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What are your thoughts on kickstarter?
No opinion 9% [ 313 ]
Bad for wargaming 10% [ 348 ]
Neutral opinion 30% [ 1001 ]
Great for wargaming 49% [ 1653 ]
Other (write in) 2% [ 60 ]
Total Votes : 3375
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Made in gb
Da Big Mek

London, UK

Just curious as to the average gamer's thoughts regarding kickstarter.

Check out our new, fully plastic tabletop wargame - Maelstrom's Edge, made by Dakka!
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Avatar of the Bloody-Handed God

Inside your mind, corrupting the pathways

I think they are great. I've pledged on several projects that I probably never would have heard of without kickstarter (annd people posting them in N and R). They give smaller companies or even individuals the ability to put out projects and products to a wide audience and secure funding up front.

Sure, there are larger, more established companies who can blot out smaller ones, and some people/companies who clearly have no idea what they are doing, but on the whole it gets more product on the market.

Made in pl

Warsaw, Poland

I think it's annoying that every estabilished company starts a Kickstarter project just to squeeze some more money out of the customer.
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I think they are great. they take up a lot of space on the new and rumors these days!
I think once a project has completed it should move to discussion.

I'm excited by projects like the Gamesand Gears battleboard because you can tell its actual gamers wanting to get a product out there.
People making Something you know that they themselves get excited by and want to buy themselves.
I felt the same about the moongoose Dredd kickstarter.

They enable fledgling and small companies to put something out that is beyond their finacnial capabilities.
Sedation wars by studio mcVey
Zombiecide by guillitine games

Although I'm starting to get worried with middleweight companies like mantic using it as a preorder platform for a game they were making anyway, like they did with dreadball


Made in bg
Cosmic Joe


I voted other, because there wasn't a "has potential" option.
I think it's a good idea that will help expand the hobby as a whole in the future.

Nosebiter wrote:
Codex Space Marine is renamed as Codex Counts As Because I Dont Like To Loose And Gw Hates My Army.
Made in gb
Decrepit Dakkanaut


It's good for the hobby and allows small companies to get a foot in the door

It might (eventually) give FLGS problems if all the potential buyers have bought everything they want from a project

(but at the moment even something as big as Bones only touched a tiny portion of the potential customers out there, so the only shops that will suffer are those silly enough to refuse to stock KS lines)

Made in us
Xenohunter with First Contact

Dredd was awesome, Kickstarter is awesome. Done.

Long Live the Squats! 
Made in us
Using Object Source Lighting


There was no "vaguely positive", Orlando put it pretty well.

My painted armies (40k, WM/H, Malifaux, Infinity...) 
Made in us
Armored Iron Breaker


I like Kick-starters, but tbh there are so many now it's hard to decide in what to invest in.

Made in us

New York City

There are so many of them it's difficult to actually about them. Although, a kick starter getting Rackham miniatures back off the ground would rustle my Jimmies a little.

Made in no
Courageous Haradrim Chieftan


I think kickstarters are bad, too many companies use them just to flash their more than often mediocre products at us.
Made in us
Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norfolk, VA

Not a fan.
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

West Midlands (UK)

Love the site. Brings out all the creative juices (and into one place). And it's dirt cheap too, which is always a boon to an industry working low margins.

I wish I could unload my old 40K stuff for a 5% fee on Kickstarter instead of paying 10%+ on eBay.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Palitine Il

My opinion is it is great for wargaming but horrible for my wallet.
Made in us
Just the Bare Metal


There website stinks, half the time I can't get the search option to work.

The system is failing soon.... bullets and beans are required!  
Made in us
Cold-Blooded Saurus Warrior

E. City, NC

I put neutral opinion as it is great for small companies to start projects, but I feel it may also cause an excessive amount of games to hit the market and it will get a little bloated.

So it's good for competition, it's bad for trying to find people to play a particular game
Made in gb
Bloodthirsty Chaos Knight

I think it's great overall as it allows people to help get products that they want onto the market.

Larger companies doing it however start to get annoying, they should be reinvesting their profits into this not asking the consumer to fund them in my view.

Made in us
Raging Ravener

If I am going to directly fund someone's company then I want a share of their profits. I, as the investor, have a right to a return on my investment. The Stock Market does the exact same thing as Kickstarter, as far as free funding goes, but puts ALL the weight of the product on the company with real consequences if they do not follow through.

That being said, I have help fund one Kickstarter project, but only because I thought the models were really nice and I felt that I was receiving a proportionally large amount of product for the pledge amount. I.e. I rationalized it as preordered models on as a large discount.

Overall, I do not support Kickstarter the way it currently working.
However, if someone made a pledge level that was essentially a bond note then I would be more inclined to invest. Something like, ‘$1,000 – Takes Money to Make Money: Bond note that pays 5-10% after 3 years.’ That way, the company has real incentive to not fail.

Lots and lots and lots. 
Made in us
Grizzled MkII Monster Veteran


I think it's folly to compare Kickstarter to the Stock market. First of all, if you invested in GW, you wouldn't expect them to send you codexes or models - if you wanted that you'd have to turn around and use the dividend to buy them (at no discount to boot).

Second, stocks can fail and you can lose money for your investment. At least with Kickstarter, if the funding fails, they don't take your money.

Overall, I think Kickstarter has been great, but like anything else, you've got to pick and choose what's worth sinking your money into.

It never ends well 
Made in us
Cold-Blooded Saurus Warrior

E. City, NC

Uh yeah......you aren't investing in a company. They are taking pre-orders in order to buy tooling/pay wages. You are getting 40%, 50%, 60%, and even 70% off on many of these projects.

That's your reward, not a share in the profits. If they wanted a loan, they'd go to a bank
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka


I've participated in several kickstarters so far, as well as a handful of indiegogo projects. I haven't received anything from any of them yet. That's not to say that things may not be in the mail as we type, but currently, my received record is 0.

That includes:
Mobile Frame Zero - Lego Mech Wargame rules
Dice Rings
Bombshell Babes

Chaos Bloodbowl Team
Amazon Bloodbowl Team
Lizardmen Bloodbowl Team
Freebooter Miniatures special edition
Goblin Pirates

I currently put in a bad for wargaming answer. If I ever see anything from any of these projects, I may revise my answer.

Made in gb
Lurking Gaunt


My hearts full of neutrality......

Clan Grimgor 12000
Brotherhood of redemption 4000
Children of the grave 8000
Errendor militia 3500 
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

It's a great way to support new ideas, and gives people a chance to succeed where they wouldn't have had the opportunity before. My major concern with KS though, is that too many established companies like Mantic are using it as a tool to make money and get free publicity. This, in itself, isn't what troubles me, what is, is the amount of money they're taking away from other projects, the one's that KS was set up to help in the first place. If it wasn't for they're total avoidance of customer feedback, I'd wager Games Workshop would also be on KS by now...
Made in dk
Dark Angels Neophyte Undergoing Surgeries


 Alkasyn wrote:
I think it's annoying that every estabilished company starts a Kickstarter project just to squeeze some more money out of the customer.

Yep.. Thats the worst thing about kickstarters..

Biggest neckbeard you'll ever know. 
Made in us
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


I've just scanned the site, but some of the ones I have seen have been really impressive models

possibly might start 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


I think it's great. It seems like it gives the average person the opportunity to do something big!

StyleX, Professional Model Tools
StyleX Hobby
2000 pt SM (Triple) Stormraven Air Scouts
-X Chapter, For the Emperor-
The X Chapter Blue Table painting video 
Made in bg
Cosmic Joe


 StyleXHobby wrote:
I think it's great. It seems like it gives the average person the opportunity to do something big!

The guys doing these things are far from average, some of them have skills and deserve to be successful for it.

Nosebiter wrote:
Codex Space Marine is renamed as Codex Counts As Because I Dont Like To Loose And Gw Hates My Army.
Made in us

Svalarheima, MA

VERY interesting poll results.

On the one hand, I thought that they should come out like this, but on the other, I'm still surprised that they did!

Nil nos tremefacit.
Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

 Alpharius wrote:
VERY interesting poll results.

On the one hand, I thought that they should come out like this, but on the other, I'm still surprised that they did!

Same here! I'm glad they did, though. In the end, I think it will have been a real positive for wargaming
Made in us
Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader

San Diego, CA

I like it because it's given me the opportunity to help fund several cool model terrain ideas i probably never would have heard of. I don't like the wait though, Its been almost a year since pledging and still have recieved nothing but every time a thread pops up i get excited and remember it.

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