executioners, a Demolisher, and a Manticore. Obviously if I want to do that I'll have to squadron two of the Russes. What I worry about is wasted shots. 5 Plasma cannons is enough to drop anything shy of a 30 man ork boy mob, generally. I suppose I could fling them into packed infantry/vehicles and hope for the best, given that this is for 'Ard Boyz, but will the reduced efficiency and ability to split fire be made up for with the D3 S10 pie plates per turn? Part of me says yes, but it does feel like a slight waste. Am I over analyzing?

Edit: Added the poll for those averse to posting .

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Made in gb
Imperial Admiral

Why not use 2x regular russes with plasma sponsons?

You can save yourself a bunch of points and no longer have the excessive firepower in the squadron (although you do take a drop in armour)
Made in us
Newbie Black Templar Neophyte

Yeah. That's the plan if I end up not using executioners. The only thing stopping me immediately is 3 shots vs 1 and AP 2 VS 3.
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Eastern PA

im running a single executioner just for the looks, i love the Rhyza DKOK turret.

There ain't nearly enough Salvage in this thread!


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Made in us

I'd rather do them in two seperate squadrons with another LR to take the first hit. I know the Manticore is out for that but do Squad 1 with a Executioner and the Demo and anther with an Executioner and some other cheap Russ. Keeps you from losing a Executioner to a single attack bike or speeder sniping it.
Made in us
Newbie Black Templar Neophyte

Hmm. Good point. The Manticore is there for some S10 goodness, though, and I worry that the demolisher will be moving around too much and will lose me shots. If it were possible to get ahold of another Demolisher turret, I'd double up on those instead, but GW has stopped selling them in advvance of the new kit and local stores are out. I need it for ard boyz, so that pretty well exhausts my options.
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