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Have you started your Sisters of Battles army because of the new plastic models ?
Yes 44% [ 25 ]
No 35% [ 20 ]
Other (please, explain) 21% [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 57
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Made in fr
Secret Inquisitorial Eldar Xenexecutor


Hi guys,
So I was reading the adepta sororitas tactics thread and I realized it's almost a hundred pages already. Thus, there must be a lot of players.
So I was curious to know if the recent plastic range is the reason why (I know it is, ofc, but I would like to know how impactful it was).

Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Always liked the army and its style. Hell, even before I started collecting them, I designed a fandex for them back in early 7th edition for them. I would not have bought an army of metal miniatures due to ridiculous price (and yes I know Sisters of Battle remain expensive in plastic still) and the fact there were no option for having them fully helmeted (I hate faces since they often look terrible and are hard to paint properly).
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

NE Ohio, USA

No, I've had a metal SoB force for many years. All I did was add the new Codex + a few new models (the flying pulpit, & the LE SoB).
Made in ca
Missionary On A Mission

Purchased my first four squads and characters the first day Sisters hit the shelves in 2ed. Love the plastics, love my old metals more and have no intention to move to plastics. Nothing against them, just not my thing, my core force is often older than some of my opponents. Just can't put them on the shelf.

Sisters of Battle
Genestealer Cults
Daemons lots of Daemons
Daughters of Khaine

Made in fr
Hallowed Canoness

Not sure if I should answer "yes" or "no".
I mean, I did have a metal SoB force. I basically bought everything I could pre-lockdown, am currently painting it, and plan to buy the rest soon. At least once of every "proper" Sororitas kit, except the rhino. I bought several of the previous rhino+immolator kit to use as rhino because I dislike the new rhino kit.
I plan to replace all my infantry with plastic, so does that count as starting a new army? Or not?

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Made in us
Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps

Nope. When it came out, it was looking like a mass infantry horde was the only viable style (that I would also enjoy), and I really didn't want to toss that much money and time into a new horde.

The terrible new flight stands for the zephyr/sephyr were also a _definite_ turn off.

Efficiency is the highest virtue. 
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

I had a decent sized metal sisters since 4th or 5th ed. But I've been buying new sisters as my hobby budget (and LGSs supply) allows.

I've been expanding into new directions that I didn't with the metals.
Made in us
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

Its still in the process of being finished building/painted etc, but I started collecting sisters with the new plastics. That said, I had been interested for awhile and been setting a bit of money here and there aside for years on the off chance of it actually happening (I think I started setting the cash aside around when Sisters of Silence came out?). I just couldn't bring myself to spend 80$ per squad on the old metals, and correctly guessed that the basic squads at least would be the one unit in basically ever that actually went DOWN in price with a new kit. I'll admit I am kind of waiting on the sidelines with my small force to see what will come in the eventual Start Collecting box before I buy more.
Made in us
Angelic Adepta Sororitas

Been playing inquisition sisters since 3rd edition, still waiting for GW to replace our flyer that forgeworld took away (miss you avenger strike fighter)

"If you are forced to use your trump card, then the battle is already lost" 
Made in za
Regular Dakkanaut

South Africa

I'm interested in the new plastics. I really liked the aesthetic and the lore behind the SOBs. I have a couple from my "ooh that's a cool kit" days but not many.

I *hated* the flamer/melta only combos they used to have. And their Exorcist made me want to throw things. They are so gloriously impractical. My personal head cannon was always they were normal Whirlwinds with fancy names like Stalin's Organ. Sure maybe there is one or two stained glass monstrosities on display but the fighting vehicles were more practical.

I'm tempted by the new plastics but I'm literally still painting my 2nd Ed and RT minis so new ones are a no-no.

Made in gb
Wight Lord with the Sword of Kings


Have several hundred metal ladies and suppoort vehicles

Bought all of the new range at least once.


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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

'other' - i've bought the new range as a hobby project rather than a whole army, in part due to the many shelves of metal sisters I already have, and the time I don't have.
Made in gb
Ancient Ultramarine Venerable Dreadnought


Yeah, I made a whole homebrew order and have a decent Sisters force to support my Imperial army.

Would never have done that had they stayed as metal, and if the plastics had been bad, wouldn't have either. But the renders on their website convinced me very early on that I'd get some.

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Made in us
Preacher of the Emperor

Tacoma, WA, USA

I had a fully painted 1750ish SOB army before the plastics were released. I have replaced every infantry model in the army with the new plastics because the are just so beautiful.
Made in us
Missionary On A Mission

Hanford, CA, AKA The Eye of Terror

Like a lot of people I REALLY wanted to go all in but the price and the less than austere models kept me back from it. I mean its an all girl army, why wouldn't I collect them?! I picked up various metals over the years but never enough for anything more than a small detachment. Guardsman were always a wonderful and cheap distraction that you could easily buy in small quantities. When the new stuff was announced I was over the moon! Not only did it keep the aesthetics of the old army it removed many of the more.....questionable and tasteless aspects (ie misogynistic) from the army and made them even more badass. Naturally I just had to have them! I sold off my mechanicus, fyreslayers, deathwatch, and Custodes in order to collect quite the force of sisters and I must say it is entirely worth it. I have only played one game and I must say I am impressed with myself for having my army mostly painted. This will probably be the first time I will see the field with a fully painted army!

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Made in us
Monster-Slaying Daemonhunter

 godardc wrote:
Hi guys,
So I was reading the adepta sororitas tactics thread and I realized it's almost a hundred pages already. Thus, there must be a lot of players.
So I was curious to know if the recent plastic range is the reason why (I know it is, ofc, but I would like to know how impactful it was).

I can't say I started Sisters because of the new models, because I already played Sisters before the metal models came out. Not for as long as many of the other people who say the same, but hey, the sculpts [and given how I got some of them, some of the models in my army themselves!] are only a few years younger than me.

I didn't pick up all the new plastic stuff [I did pick up the big starter box, though], mostly because I already already have almost anything I could need already in metal and I'm not planning to restart the army [there's also a few re-do's that I don't like, notably the new Immolator and Exorcist, so I'm happy I have lots of the old kind]. I'm really tempted to pick up 30 new Repentia though, the new plastic ones look soo much better than the metal ones, and a good number of both my Repentia and Seraphim are broken off their bases because their connection point is really tiny.

Zephyrim are on the slate for "eventually" for me. I might also need to get some MM Rets if MM's get that good.

That said, I really do hope that the plastic release and generally very pretty plastic models has got more people into the army. We were pretty rare, before, and hopefully more popularity will lead to more support.

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Made in us
Confessor Of Sins

Already had metals but wanted plastics so I bought a little over 2k of those. Dollars not points.


Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I started doing Sisters conversions at the end of 7th, because I liked the fluff of running Sisters and Inquisition forces alongside Guard/Marine allies. As Sisters models started dribbling out (like Celestine) I started getting cautiously optimistic the line would get more attention. I'd never have bought into a full army if they stayed in metal, both for price and aesthetic reasons.
Made in us
Mysterious Techpriest

I voted "other". I am using a few for special cultist models, but not starting a new Sisters army. That said, I'm pretty excited for Sisters players to finally have plastics!

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Made in gb
Decrepit Dakkanaut


Sisters of Battle have always been my "if I collected "marines/Imperials" I'd get Sisters or Custodes army choices. That said I've never collected them, but I do now own 1 sister in new plastic.

Heck who knows perhaps one day I'll turn her into a modest army. The models are certainly impressive and they not only present new designs but keep a lot of the old gothic themes and feels of the original models.

Made in gb
Chalice-Wielding Sanguinary High Priest

Stevenage, UK

I voted 'Other' - I very much doubt I'll collect them properly, I've got enough Imperial going on in my collections already.
But that said - I was bought the Flying Pulpit of Flamey Goodness Junith Eruita model as a present to paint, and I have to admit that I probably would have ended up getting one myself just as a fun project, because that model is nuts and awesome in equal measure.

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