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which term do you prefer?
Dakkite/Dakkaite 7% [ 37 ]
Dakkanaut 57% [ 285 ]
Dakkanaught 29% [ 146 ]
Other (Write In) 6% [ 31 ]
Total Votes : 499
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An age-old question ...

nb4 "neckbeards" hurr hurr

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Posts with Authority

Right Behind You

I use Dakkanaught, but Dakkanaut works too.

Read the history of the Charadon Crusade: The Crusade of Fury was at an end.
Join the Crion Crusade: I think it's the combination of butt jokes, democratic necrons, explosions, and mind-fething that draws people to this Crusade like moths to a bug zapper - War Kitten
Rippy wrote:Never forgetti, template spaghetti.
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Courageous Questing Knight

drinking tea in the snow

A "Waaagh of Dakkles"


realism is a lie
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Warplord Titan Princeps of Tzeentch

The Dog-house

I call them Dakklets

H.B.M.C.- The end hath come! From now on armies will only consist of Astorath, Land Speeder Storms and Soul Grinders!
War Kitten- Vanden, you just taunted the Dank Lord Ezra. Prepare for seven years of fighting reality...
koooaei- Emperor: I envy your nipplehorns. <Magnus goes red. Permanently>
Neronoxx- If our Dreadnought doesn't have sick scuplted abs, we riot.
Frazzled- I don't generally call anyone by a term other than "sir" "maam" "youn g lady" "young man" or " HEY bag!"
Ruin- It's official, we've ran out of things to talk about on Dakka. Close the site. We're done.
mrhappyface- "They're more what you'd call guidlines than actual rules" - Captain Roboute Barbosa
Steve steveson- To be clear, I'd sell you all out for a bottle of scotch and a mid priced hooker.
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Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!


-- 9k Craftworld Tian-Bing Eldar
-- 7k Ragnarok 1st "Einherjar" Imperial Guard
-- 4k Knights Sovereign SM
-- 2k Pale Templars CSM
-- 2k Ordo Lucifer =I=
-- 1k Sisters SoB
-- 4k Solland's Ghosts WFB Dogs of War 
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Indomitable hell rider of glorious renown

the Netherlands


Be ash and cinder forevermore!

V - 11 | T - 3 | 敗 - 40

DakkaDakka | Where you thank the mods for baning you! 
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Authorised Squig Hunter

Outer Space, Apparently


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G.A - Should've called myself Ghost Ark

Makeup Whiskers? This is War Paint! 
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Slicing Orb of Xandros


Whats wrong with the old Dakkanaughts vs Dakkites fight continuing?
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Lurking Gaunt


Neckbeards, definitely neckbeards

Clan Grimgor 12000
Brotherhood of redemption 4000
Children of the grave 8000
Errendor militia 3500 
Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Dakkanaut sounds like Astronaut, It would cool to be in Outer Space surfing Dakka Dakka. Then a person would be a Dakkanaut/Astronaut &/or Dakkanaut/Cosmonaut.
Made in us
Sentient OverBear

Clearwater, FL

I voted for Dakkanaut, since I coined the term.

And DarkStar6783, I did model it from the terms "astronaut" and "cosmonaut".


Chance favors only the prepared mind.                                                                                                       Rule #1
- Paraphrased from Louis Pasteur

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Aww, you mean you didn't model it on the term juggernaut?

Made in us


I am pleased to see the correct term - Dakkanaut - is pulling ahead!

Made in ca
Fixture of Dakka

Kamloops, BC

Should be Dakkholes.
Made in gb
Lesser Daemon of Chaos


Dakkadons the Dakspoilers


Hydra Dominatus 
Made in no


It really depends on whom of my fellow posters i think about

Lies divided me I wonder
Cries enlighten me I wonder
Light has guided me I'm stronger
To escape to where dearly intended dwell

Never seen the light, I don't know where to escape
From that fear of impending hell
Now I've seen the light, my soul laid bare
To forsake that fear of impending hell
Made in gb
Hungry Little Ripper

Somewhere within Hive Fleet Leviathan


 Buttery Commissar wrote:
Welcome! I find building your wallet a nice warm nest, where it can sleep and feel safe tends to aid with abrupt shocks.
Made in gb
Guardsman with Flashlight

Made in gb
Sneaky Kommando


Made in us
Krazed Killa Kan

State of Jefferson

Made in gb
Stealthy Dark Angels Scout with Shotgun

East Midlands UK

Made in gb
Stormin' Stompa

Dem Gitz wot fink dey haz enuf Dakka.

People who say "People who say "special snowflake" a lot tend to be unpleasant people" a lot tend to be unpleasant people.
Because some people get their knickers in a twist, I'll list these RaW 'oddities' in my sig. Sadly GW's promise of fixing their broken rules has itself been broken.
RaW you cannot advance and then fire assault weapons, you can't shoot pistols if within 1" of an enemy, "minimum" ranges don't work, Seraphim have to re-roll saves that "fail" pre-re-roll, the game simply breaks if you ever have more than one wounded model in a unit, the game also breaks if a single rule ever tries to do multiple things simultaneously, Khârn punches himself in the face if he's not near some meatshields, Librarians on Bikes are locked to the Index power list, Howling Banshees can't declare a charge further than 12", Spore Mines have an infinite range, Shroudpsalm technically doesn't do anything, only enemy models, not friendly models, have permission to move on top of a Skyshield Landing Pad, T'au have access to stackable Ignore Wounds (albeit against Mortal Wounds only), and T'au Early Warning Override Support System only works if a unit is "teleporting to the battlefield", not just arriving mid-battle, Genestealer Cults can no longer move after ambushing, and you can only ever use the Deathwatch Teleportarium Stratagem "once", and then never again in any battle after you use it.
Special Thanks to JohnnyHell for this one: A Tyrant Guard with Lashwhip can absorb an infinite amount of damage via Shieldwall between the time they die and the time they fight.
"I PUNCHED OUT ONE OF HIS HEARTS! WHY DOES NOBODY REMEMBER THAT?!" - Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons
Mathhammer tables for 2D6 and 3D6 Charging with various re-roll abilities - Stylish CSS theme for DakkaDakka forums to hide black avatar background and fully hide ignored users. 
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Ancient Venerable Black Templar Dreadnought


WHOSAV's = wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Or my main favorite: Dakka-Yakka's

A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Made in fi
Ork Boy Hangin' off a Trukk

Finland, Espoo

Seems that I have used the term "Dakkanut" in my previous posts

Fifty shades of Krieg

Check out my hobby blog!

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Dakkastani, from the land of Dakkadakkastan.

"Dakkadakka, Krumpy Waaagh."
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Courageous Questing Knight

drinking tea in the snow

 ZenBadger wrote:

I now only believe in this, and this alone.

realism is a lie
Made in us
Trazyn's Museum Curator

Pleasant Valley, Iowa

Dakkaroos has always been the correct term.

 Spinner wrote:
It's interesting; I'd think a statement seriously comparing Eldar players or Star Trek fans or middle-aged divorcees or what have you to ISIS would draw a hell of a lot of blowback and some sort of colored text, and yet here it is, barely remarked on.
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Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine


I voted for dakkaite, much like a surburbanite. Dakkanau/ght sounds a bit too close to 'funky space ranger' to me.

Made in us
Friendly Peat Beast

The Great Marsh

Dakkanaut is blowing away the competition, sweet!!

A bunch of us DCMs used to have "Dakkanaut not Dakkaite" in our sigs, glad to see it ended up achieving critical mass
Made in us
Been Around the Block

New York

- Goons

- Butter Rolls

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