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Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/11 00:51:32

Post by: gummyofallbears

I'm diggin that sail, more effor than I put into the galaxy designs I do, but still looks great.

As for the scions - I may or may not have a small force of scions that have yet to feel the grace of paint, might mix it up and do them white, maybe I'll need to get back to the good old P&M blog style

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/11 01:01:33

Post by: Meer_Cat

Thank you for the painting tutorial Faith! The sails look terrific. I'm wondering if I can adapt the technique you describe to an Eldar Wraith Knight...

I look forward to seeing more!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/11 04:08:52

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

@Gummyofallbears: I'd love to see some Scions all painted up by you dude, white was going to be my other pick for a scheme for mine so if you do yours in white I can live vicariously through you and imagine what life would be like with the soup instead of the salad And if memeory serves it has been a while since your last update on your plog so it's about time too

@Meer_Cat: Actually funny story it was this style that I was adapting to my own wraithknight. It's a few pages back (page 16 of this plog) and I haven't finished him yet but I layered greys, creams and oranges on my WK to get a similar effect as this. I had finished the greys and creams (bone colour) when my wash had run into the greys and ruined them which prompted me to rage-quit painting him and move on to my Cronos instead. The plan was to use heavy drybrush of greys, creams and oranges to get a similar effect as I have on my sail but obviously not do the flecks of white part as I wasn't going to a nebula theme with him. It was an experiment to see if I could get a nice looking paint job using almost exclusively drybrushing on a smooth paneled model. If you do decide to try it out I'd love to see your results, feel free to drop a link in here as I love seeing other peoples projects and seeing them come to life.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/11 04:26:46

Post by: Januine

Sail looks fantastic!! top work man

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/11 04:28:25

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks Jan appreciate it dude.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/11 05:50:36

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice tutorial for the sails. As promised it was simple but effective.


Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/11 06:15:54

Post by: Captain Brown

Great tutorial on the Raider sails.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/11 06:49:46

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks EDC and CB. These mini-tutorials are kinda fun to make so if anyone has anything I've done in the past that you'd like a tutorial for or if something piques your interest in the future don't hesitate to ask, I'm more than happy to do a breakdown with some pics if I can.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/11 10:10:18

Post by: Meer_Cat

Hi Faith- I'm definitely reading through your whole thread/blog; I stumbled on your most recent work and really admired the coloring of the sails, and how straight-forward the technique was. I'll give a shout when I get started on the WK; I'm finishing up a 'counts as' Chimera Hanomag conversion at the moment (some WIP pics over on my thread).

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/11 15:54:21

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Thanks man that tutorial's really helpful looks great too

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/11 18:10:10

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

I'm flattered you'd take the time to check the whole plog Meer_Cat, hopefully there's more in here that you'll like.

Thanks Ynneadwraith, glad you liked it.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/12 05:52:01

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Managed to get a decent amount of the raider done today. Still a lot to do but it's coming along. I'm already liking this one much more than my first raider. The sail is done, got the base colours on the weapons and have the highlighting on the hull as well as copper drybrush finished. Just gotta pick out details on the hull, wash the weapons, then paint my flower pattern. I'll finish off by getting the crew all painted up after the raider is done.

[Thumb - IMG_1817.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/12 05:54:41

Post by: evildrcheese

Looks great dude. I commend your commitment to all that edge highlighting.


Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/12 06:14:36

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks EDC, yeah that much edge highlighting is not very fun to be honest but I'm getting faster at it so it's not as tedious as it was the first time I did it.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/13 00:23:28

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Tedious it might be but it's certainly working that looks excellent. Makes it look like a really rich midnight green which is perfect

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/13 01:36:21

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much Ynneadwraith. this edge highlighting is already looking a million times better than my first raider. Turns out there may be some truth behind this practice makes perfect thing.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/13 02:43:12

Post by: youwashock

Very cool ride. The sails are especially awesome.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/13 07:49:37

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you youwashock, it's coming along pretty quickly now, I may have a finished raider to show off as early as tomorrow.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/13 11:52:20

Post by: Nevelon

Looking sharp!

Lots of fiddly little bits on those boats, aren’t there? Sometimes I’m glad I just need to paint boxes.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/13 17:05:39

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Yeah if I have any complaints about playing a DE army it's that transportation is very difficult, so many outlying spiky bits that would be far too easy to snap off in most cases. My wyches make me nervous with their thin, hanging on by a chain, weapons but it's the raiders that frustrate me, such an odd shape to begin with then the sail adds height then you got the people hanging off the side... I contemplated not attaching the DE tagalongs but to be honest the raiders look kind of naked without them and I feel, especially for a Wych cult army like I'm attempting to make, that the people riding the Raiders are very thematic.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/13 17:28:12

Post by: JustaerinAtTheWall

Spiky! Really like the sail, much like everyone else it seems . The edge highlighting on a DE vehicle really does take dedication and it's nice to see it done! Nothing like that on a Rhino, that's for sure!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/13 20:07:35

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much JustaerinAtTheWall, glad you like it. I've just got the flowers to paint on the vehicle then I'm off to the crew, the finish line for this raider is in sight.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/13 23:06:50

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

In what I'd consider record time I've managed to get the vehicle portion of the Raider done. Just got 4 crew members to paint then it'll be complete.

[Thumb - IMG_1818.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/14 01:08:44

Post by: PossumCraft

That's absolutely gorgeous, great job!

Makes me wanna convert a couple of Dark Eldar models for my Eldar

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/14 01:18:55

Post by: youwashock

The petals trailing along the side are a nice touch.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/14 02:47:29

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much PossumCraft and youwashock. I'd love to see some DE conversions for your force Possum, your other conversions came out so well I'd be most interested to see what you come up with. I'm quite partials to the trailing petals youwashock, I think it's a little extra like that that helps to tie in the disparate elements of my raiders, I'm glad you like it too.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/14 02:55:02

Post by: gummyofallbears

Love the raider, I love the way that the galaxy plays off the cherry blossoms.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/14 10:21:31

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Wow that looks stunning! I also love the trailing petals in the wind. It imparts a sense of motion that fits a Raider down to a tee brilliant idea

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/14 11:07:34

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks Ynnead and Gummy, glad you guys like it.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/17 18:23:59

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Finished up my second Raider. Learned a lot after doing the first one and I feel this one came out much better. C&C appreciated.

[Thumb - IMG_1820.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1821.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1822.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1823.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1824.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/17 20:18:59

Post by: ChaoticMind

Definitely looking good! I prefer the nebula on the new one.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/17 21:52:35

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Man those are nice! I remember you saying at one point that for the dark eldar it's not enough just to kill you, they have to kill you in style. These perfectly fit that philosophy

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/17 22:29:13

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you CM and Ynnead. I agree completely with you CM, I much prefer my most recent nebula, it's a clear case of the first one being a trial attempt and the second one refining the technique. I also think my edge highlighting came off much better on the second Raider.

I'm happy you dig the style Ynnead. At times I question my design choices as they're more labour intensive and take me longer to get projects done which makes it difficult to quickly have an army ready to field. It's comments like yours that remind me all the hours are worth it in the end.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/18 01:51:41

Post by: youwashock

Really like the shot of the two together. Very nice.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/18 02:57:39

Post by: goblinpaladin

Oh man, those look so good, especially together.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/18 06:55:57

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much youwashock and goblinpaladin. I have a third Raider I'll get to at some point and I think the three of them together will look even better (everything is better in threes).

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/18 08:13:28

Post by: Ynneadwraith

 Inevitable_Faith wrote:
I'm happy you dig the style Ynnead. At times I question my design choices as they're more labour intensive and take me longer to get projects done which makes it difficult to quickly have an army ready to field. It's comments like yours that remind me all the hours are worth it in the end.

Glad I could be of service! Definitely worth the effort

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/18 08:20:32

Post by: goblinpaladin

Rule of Three, right?

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/18 18:04:25

Post by: Captain Brown


Great Raiders and the sails are still the icing on the cake!




Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/18 18:43:49

Post by: AshNomad

The sails look great! Especially on that second Raider.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/05/18 19:02:27

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Goblinpaladin I know the "rule of three" as a writing principle, there's the "rule of thirds" used to guide compositional choices for photography and artwork. The latter is what I was referring to, compositionally speaking three raiders will be more pleasing to the eye in a photograph than 2.

Thank you CB, I'm really glad my Raider design is so well received.

Thank you very much AshNomad, I'm happy you like it. The second sail was definitely an improvement over the first sail. Something about practice making perfect I think?

In case I don't say it enough, all you guys commenting are freakin awesome, I seriously appreciate it.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/06/14 09:14:17

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Just a bit of proof that I'm still alive and haven't dropped the project. I finished my last five Kabalites, this puts the squad at ten strong. The weapon loadout they have makes a lot more sense in 8th edition now too which is helpful. I finished them a while ago but only managed to pull myself together enough to get the photos done today. I'm working on 5 more Hekatrix Bloodbrides currently, they're over halfway done and that'll bring my bloodbride unit to 10 strong as well. Not that they have a ride yet though... Anyways he'res the Kabalite photos, hope you guys like them.

[Thumb - IMG_1835.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1836.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1837.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/06/14 10:40:43

Post by: Nevelon

Nice. How are DE looking in 8th? Anything new you need to grab to add to the army?

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/06/14 12:37:11

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Sweet! Glad to see you still chugging away I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen your plog pop up recently.

Really liking how your scheme translates to Kabalites, especially the unhelmeted guy

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/06/14 18:33:30

Post by: Captain Brown

Very nice Kabalites.

Very neat and well executed painting as always.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/06/14 21:14:14

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much everyone. Hopefully I'll be updating a bit more frequently, I'm scraping the bottom of my backlog now for DE to paint. I never thought I'd hear myself say this but it may be time to make some purchases. I only have one box of wyches and a raider left to do but I don't want to touch them yet, my fingers are itching to paint something new.

I feel like 8E DE are helped a lot by the core rules of the game now. Individually our units didn't get any big boosts on their unit entry, it seems to mostly come from the new core mechanics. The talos took a hit unfortunately but hopefully he still holds up. I'm on the fence about wyches, they're better but are they better enough to justify their cost? Not sure, playtesting will definitely be needed. Our flyers are more versatile (they have all types of missiles and we choose which one we fire each turn, no longer limited ammo too). Mandrakes look awesome now though, definitely excited to field those guys, they did good for me in 7th but I think they'll be even better in 8th. Scourges have always been good and they're good again now, even more versatile since more weapon options are viable. Raiders will be fun to assault with with bladevanes and shock prows, super fluffy and look to be pretty decent stat wise. With the new rules I could now ram my raider into an IG Valkyrie or Craftworld crimson hunter to try and blow it up, pretty fluffy and fun IMO. One big one for me is Hellions, they were absolutely horrendous in 7th, so much so that despite how much I love the models I just hated fielding them, they're such a bad unit. The new rules for them don't impress me at all, they're damage is not impressive at all and for their points cost you are much better off with wyches, the hellions still blow up if the enemy so much as points a nerf dart gun their way too. Reavers are still going to be taken over Hellions 100% of the time in competitive play. Pretty bummed about this cause I love my hellions but I genuinely don't see any use for them, they also lost their deepstrike ability so getting them into combat will be... difficult. Haywire looks like it's dead though, they didn't up the number of shots haywire weapons get and they still only cause one wound, since all vehicles have so many wounds now that one damage just doesn't seem helpful anymore. It's a case of 7th edition mechanics (where vehicles had only 3-4 hull points) being used in an 8th edition game (where those same vehicles have 12+ wounds) and haywire hasn't been modified to accommodate for this. Overall the army looks to be in a lot better shape though, with some big boys getting nerfed in other armies and the core rules changes I feel much better about my humble DE force. I took a look at Tau specifically because they have been the worst army for me to fight in 7th and it looks like my opponent won't get an auto-win every time now for bringing a single riptide, so that's looking good.

I have the Xenos 1 book on order, along with a voidraven bomber (I just love the model, I had to have one for my collection even if the Razorwing is much better in game). This week I'm headed out of town again but bringing my painting stuff. I told myself if I finish my last 5 bloodbrides I'll allow myself to buy one small box of something. I'm torn between a box of Scourges, some Wracks or perhaps a venom. I'm not terribly excited to paint a venom, that'd be more of a practical army building choice to give my succubus a transport (since we lost webway portals). The wracks I think I'd be most excited to paint but I have only minor use for them, gameplay wise I think I'd get the most mileage out of some Scourges right now. decisions, decisions...

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/06/14 21:31:49

Post by: youwashock

Nice new additions. Glad to see you are still at it. I myself paint and build with the speed of a hobbled glacier, so I completely understand gaps in posting.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/06/14 21:38:30

Post by: ChaoticMind

If you have a solid core I'd say get something fun/pretty.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/06/15 08:18:02

Post by: goblinpaladin

Heck yeah, more pink Kabalites. They look loverly.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/20 05:43:47

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Oh wow has it ever been a long time since my last update. Unfortunately I haven't had the time/drive to get much painting done for a while now, I'll leave the reasons in a spoiler for those interested, but I did manage to finish off a small batch of models about a week ago. I've wrapped up the last 5 Bloodbrides bringing the unit to a full 10 strong. I've also acquired both a voidraven bomber and box of scourges courtesy of poor impulse control. I missed out on Armies on Parade last year and that really bummed me out, it's in October again this year so I'm going to strive to wrap up what I got done last year and make it out this time around. Though I never really left Dakka during my hiatus from painting it feels good to finally make another post in my little corner of it, hope you guys like the new additions to the force.

Edit: Apologies for the terrible photos, I still find bright colours (particularly white) a real to photograph.

I lost my job a while ago due to a management change and was at a loss for what to do. My hometown doesn't offer much for me in any industries I'd like to make a career out in so I contemplated moving to find a new job or perhaps going back to college. I was talking with an old employer of mine who I worked with for roughly 10 years on and off since high school and he told me he was retiring. He runs a sporting goods store in town here, the only one, and since he couldn't find a buyer for his business he was just going to liquidate and retire. I started negotiations with him about buying his business but we couldn't come to an agreement on price. In then end I decided to follow through with the idea of opening a sporting goods store in his absence but just in a new location and under a new name. This has eaten up much of my time, not to mention money, but it's progressing at a decent pace. I expect to be able to open my doors mid or late September to supply my hometown with their sporting goods needs. Hopefully somewhere in all this I'll be able to find the time to continue with painting my DE force more regularly.

[Thumb - IMG_1863.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1864.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1865.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/20 21:28:49

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Made the attempt today to get some better photos of the Bloodbrides that hopefully don't just wash them out.

[Thumb - IMG_1869.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1870.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1871.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/21 13:21:07

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Wow! Trials and tribulations but it sounds like you've come out on top

Bloodbrides are looking drop-dead gorgeous. Good to have you back, and keep me posted on the sports store

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/21 15:06:01

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Not sure my pessimistic mind is ever capable of considering myself as coming out on top, more like moving forward in the struggle. But hey progress is progress right?

Thanks dude, glad you like the bloodbrides, and I'm amazed at how many ways the expression "Drop-Dead-Gorgeous" fits the theme of DE and Bloodbrides in particular. I started work building my Voidraven bomber last night but then quickly realized how many details there are to that thing, on the one hand it makes for an amazing model with lots of details to really make it pop but on the other hand it'll be a difficult process for me to complete given my glacial painting speed. I was hoping to get one more unit done before armies on parade and I'm kind of intimidated by the voidraven now, much like how my WK intimidated me and we all know how that went...

So I may build some Scourges tonight instead. Infantry are my comfort zone and I'm more confident I can get them done in time over the bomber. They'd be a gentler dive back into painting as well after my break.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/21 15:34:14

Post by: Ynneadwraith

I'm sure it can be both certainly sounds like you're on the upward-swing of the bell curve at any rate

Hah, you're right didn't even twig that but it is perfectly fitting for Dark Eldar, and Bloodbrides in particular

I know what you mean about some models just having an intimidating amount of detail on them. Best tackled without a deadline methinks, chipping away at them until you're happy.

Looking forward to how you do Scourges they're absolutely beautiful models, and the feathered wings respond wonderfully to a wash and a drybrush.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/21 17:07:22

Post by: Captain Brown


Nice to see you are back at it with the Bloodbrides. I also have the issue with the wash out of colours when I load them on to Dakka's Gallery, some I have ended up hosting elsewhere for some images. But if you host from Dakka you don't have to worry about the Photobucket block if that had been your principle hosting source.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/21 18:42:48

Post by: youwashock

Glad to see you back at it. The ladies look lovely, and best of luck on your new endeavor.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/22 03:36:19

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Ynneadwraith: I'm stoked to try my hand at the Scourge wings, particularly the feathered variety. On a modelling note how tippy do you find them? I have nightmares of my old metal Chaos raptors being so gorgeous but impossibly top heavy so they'd never stand upright. When building the unit would it be advisable to weight the bases?

Captain Brown: I'm glad to be back, in what capacity we have yet to see but I'm hoping to be able to do more updates than I have been. I like the convenience of hosting on Dakka directly so for now I'll strive to improve my photography skills. It's a very nuanced art I never imagined I'd have to learn when I delved into miniature painting but I'm always down for learning new and interesting things. If I hit a point where I'm confident any washed out pics are the hosting service and not my own amateur phototgraphy skills then I'll definitely seek elsewhere to host.

Youwashock: Thank you on both counts kind sir. I hope both my hobby skills and business flourish in equal measure.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/22 08:47:49

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Hmmm, they're surprisingly well balanced provided you put the stone they're stood on at the front of the base. However, with a lot of the weight higher up they do tip over on less of a slant than regular dudes so a couple of weights would probably be a very good idea

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/22 11:52:30

Post by: Nevelon

Nice work on the bloodbrides. Good to see you back and painting.

It can't hurt to add weight to the bases. Although plastic minis are never going to be as tippy as the old metal ones.

I've always enjoyed painting my craftword vehicles. Detail is just little bits that need attention. But the bulk of the work is just smooth panels, and those zoom by. I'm sure you will do fine.

Looking forward to seeing what you paint. Best of luck in the new business!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/22 15:14:03

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks for the advice Ynneadwraith and Nevelon. I'll be looking into using some heavier basing material possibly aided by some under-the-base weights to help keep them firmly planted on the ground.

Regarding vehicles, it's the large smooth panels that actually bother me. I love details because they keep me very busy searching them out, swapping colours, mixing textures, shadows, and highlights to make them look great. I find painting larger parts on vehicles to be kind of monotonous. I know some of my friends far prefer painting vehicles too, they like dealing with a larger model, less details and more base colours. I think a lot of it is different mindsets on painting that help identify what we enjoy in the hobby.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/22 15:25:04

Post by: Ynneadwraith

No problem

I have to admit, I'm with you on the vehicle front. Perhaps I just need bigger brushes, but I found painting a Fire Prism ages ago a real slog.

Quite liked doing a War Walker though, and Wraithlords are fun

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/08/23 05:16:06

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

I completely agree, it seems it's not always a size thing but a model thing. I've enjoyed painting war walkers, I've done 6 to date and my wraithseer was a blast to paint.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/09/30 07:29:54

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Been a while since I've made an update but I haven't been idle. Work continues on the Scourges with their bodies being mostly done. The wings and bases are most of what's left. Below you can see three of the wings I've started, the idea being that since many scourges get their wings on the whims of what a Haemonculus feels like doing and what specimens he has on hand that day it stands to reason many of them would have varied wings. The goal with these five is to make each set of wings unique so no two are alike. After I finish these scourges I'll be back to work on my Armies on Parade display board so updates after these guys will be of a very different nature (and very likely filled with frustrated ranting).

[Thumb - IMG_1883.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1884.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/09/30 10:24:00

Post by: Nevelon

Looking good.

My only concern with varied wings would for the visual coherency of the squad. Now all the guys look like they belong together, but will that still hold with assorted wings? I suspect that as you seem to be using a similar pattern, you should be fine. Just a random pre-coffee thought.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/09/30 11:00:08

Post by: youwashock

I expect it will work out ok. The colors on the wings are similar enough that when combined with the uniform color scheme on the rest of the model they won't look off.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/09/30 15:27:37

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you Nevelon and youwashock for your input, I really appreciate the different perspectives.

I decided upon doing all different wings with a bit of the express intent of having them stand apart from my army a bit, to give them some unique flair you can't find anywhere else in the force. Having the wings be different from each other within the squad itself I'm hoping will give each model some individual flair but hopefully thanks to the common armor across the group they'll still maintain a bit of cohesiveness. With this unit my goal is to tread the very fine line of a unit that stands visually different from the parent force but still recognizably is part of that force.

This was one unit I knew I was taking a risk on in that they won't fit visually alongside my army at all but I'm hoping the armour ties them in just enough to work. I tried visualizing how they'd look but this ended up being one of those things I had to try and I'll see if it works once it's complete and I place them next to my force.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/01 08:35:49

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Quick update: Got some more work done on the wings, a large portion of the first 4 is done, just some detailing and maybe one or two steps on each left (the black and orange one has a lot more to do). I'll do the last set of wings separate once I get these 4 done. Hope you guys like these so far, lemme know what you think.

[Thumb - IMG_1886.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/01 10:51:10

Post by: Nevelon

Going to put any tattoos on the bat wings or dye any feathers? Anything fancy planned for the wings on the guy in charge of the squad?

Not that you need to, I just like suggesting difficult things... Push you to improve and all that. Looking good as-is.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/01 15:32:43

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Currently I have no plans to put tattoos on the wings as both the bat-style wings have quite a bit of layering done to them that I'm worried about wrecking. The fleshy one is 4 successive layers of varying degrees of watered down wash and I'll be throwing on some highlights tonight. The black bat wing is 4 shades of grey drybrushed up to build a gradient (that the photos unfortunately aren't quite doing justice in my opinion), seeming as these are DE I maybe should have gone with 50 shades? ...

Ok bad jokes aside, I'm trying to do some blending on the feathers for these wings, that'll be something new as I'm just mostly used to layering and I don't have a wet palette to help. I'll see how things turn out then decide if the feathers need anything more to make them interesting.

The leader is going to have wings based off of hawk wings. It'll blend some tan and darker browns and I'm hoping to achieve a blend to black at the tips as well as some off-white highlights. I don't work on blending similar colours very often, I mostly work with contrasting colours so this'll be interesting to see how it turns out.

thanks to the way GW builds their Scourges kit (one of each special weapon in the kit) I'll definitely be buying more scourge kits in the future so I can make several WYSIWYG squads. I plan on having their wings be unique as well so wing tattoos and all sorts of different colour schemes will be making their way into them at some points.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/02 00:35:29

Post by: youwashock

Looking good. The effort you are putting into building the layers on the bat wings shows. Going to be a nice unit.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/02 01:36:23

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much youwashock, I'm glad it's working out.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/02 08:47:37

Post by: Ynneadwraith

What a brilliant idea! It's a challenge to get stuff looking varied yet recognisably the same force, but it looks great when pulled off and I'd definitely trust your colour sense!

It also fits the fluff perfectly as you said. Not only is it up to the whims of the individual haemonculus, but Scourges are sort of like Spyrers. Rich and wealthy individuals that prey on the less fortunate. I'd expect each of them would want a personalised set of wings, given that they're not cheap...

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/02 10:30:27

Post by: goblinpaladin

Yeah, the layers of inks on those flesh-wings are really coming out nicely.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/02 14:36:08

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you Ynneadwraith and goblinpaladin, glad you guys like them. I was hoping to have the initial 4 sets of wings finished last night but life got in the way and I couldn't paint so here's to hoping I can put some brush to plastic tonight.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/03 08:30:10

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Small update, the four initial wings are done. Now just for the leader. Let me know what you guys thinks of these. Please pardon the absolute atrocious lighting, it really washes out a lot of the colours, particularly on the black feathered wings.

[Thumb - IMG_1894.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1895.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/03 12:05:16

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Oh man those look cool. My favourite was definitely the black bat-wings, but not that the washes have been finished on the fleshtoney ones I'm torn.

These are going to look stunning!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/03 14:36:49

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks dude, glad you like em. The two bat wings are definitely my favourites, not sure which one I prefer either to be honest. In person the orange one came out nicer than in the photos but of all the wings that's the one I'm most worried not mixing well with the overall look of the unit. Of everything though I'm quite pleased with how much the green drug lines helped to tie all the wings together and particularly on the bat wings I love the contrast they give.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/03 16:29:26

Post by: JustaerinAtTheWall

Fine work on the wings IF! I wholeheartedly agreed that the green pipes on the black feathers give an excellent DE-style contrast!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/03 17:15:10

Post by: youwashock

They look real good. I like the light colored bats the most, I think.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/04 02:43:09

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much Justaerinatthewall and youwashock. The pale bat wings I think are my personal favourite as well, torn on the orange one though, I really like it in person (photos don't do it justice) but it is the one I'm most worried about clashing too much with the rest of the force.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/05 11:49:34

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Nah I don't think you need to be worried about the paler bat wings not blending in, and I'm Mr Unadventurous when it comes to contrasting colours

If you do still find that it's a bit of a jump from predominantly black to predominantly orange then for your second squad you could do a similar set of wings with some black tattoos across them. It'd break the same bit up a little, and also sort of stitch together the spectrum from jet-black to full-orange

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/06 18:47:03

Post by: Captain Brown


The idea of the different wings for the Scourges is really neat and they are progress very nicely.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/07 03:13:14

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Ynneadwraith: I think you're right, the varying wings will be something that will likely look better as groups the more of them I have.

Thank you very much Captain Brown, glad you like them.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/08 06:53:46

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Alright showcase time! Got the whole unit wrapped up and glued together tonight and even managed to get a little phot-op going. Hopefully the photos turned out well. Please let me know what you guys think, I'd love to hear your input.

[Thumb - IMG_1908.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1909.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1910.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1911.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1912.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1913.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1914.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1915.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1916.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1917.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1918.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1919.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/08 09:43:18

Post by: goblinpaladin

Ah! Dude those bat wings turned out so great. I was expecting to like the flesh-wings best of all of them, but the bone on the black really pops, and your shading on those is really top-notch. Is it airbrushing? 'Cause if it isn't, I want a tutorial.

The eagle-ish wings on the squad leader also work really well, but compared to everyone else's the scourge with the black feathers seems a bit pedestrian. Like he's the poorest of the gang and could only get some off-the-rack wings.

I continue to love your pink armour, incidentally.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/08 14:30:00

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you kind sir, glad you like them. There is no airbrushing on the black bat wings at all, it's simply drybrushing successive layers of lighter toned grey over a black base followed by an heavily diluted wash of nuln oil. I'm all out of wings to make a proper tutorial with but I'll keep that in mind when I get more scourges and make some tutorials.

The black feathered wings were the first set I did and I was definitely less ambitions with them as I was with the others. I was attempting to model them after crow wings so I was starting with a less inspired model from the beginning. This unit has been a huge learning experience and I'll definitely be taking these lessons to heart when I paint up some more scourges (which will happen because I'm a sucker for WYSIWYG and GW felt only putting 1 of each special weapon per kit was a good idea...).

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/09 02:30:07

Post by: youwashock

I really like your paintwork on the more natural feathered wings, but the lighter batwings are still my favorite. Great looking unit. A real eyecatcher.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/09 06:01:27

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you youwashock, I just placed them with the rest of my force this afternoon and they fit in quite nicely with the force, wings and all.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/10 12:07:15

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Oh man those look absolutely stunning truly beautiful work as ever!

And agreed the fade on the black bat wings is really, really nice

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/10 14:29:38

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much Ynneadwraith, it's always nice to know when a plan comes together and nets the look you were going for.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/10 19:02:43

Post by: kitbashermagos

Awesome scourges, I really like how you did the wings. I can't wait to see more.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/11 00:47:11

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much kitbashermagos, I'm very glad you like them. I always strive to add more interesting and unique things so with any luck I'll be able to impress you again in the future. I may be mistaken but is this your first time here in the thread? If it is then welcome! Glad to have you along for the ride.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/13 16:17:50

Post by: Captain Brown

Scourges look very good, there is enough in each model to tie them together as the same unit. Well done.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/13 22:16:10

Post by: aku-chan

Great job on the wings! They give the group a nice touch of individuality without making them too different.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/17 21:53:54

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Sorry for the late responses, I've been out of town at a tattoo convention for the past couple days.

Thank you very much Captain Brown and aku-chan for your kind words, I'm glad the scheme has worked out for these guys.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/23 22:32:02

Post by: Januine

Scourges are looking fantastic I_F. You've done a beautful job on the wings. really top work

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/24 08:31:27

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much Januine, I'm super stoked you like them. I really want to do more scourges actually these guys were a ton of fun to paint and really let me try new things. For now it's Armies on Parade though then after that it'll be working down the backlog a bit.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/28 05:51:26

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Making stuff from scratch is certainly a whole new art form over simply painting something that someone else has made. I admit, I'm not very good at it, nor do I have the patience for it. So here is my very humble attempt at an armies on parade board for this years competition. It's simple, but hopefully once the force is on display they can mask the obvious flaws with my board. What do you guys think, is it perhaps too simple that it'd be an embarrassment to put on parade with all the others?

Oh by the way tatsymuffintop wants me to tell you all that he loves you.

[Thumb - IMG_1931.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/28 12:31:33

Post by: Nevelon

Nothing to be ashamed of there, quality work.

The one thing that stands out to me is the webway gate itself. It looks like it was just placed on the ground, as there is a slight curve/gap at the bottom. It should be more sunk/rooted into the ground. A simple fix would be to build up a little more rubble debris at the base to help ease its transition into the board.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/28 15:39:33

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you Nevelon for the feedback, I appreciate it. I agree it is just kind of "put there" and it'd be nice for it to have a more built in feeling. I'll have to look around to see what I got left to base around there with and do a bit of experimenting. The nice thing with being done my entry a week in advance is I have some time to fine-tune some parts. None of this "up at 4 AM the night before finishing up a model for a comp that day" business usually get into.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/28 15:58:27

Post by: Yorkright

A lot of lovely work going on here, as for your web way portal perhaps some ornamental flagstones around the base?

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/28 21:03:00

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much Yorkright, glad you like the project so far. I'm out of the house tonight but I hope I'll have some time tonight to do some experimenting with the WWP to dress it up a bit, it could definitely use a little extra.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/29 22:09:28

Post by: youwashock

I think the barren, bleak look will serve as a nice backdrop for your army. And I love the webway portal. Building up the connection between the ground and the portal is probably a good idea. I am not a huge fan of the large grey area behind the portal. Not being familiar with any stipulations for AOP, I do take know if that is required or functional. I almost want to see the board without it. Maybe if it could be darker, or have something else added to it to break it up. It looks very flat compared to the reat of the board. The texture/cracks on the "ground" are very effective and visually interesting but not overpowering. Not sure how much fiddling with it you want to do at this stage, though.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/29 23:38:05

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Yeah great work I_F it's interesting enough to provide a good backdrop to your models, but not so busy that it steals the limelight.

Agreed that building up a little rubble around the base of the webway portal will make it look sunken into the ground which would look great

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/30 01:34:07

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

youwashock: There are no restrictions saying that I have to have a backdrop but for this year I wanted to have one to help "frame" my army. It also helps to mask the setup I have on the back end of the board to seat the light device in. I do however agree that it is far to plain and quite boring. With the time I have left before the event I'm not sure I'd be able to do any major changes to it however. Time allowing I may try to put a "poor mans" galaxy paint scheme to it. I'm glad you don't think the ground is too overpowering though, I definitely didn't want to make the board so detailed that it detracted from the army I put on it so hopefully that will come across well.

Ynneadwraith: Glad you and youwashock are on the same page for this, I'm hoping the board will complement my force as opposed to compete with it. Tonights project will certainly be to build up the base around the portal and perhaps where the backdrop meets the board.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/30 01:56:43

Post by: youwashock

Interesting that you may want to try a galaxy paint scheme. I didn't suggest it before because I wasn't sure what you had in mind regarding the background, but I thought a starfield would be a possible approach. Also, now that I am thinking about it, a starfield with the black silhouette of a city (Comorragh?) across the horizon line could be something and still provide a suitable backdrop. Not too much, not too plain.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/30 05:42:05

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Yeah a starry backdrop was my first thought for adding some life to the backdrop. I love the idea of a silhouette of Commoragh in there two but I feel artistic skill and most importantly time are not on my side to attempt that.

As I type this the glue is drying on the extra basing around the portal though so hopefully that works out well.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/30 07:50:32

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Quick update on the board, got the paint down on the extra basing and just put on the wash, it's drying up in this photo. Hopefully this helps blend things in a bit and tomorrows project will be to start fixing up the backdrop.

[Thumb - IMG_1933.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/30 14:34:30

Post by: Yorkright

Much better, that blends in with the rest of the board and draws the eye to the portal.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/30 14:44:54

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much Yorkright, I'm glad I'm on the right path here.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/10/31 15:55:53

Post by: Captain Brown

 Inevitable_Faith wrote:
Making stuff from scratch is certainly a whole new art form over simply painting something that someone else has made. I admit, I'm not very good at it, nor do I have the patience for it. So here is my very humble attempt at an armies on parade board for this years competition. It's simple, but hopefully once the force is on display they can mask the obvious flaws with my board. What do you guys think, is it perhaps too simple that it'd be an embarrassment to put on parade with all the others?


I would not worry about the others. As long as you complete and show your models your army will still be the focus of lots of attention.

My two cents,


Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/01 00:40:24

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks CB, I appreciate the vote of confidence. In a few hours after all the trick or treaters are done making their rounds through the neighbourhood I'm going to sit down to put the last little bit of work into the board to finish it off.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/01 20:58:56

Post by: Scarsminimadness


Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/02 01:53:36

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much Scarsminiaturemadness!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/03 10:55:43

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Yep I'm liking the improvements. Especially the little low walls which sort of break up the joint between the base and the background. It also makes the suggestion that there's supposed to be a foreground (models), mid-ground (portal and walls) and background sky behind it all

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/03 15:34:24

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks Ynneadwraith, I'm happy it's working out better now. Tomorrow is the big day so I'll make sure to post pics of the event when I get back into town (event is 200km away, I'll be spending the night in the city and coming back sunday).

In other news I was excited because I was finally whittling down my unpainted minis. I had taken this force from untold boxes of units to 1 Raider, 10 Wyches and a voidraven bomber. I was stoked that for the first time since getting into 40K I'd have officially painted every model for a force I had. Then last night happened... A few friends of mine came over for a gaming night and one of them had found his boxed up DE force while cleaning his house and decided I needed it. I now have:
21 Kabalite Warriors
10 Incubi
6 Reaver Jetbikes
11 Hellions
2 Raiders

They're all the newer models so they'll match nicely with the rest of my force in that regard however not all of them are in good shape (particularly the Incubi) and so I may have to do some part donations to make full models out of some of them. I expect to lose a few models in each group to these donations. Suffice to say it looks like I'm not likely to have that "all models are painted" feeling for a long time to come...

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/04 20:34:25

Post by: youwashock

Yes, but there is little better in life than free minis. Good luck at the event.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/05 02:42:44

Post by: Captain Brown

 Inevitable_Faith wrote:
Thanks Ynneadwraith, I'm happy it's working out better now. Tomorrow is the big day so I'll make sure to post pics of the event when I get back into town (event is 200km away, I'll be spending the night in the city and coming back sunday).

In other news I was excited because I was finally whittling down my unpainted minis. I had taken this force from untold boxes of units to 1 Raider, 10 Wyches and a voidraven bomber. I was stoked that for the first time since getting into 40K I'd have officially painted every model for a force I had. Then last night happened... A few friends of mine came over for a gaming night and one of them had found his boxed up DE force while cleaning his house and decided I needed it. I now have:
21 Kabalite Warriors
10 Incubi
6 Reaver Jetbikes
11 Hellions
2 Raiders

They're all the newer models so they'll match nicely with the rest of my force in that regard however not all of them are in good shape (particularly the Incubi) and so I may have to do some part donations to make full models out of some of them. I expect to lose a few models in each group to these donations. Suffice to say it looks like I'm not likely to have that "all models are painted" feeling for a long time to come...

This is why I always end my posts in my PLOGs "The long painting war continues..." Just like the wars in the 40K universe we love and enjoy, the painting is never finished.

Good luck on the next additions.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/05 23:54:30

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

The models weren't free unfortunately. He did offer them for free but I couldn't in good conscience take this much for nothing so on my trip up to the city for Armies on Parade I picked him up a box of Wulfen as thanks. Speaking of AoP, here's my entry. I didn't place in any category.

[Thumb - IMG_1935.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/06 00:06:57

Post by: craggy

Sad to hear you didn't place, got any pics of those that did, because they must have been really special?

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/06 05:50:42

Post by: youwashock

Your army looks awesome all set up like that. Place, schmace. You should be proud of them, for sure.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/06 07:50:11

Post by: goblinpaladin

Yeah, I agree. Place schmace - they look really amazing and you've done a great job on the table itself. It lets the models shine rather than overwhelming them as some other parade tables do.

also I am still very mad at your flowers

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/06 11:35:11

Post by: Nevelon

I’ll echo everyone else with the “don’t worry about not placing” Getting that built and painted is a massive accomplishment, and one you should be rightly proud of.

Good thing you got some more minis. It’s a well established fact that once you paint your last mini, you die. Piles of Shame are not just monuments to poor impulse control, they are our life insurance.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/06 17:09:01

Post by: Captain Brown

I think the army looks great. Never worry about placement in painting competitions, so much of the judging is subjective and there is always pressure to go with something that is massive with AoP.

Now is there a place you can store your display board at home?



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/07 08:52:17

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much for all your kind words everyone. I won't lie, I am bummed out about not placing but I think what truly is under my skin at the moment is not knowing where I stood in the comp.

This year was different, rather than overall top three for the whole event it was divided into categories: young blood (under 15), first army, monsters and machines, best board, best theme, and best painted. Only the top place in each category got any award. For anybody who wasn't top of a category you weren't told where you placed in each. The category I care most about was best painted, the guy who won that absolutely deserved it too, his Death Guard were absolute leagues above my current skill level. I don't feel bad about losing out to him at all, it just sucks that since placement was not made available I could have been anywhere from second place to 18th. I really would have liked to know where I stood in the pack so I could get some measure of where my skills currently lie. Unfortunately my pessimistic mind tells me that since I could be anywhere from 2nd to 18th I must be 18th. I know it's wrong to think like that but it's a struggle I've been dealing with most of my life.

That's enough ranting though, the day was still a ton of fun and I got to meet many really cool and talented people. that in and of itself is enough to get me excited to try again next year.

@goblinpaladin: You're mad at my flowers? But what have they ever done to hurt you?

@Nevelon: Since unpainted plastic is our lifeblood I'm sure I know a few people who must be downright immortal by now.

@Captain Brown: I don't have any space to store my board unfortunately. My plan is to salvage the arches of the webway portal to make into terrain down the road but dispose of the rest of the board. It's just foam, corkboard and fish tank rocks so it's not a huge loss. Looking back at my first AoP entry two years ago to this board I've made huge improvements (though I'm still a long ways from anything I'd say I'm really proud of). Next year I'll start from scratch again and see how much better I can do.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/07 15:28:27

Post by: Yorkright

I think your army looked great, but it would be hard not to know where you placed. Most of the tourneys I have been in they let people know what their score was for painting, any chance you can ask the judge(s)? The one thing you can take away from this is that you are still excited to try again next year. Keep up the great work man, I for one am inspired by your painting skills.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/08 14:46:04

Post by: complex57

I think your force looks awesome. Congrats on getting so many models completed at such a high level.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/08 15:59:19

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

@Yorkright: I did ask the organizer my placement in the best painted category but he refused to tell me stating that "he doesn't like telling everyone their placement and that we should all be proud of doing such great work in the first place". He's a great guy and super friendly but I get the impression he doesn't want to tell placement to those who didn't win for fear of having to tell someone they got last place when they ask.

And thank you for your kind words, I'm super pumped to hear I can be an inspiration to other painters. Thank you.

@complex57: Thank you very much complex, I did get about a year and a half to work on this army as I missed out on last years AoP so the extra time helped me to get this much finished. I hope to continues growing this force and to come up with new and interesting directions to take it in the future.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/10 13:25:31

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Well, I'm pretty confident of your second place dude to have painted so many models to the standard you've painted them is a great achievement

I can see why the organiser would be reluctant to do a full ranking for fear of discouraging the lower end, but a 'top 5' out of 18 would be a neat thing to do.

Really looking forward to seeing some of your new haul of models. Especially the Incubi. Love those, but I've been holding out for some metal versions to no avail for ages.

Captain Brown wrote:

This is why I always end my posts in my PLOGs "The long painting war continues..." Just like the wars in the 40K universe we love and enjoy, the painting is never finished.

Good luck on the next additions.




It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor's model has sat unfinished on the WIP shelf of Games Workshop. He is the Master of mankind by the will of the writers, and master of a million fans by the might of his unpainted armies. He is a blu-tacked proof of concept writhing invisibly with unfulfilled potential. He is the Primered Lord of the Imperium for whom a thousand painting sessions are procrastinated over every day, such that he might never truly be finished.

Yet even in his prototypical state, the Emperor continues his eternal vigilance. Vast armies are glued together and placed on shelves to gather dust throughout the world. Greatest amongst his unfinished works are the Adeptus Astartes, introductory models to the 40k franchise and thus most often started but never finished. Their comrades in arms are legion: the Imperial Guard and countless other high-model-count armies, the conversion-heavy Inquisition and the fiddly detailed tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus to name only a few. But for all their multitudes, they are barely enough to hold off the ever-present threat from legions of indistinguishable grey plastic.

To be a man in such times is to be one who has a to-do list numbering in the untold billions. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of technology and science, for airbrushing is the realm of a might few. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only primer. There are no 'finished armies' amongst the stars, only an eternity of paint and poly-cement, and the laughter of thirsting shareholders.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/10 16:20:00

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

I'm so happy this post is the first thing I read this morning, you've set my mood for the whole day Ynneadwraith with that unpainted minis post. Seriously man you're a genius. Thank you for that. :laugh:

Thank you for the vote of confidence on my AoP entry, you guys have all really helped me out of the post comp slump.

I'll have to go through the pile and see what's salvageable since I know this guys is "rough" on model storage. Looking at the Incubi I'll definitely have to rob parts from them since many have broken klaives and trophy racks. I'm waiting on some spare bitz at the moments as the scourges are mostly heat lances (ewwwww) and shardcarbines (good but I don't need ten of them). I'll go through the box here one day and give a mission report on what will need to be done to put these guys back in service. In the mean time I haven't been idle, I have another raider in the works as well as doing some work on a couple Taurox Primes. Pictures will hopefully be up tonight time allowing.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/10 16:49:22

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Haha I'm here to serve

Votes of confidence deserved my friend

Are Heat Lances no good this edition? Bummer. I wonder if the pending Dark Eldar codex (provided we get one of course) might fix that...

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/11 03:50:04

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Heat lances are in a rough spot right now yeah. They are only better than dark lances in very specific circumstances. They lack range, and strength 6 isn't great against most of the targets you want to shoot them at (toughness 7/8 tanks and monsters). Most priority targets for them won't benefit from cover either so the extra -5 ap vs the dark lance -4 ap is mostly wasted. The only real advantage they have is melta but within the DE codex there's no good way to get them in that range. They're easiest to take on scourges but they're so fragile that you're not likely to get them in range and even deep striking them puts you outside melta range. Overall it's too hard to get that golden range to work.

Melta treated them better under 7th too as they're strength 6 wasn't a huge issue against tanks (rolling 2D6 instead of 1D6 for penetration and lance guaranteed no armour value above 12 so all you needed was two 3's to glance). The new melta and lance rules don't make it easier for this thing to hurt stuff as much as they used to. All this added to the fact that if you play using points instead of power levels its woefully expensive to equip them.

TLDR: No heat lances are not good right now.

I'm not holding my breath for the release of the DE dex, I think it'll be one of the last ones to release unfortunately. On the other hand I'm cautiously optimistic that it may be a very good dex for us. Not speaking power wise but rather fluff, can the DE fluff have been more gutted than it already was in 7th and the index? We can only go up from here

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/12 13:09:58

Post by: goblinpaladin

Oh, man, don't tell me that. I have all these heat lances planned!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/12 15:52:58

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

The chapter approved coming out may make them viable again, though that's no guarantee. Likely it'll just lower the points cost on it to the point it's possible worthwhile.

On the hobby side of things I've gotten another raider sail almost complete, just have to do the metal bits now. Sorry I haven't been posting photos, opening a business is draining to say the least.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/14 07:31:35

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Small update. Got some progress done on a new raider, sail is nearly complete and one side of the main body has the first edge highlight done. I hope to have this ride finished in about a week before moving on to the next model. On that note what do you guys thinks I should do next: finish building and paint up my voidraven bomber or go through my box of newly acquired DE to find how many models are salvageable and assemble them into usable units?

[Thumb - IMG_1972.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/14 19:08:00

Post by: youwashock

Looking good.

I vote rummage through the new guys.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/15 11:45:25

Post by: Nevelon

Is anything in the box going to be cooler then the voidraven? Is such a thing possible? Do the flyer.

That said, what’s your overall painting queue looking like? I know I like to mix up projects to help prevent burnout. So it might be worth doing a squad of refurbished guys, then the bomber, then more old guys, etc.

Raider is coming along nicely.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/15 13:15:28

Post by: goblinpaladin

Rummaging is a fun way to do hobby stuff that doesn't involve eye strain and stress about messing up a highlight, so do the rummage when you're feeling a bit of burnout & otherwise do the vehicle.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/24 00:01:15

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks for the input guys, terribly sorry for the super slow response, starting this business is still eating at every spare minute I have. I haven't been totally idle, mostly just super slow and after some consideration on what to do I opted for (insert drumroll here)... none of the above! That's right I got 100% sidetracked with a completely not space elf related thing and did that instead. Truth be told I'm having a bit of burnout with the DE currently, I need to paint some new colours for a little bit and it's also tough to stay motivated to paint an army that I'm having trouble playing. The gaps between codex and index armies just feel like they're getting wider and wider and especially after the guard and tyranid dexes my poor DE just feel like they belong in a different game all together. in a world of double-tapping leman russes (leman russi perhaps ) and super fast in your face hyper-dakka rippy teary nids I just feel so... inadequate. To still play and break outta that slump I've been playing my small force of Tempestus Scions (some of you may remember that one yellow test model I painted a ways back) and they've been loads of fun to play as well as being competitive. Seriously look no further than the Taurox Prime and compare it to the Raider, both for 6 power the Prime outclasses the raider in literally every possible way while still keeping a transport capacity of ten. And in what world should a Taurox move the same speed as a Raider too? That's ridiculous... Anyways. Motivation just isn't there for the poor DE, hopefully chapter approved can help it out a bit. Ok enough griping, time for the actual update.

Here is my latest little concept, a kitbashed Primaris Psyker to throw in as an extra HQ choice for my scions (bringing them up to the next detachment level for those 3 extra sweet delicious command points). I have him here with his coat off for ease of painting. My question is: how's the pose look? Notably his right arm, should I chop it off and put the coat on as it's meant to be (covering his right arm) or keep it as is with he modified coat? Thanks in advance for your advice guys, kitbashing and conversions aren't my strength and I'm always second-guessing every change I make, hopefully you guys can steer my right on this one.

[Thumb - IMG_1977.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1980.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_1981.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/24 00:30:49

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

For reference here's the "closed" coat version.

[Thumb - IMG_1982.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/24 02:47:35

Post by: youwashock

Nothing wrong with changing it up from time to time.

I vote closed coat.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/24 07:21:29

Post by: goblinpaladin

I think I vote open coat, although it's a bit hard to see his right hand in your photo. Are you married to the coat? I like the coat-less officer up the top, although if everyone else has a coat then so should he.

I think it's great that he has a beret and a staff but otherwise looks like a regular officer. I find the temptation to make psykers so weird and over the top a bit frustrating; I like your low-key look a lot.

Is his beret going to to be the colours of his unit or do the Psy Corps have their own beret colour (purple, it should be purple, heck yes)?

I couldn't throw shade on someone getting distracted by side projects even if I didn't think it was a great way to avoid burnout. My Dark Eldar thread has so many space marines in it now!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/24 12:09:41

Post by: Nevelon

Looks good, I’d go with the closed coat.

Side projects happen and are a good thing. Keeps it fresh.

Hopefully the Chapter Approved book tosses some gems your way to help with the codex gap.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/24 15:36:51

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks for your advice guys, I really appreciate it.

goblinpaladin: So far he's the first model in my scions force with a coat. I did this to help differentiate him from the rest of the force and make him easy to spot on the table. I'm glad you like the low-key look here. I really didn't want to make him too "magical" or what have you since the rest of the scion force is very tactical and utilitarian it felt odd to have an over the top wizard in the ranks. The plan for painting is to do some research on the Scholastica Psykana and paint him mostly in those colours, gunna try and throw their logo on his coat too.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/24 16:25:42

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Hum, I vote closed coat (perhaps with his pistol-arm replaced by one that disappears into the coat itself).

I think without the coat at all he'd make a great lieutenant, but the coat sells him as a psyker more

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/24 23:36:59

Post by: goblinpaladin

That sounds like a good plan. I'm keen to see it develop!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/26 16:00:44

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Looks like closed coat has it. I went with the pistol hand to keep him WYSIWYG Ynneadwraith, contemplated some alternatives but in the end opted for it. He's off to be primed and I should be able to put him to the brush later today.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/27 01:18:16

Post by: kitbashermagos

I can't wait to see him painted, Btw yes i'm new in this thread so I hop by once in a while.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/27 10:36:46

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Good point as someone who doesn't really play I never really think of WYSIWYG :S

Can't wait to see him with some paint

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/11/27 22:13:39

Post by: Meer_Cat

Nice, dynamic posing- very well articulated. Looking forward to seeing how this guy comes out!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/01 00:31:50

Post by: Rhivan

Well sorry about not being told your place in the competition that really sucks (and I can completley understand why that'd get under your skin)

As for the vote I prefer the closed coat, but that is just because I think the open coat looks a bit meh in general.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/03 03:38:58

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks Rhivan. I did end up going with the closed coat, I've been really busy lately so haven't gotten a chance to paint but tomorrow I've put aside some time to get some done.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/04 06:50:43

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Didn't get nearly as much done today on the Primaris Psyker as I was hoping, had a late start then some life problems cropped up. Oh well some progress is still better than no progress I suppose.

[Thumb - IMG_1988.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/04 15:56:52

Post by: Yorkright

Looking good, dont know if the jacket is done yet but it looks great.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/06 01:04:13

Post by: youwashock

Life. Always getting in the way of living it. But small progress is still progress.

Psyker looks good so far.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/06 04:39:07

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks Yorkright and youwashock. The coat isn't done but it's coming along nicely I think. Got a long ways to go with it though as I want to freehand the scholastic psykana symbol on it.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/06 11:34:50

Post by: Nevelon

Freehand would look awesome if you feel you are up to it.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/06 13:13:09

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Ooh nice freehanded insignia would be damn cool

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/06 16:18:32

Post by: ChaoticMind

That sounds crazy.

I really really hope you do it.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/07 06:13:54

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Freehand symbol is happening for sure, I'll find a way to make it happen. Time is a luxury at the moment what with running a new business and all so progress is glacial, will update as soon as I get some more brush-time in.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/08 15:57:13

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

My project focus has gone to lately so instead of what was supposed to be an update on the psyker I instead bring to you an update on the raider I said I wasn't going to finish... Still a ways to go on it but at least the tedious edge highlighting is done.

[Thumb - IMG_1991.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/08 16:10:13

Post by: Yorkright

That sail is a fantastic bit of work.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/09 00:17:29

Post by: Captain Brown

The Raider is table top ready right now, and you have just started.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/09 15:41:21

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you Yorkright and Captain Brown. I'll be out of town for a couple days so no progress will happen until Monday night at the earliest.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2017/12/10 00:18:31

Post by: youwashock

Fresh ride. Wouldn't worry about shifting focus around. You're getting good results. Need to get a shot of all the skimmers together when this one is done.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/04 07:02:07

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Spare time has been a rare commodity as of late but I managed to finally finish the third Raider. I'll get some proper photos done up later along with the other two.

[Thumb - IMG_2007.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/04 10:47:26

Post by: Nevelon

Nice to see you still painting away. Raider looks good, does need better photos though. It took me 3 tries to spot the sail. But that might be the lack of sleep/coffee talking.

Any big plans for 2018?

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/04 11:28:00

Post by: STG

Looks Cool man!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/04 12:27:46

Post by: goblinpaladin

I continue to be mad jealous of your Raiders, man.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/04 16:15:59

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Better pictures will hopefully be up tonight Nev, I too have great difficulty functioning without my daily ration of coffee. The plan for 2018 is to paint up a Scion army, possibly even as an AoP entry. I've started it but I'll do a proper write up and some photos of the current state of it with lists probably next month once I assemble a few last bits.

Thank you very much STG, glad you like it.

Thank you goblinpaladin, it's good to know they don't fail to impress.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/04 17:20:26

Post by: youwashock

Looking awesome. Bring on the better pics (and a group shot nudgenudge).

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/04 17:52:29

Post by: Captain Brown

Very nice Raider Inevitable_Faith.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/05 01:24:28

Post by: JeffyP

Your freehand work is just amazing! Very jealous.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/05 06:56:59

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

As promised youwashock here are the proper pics, hope they were worth the wait.

Thank you very much CB.

JeffyP I'll gladly trade you some of my painting skills in return for your creativity and conversion skills, your exodites have me in awe.

Here are the proper photos, hopefully they turned out well, I haven't checked them before uploading tonight as I gotta get to bed for work tomorrow.

[Thumb - IMG_2008.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2009.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2010.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2011.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2012.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/05 17:43:24

Post by: youwashock

Childlike glee.

They look really good.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/05 23:55:32

Post by: Nevelon

Nice looking batch of boats you have there. Any chance of getting them to the table to pillage something?

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/06 03:32:56

Post by: Yorkright

Beautiful boats Faith

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/06 04:11:32

Post by: goblinpaladin

This is the content for which I came.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/07 08:52:46

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much Youwashock, Nevelon, Yorkright and goblinpaladin. In fact Nev I did manage to get a game in just tonight with my DE. I've mostly been playing scions but with a third Raider I figured it was worth a shot runnin the girls again. My list was as follows:

HQ: Succubus (Warlord with eternal hatred) Deployed using webway portal stratagem

Troops: 10 Wyches w/ Hydra gauntlets, blast pistol and agoniser
Troops: 10 Wyches w/ Razorflails, blast pistol and agoniser

Elite: 10 Bloodbrides with Blast pistol, agoniser and phantasm

Fast: 5 Scourges w/ 4 dark lances splinter pistol and agoniser

Transports: 3 raiders with disintegrator cannons for all three wych cult units.

The match was three objectives placed essentially in a line down the middle of the board. My opponent was a Dark Angels player. You get 1 VP for holding an obj at the end of your turn and 3 VP instead if you held it the previous turn too. Player who builds up the most VP by the end of turn 5 wins. My opponent went for an early lead by capping all three objectives and attempting to hold them for consecutive turns, my strategy was to throw wyches and bloodbrides at him until he realizes that his traitor legion isn't welcome here. In short it worked. Bloodbrides took out his unit of SS and thunderhammer termies while the rest of my force rolled over his on the objectives like some massive drug fueled tidal wave. Point of note: thunder hammers do a very underwhelming amount of damage vs my wyches 4++. Succubus charged his librarian, failed to kill him in one round of combat but then proceeded to finish the job in the next shooting phase with her blast pistol. I like to think it was done in a one-woman recreation of the boondock saints type of way. He held out strong at first, snagging a good 15-1 lead. Things went downhill fast around turn three though as Power from Pain started stacking good for me and he got all but some scouts locked in CC with the Wyches and raiders neutering his firepower. Final score was 22 to 15 by the bottom of the 5th round and he had nothing but his scouts left. I had some damage on a couple wych squads and one dead raider but my force was still quite strong. Looks like I'm getting more slaves for the gladiator pits tonight!

[Thumb - IMG_2021.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2022.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/07 14:18:52

Post by: goblinpaladin

Heheh, traitor legion. Nice work. Especially showing off what Wyches can do.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/07 14:31:08

Post by: Nevelon

Sounds like a fun game. In those kind of missions I always debate grabbing VPs early when I can, or conserving forces for the late game. I’ve been on both sides of the massive early lead that turned into a loss due to lack of board presence at the end. One of thse things it’s impossible to make hard and fast rules about. You just need to keep an eye on the ebb and flow of the game and adjust accordingly.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/07 16:56:20

Post by: aku-chan

Fantastic trio of Raiders!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/08 16:10:18

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

@goblinpaladin: Wyches are certainly hard to use and I agree with many other players that they still need some attention from the rules writing team to balance them out to other similarly costed units I feel they aren't as useless as many players seem to think they are. In a casual environment anyways, I'm sure their usefulness is probably lessened in a competitive game but many other units are as well.

@Nevelon: Playing DE makes that decision easy Nev, DE have power from patience... errr I mean pain and so trying to hold out my paper boats early game against another full force is suicide. My hand is forced into the waiting game and grabbing objectives of opportunity when my forces have their bonuses. I was lucky enough on this map to have just enough cover and deployment space to minimize his early turns effectiveness and rush the raiders out when they were needed most. Interesting point of note here: If I had failed any charge in turn three and he had been allowed to hold even 1 objective for an extra turn then I would have lost on points regardless of the outcome of the fight. His strategy was mostly sounds (his terminators and scouts placement was the only thing I'd have changed) but the dice were certainly in my favour this match.

@aku-chan: Thank you very much aku-chan, I'm glad you like them.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/09 16:32:49

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Bit of catching up to do! Those Raiders are absolutely gorgeous, and great to see them (and the rest of your Cult!) doing some real work on the tabletop

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/01/10 07:18:19

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Ynneadwraith good to see you around again buddy. Glad you like the Raider trio. I hope you'll have some goodies to show us in your plog here soon as well

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/02/28 07:45:35

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

It's been a while since my last update but as always I haven't been idle, just... slow. I entered into a painting competition last weekend, didn't place and I'm not surprised about that at all as there was some amazing work on display. Anyways I used the competition as an excuse to finally motivate myself to get my bloody wraithknight finished. It's been a bittersweet project all told now, on the one hand I don't feel it's a true showcase of what I'm capable of, it feels rather plain comparatively to what I'd like to do. It was a first for me however being the largest model I've ever attempted to paint to date. Yup still don't like painting large models, infantry is much more fun for me. It's been an incredibly infuriating and demoralizing model to paint as well and I'm so happy to finally call it "done" (I see a million things I could touch up or improve but I need to just call it here and move on to new projects lest I drive myself mad) and I have a great sense of accomplishment for having completed it. Overall I... don't hate my results, I haven't decided whether I really like him or not but I certainly won't shy away from displaying him.

It also occurs to me I had shelved my craftworld army project before I got my photo booth setup so I'm leaving it set up and over the next little while I will be re-taking the photos of my craftworld force and re-posting them here with some (hopefully) much better quality photos. Hope you guys don't mind.

As always guys thanks for checking out my stuff and your comments and critiques are always greatly appreciated!

[Thumb - IMG_2039.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2040.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2041.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2042.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2043.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2044.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2045.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/02/28 10:58:05

Post by: Nevelon

Good to see you still painting. WK looks good. I hear you about larger models. I start all fired up to do them, then the reality and the long war sets in. But the feeling when they finally get off the bench is unique. Combination of pride, accomplishment, and relief.

We are our own worst critics. Every time I look and any of my models I see stuff that bugs me. With large models they are just bigger and easier to see, and a lot more of them!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/02/28 11:26:00

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Haha only you would be mildly disappointed with that it looks great dude

I'm completely with you on enjoying infantry-scale painting far more than big tanks and walkers though. Hell, I'm putting off painting a conversion with a Corpse Cart because it's not on a 28mm base (32mm is pushing it...)

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/02/28 13:48:13

Post by: goblinpaladin

No, what? She looks great! You should be really proud of that.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/02/28 18:33:23

Post by: youwashock

It is said that it is in the artist's nature to be too hard on oneself.

You're being too hard on yourself. That thing is legit.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/02/28 21:46:21

Post by: Meer_Cat

I love that wraithknight! There is some real depth to the faceplate especially- I stared too long, crossed my eyes and nearly fell in. And that edge painting must have taken forever, it's everywhere! I think it is a piece to be rightly proud of.

Excellent basing as well.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/01 16:43:55

Post by: Yorkright

We are always our worst critics, but if you really need to get rid of it please send it my way because I love it. .

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/03 17:50:44

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you guys for all the amazing comments, I'm really glad you all like the Wraithknight. I know I put too much pressure on myself that every model I do has to be an improvement from the last but that's simply not a sustainable goal. Some models will simply work out better than others. The WK is really growing on me and I am very happy to add it to my collection, even excited enough to perhaps try playing craftworld elder in a game again and using him (before the DE dex comes out of course ). In the mean time I've been taking proper photos of my craftworld Eldar to upload and well... let's just say I can see that I've certainly come a long ways since painting that force. Here's the war walkers I did a while back. Once again that you guys for all your comments.

[Thumb - IMG_2054.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2055.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/03 21:28:57

Post by: youwashock

Super cool. Love that orange.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/06 07:35:01

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks youwashock. Here's some more of the photos I got done over the past couple days. Vypers, Rangers and some kit-bashed scorpions that I think I'll use as storm guardians instead should they ever hit the tabletop.

[Thumb - IMG_2056.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2057.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2065.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2061.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/06 08:45:36

Post by: Thousandeyes

Loving the vipers and the red lightening style flashes going through them, looks very cool and different.

Not a fan of the giant chainswords on the guardians, it just doesn't fit to me. But then it isn't my army

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/06 09:46:48

Post by: goblinpaladin

Heck yea, those Vypers are ace. The lightning pattern is subtle and distinctive.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/06 12:43:11

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Ooh nice agreed that the lighting strikes are a great touch, and I also don't think I've seen that many War Walkers in one place before!

Props for War Walkers and Vypers though. As far as I'm concerned, those are the iconic Eldar vehicles

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/07 07:19:47

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks guys I'm glad you like them. I completely agree with you Thousandeyes, the chainswords are far too big for them. This unit was my first true attempt at a kitbash with some greenstuff work too and it was a massive learning experience. The swords were from the only source I had at the time which was my chaos space marines bitz. If I were to redo them again today I'd definitely make some changes, the swords being one of them. I'm glad you like war walkers and Vypers too Ynneadwraith, I'm a huge fan of them. The initial idea for this force was a "light and mobile scouting force" so small vehicles and rangers were to make up the core. It was fun to play back in 7th as almost nothing in the force deployed normally, it all either had infiltrate, scout, or outflank. Here's another part of the force, one of the earliest additions after the rangers: Jetbikes.

Here's a not-so-fun-fact about these bikes. The newer craftworld jetbikes were released by GW a week after I finished painting these guys. I wanted nothing more than to rage and throw them away and restart with the newer, much sexier, models so bad back then. Still would prefer to have the new models but other than the totally retro riders on these ones I don't mind the bike design too much.

[Thumb - IMG_2068.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/07 12:00:53

Post by: Nevelon

When I re-booted my eldar in 6th I picked up 3 boxes of those old bikes. I had a vision of replacing the torsos with guardians, but the work was a little finicky for me to do. As you say, the bikes are not bad, but the riders are horribly dated. At the rate I paint, I’ve still got 3 of them waiting for paint, while a squad of the new ones has already zoomed across the bench (and another new squad waits with them).

The big smooth canopies of the Eldar give you a good canvas for work, Love what you’ve done with yours.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/08 05:08:53

Post by: youwashock

Yup. Those bike canopies are pure awesome. This force must look amazing on the table.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/11 18:33:02

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

I also considered replacing the torsos with guardian parts Nev but like you I considered the work involved in doing so and shied away. I'm curious if perhaps a head swap for the guardian helmets would be enough to pull away from the super dated look. Those jackets aren't doing them any favours but maybe a better helmet will be enough. One day I may decide to go back and re-visit that idea. Thanks youwashock, glad you like them. One reason I do like this force on the table is that it's nearly impossible to miss a unit and forget it's there so I very rarely forget to move or shoot a unit on my turn. Bright orange on grey and brown tables are a tacticians dream.

On the gaming front I participated in a three-way match last night. Played my Tempestus Scions against a nurgle daemons force and Necron army. The objective was you get VP equal to the power level of any unit you kill, double for monsters, vehicles and characters. I pulled an early lead by killing a necron tomb stalker (9 VP doubled to 18 because he's a monster) and a bike squad (5 vp). It was at this point both other players felt threatened by my lead and decided to gang up on me. I had a great unclean one and Daemon prince with some bloat drones on my left flank and the necron player dropped a couple units of Death stalkers and flayed ones on my right flank (he tried to snipe my Tempestor prime and primaris psyker on the drop, didn't work out). My dice were incredibly swingy all match, I'd go from rolling wonderfully and hitting like a freight train and failing no armour saves to the rolling so terribly I cause 1 unsaved wound on my opponent in a turn of shooting. The finale came in when I had the great unclean one low on wounds. I fired my entire army into it and dropped it to 1 wound left, necron player would have gone next and certainly killed it to get massive VP boost. So I did what any good guardsmen would do... affix bayonets! I charged a taurox prime, 2 units of (5) scions, my tempestor prime and my primaris psyker into that great unclean one. I need 6's to wound it in melee so my odds weren't good but I had to try... everything failed except for my last unit of scions! The tempestor and 3 of the scions swung and failed to wound but one lone scion in the squad managed to wound with his single attack and the Nurgle player now had to make his saves. Armour save... rolls a 1. Disgustingly resilient save... rolls a 2. Great unclean one dies to a slap from a lone scion! Someone's getting a promotion for sure. That's another 36 vp in my pocket added to the 5 I got from killing a unit of flayed ones in overwatch for a total of 64. The other two can't catch up at this point, I'm too far in the lead and there's only 1 turn left in the game, we call it there. Victory for the Scions! Honestly that match could have gone very differently though, I made some clutch rolls, and my opponents failed some clutch rolls as well as failed charges from the flayed ones and that Daemon prince allowing me an extra turn of shooting.

And on the photos front I have my Farseer on Jetbike now who's done his shoot. I still like him (as well as the rest of my Craftworld force) but man I can clearly see the growth I've had as a painter since making this guy. It's a bittersweet feeling.

[Thumb - IMG_2069.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2070.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2071.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2072.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2073.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/12 16:50:55

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Haha awesome! I hope you shouted 'Affix Bayonets!' in your best corporal voice

Bonus points if it was one of the moustachioed Scions who did the final pimp-slapping ooh, or one with a cane.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/12 17:25:07

Post by: youwashock

Look, Ma. No hands.

I like the Jetseer.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/12 21:28:15

Post by: goblinpaladin

Great game, great jetbike. You could always add a space sparkle effect to that cloak if you wanted to update him a bit.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/14 16:52:06

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

@Ynneadwraith: Unfortunately none of my Scions are dapper enough for the moustache (soldiers not wearing their helmets is actually a pet-peeve of mine, strangely only for imperium factions though as I don't mind no helmets on my eldar models). I didn't shout affix bayonets at the time but there were certainly threats made to my models of being used as base decorations and slaves for my DE models if they didn't finish off that GUO since my round of shooting for the entire army amounted to causing 1 wound thanks to some terrible dice rolling.

@youwashock: My very limited conversion skills are apparent in this model. I originally tried to get one of the steering arms from the rider to fit but anatomically I couldn't get it to look right with the sleeve. I imagine Eldar are quite god at steering their bikes without hands so it works good enough for me.

@goblinpaladin: That's a great idea for the cloak, it'd definitely update him to a more current level with the rest of my painting. It'll be on the backburner however as my "to do" pile seems to always grow. In fact I have a massive (massive for me at least) project I've been prepping to begin for a bit. I think this weekend will be my first true crack at it.

So here's the last Craftworld Eldar model update for a bit, Illic Nightspear. To this day he's one of the paintjobs I'm most proud of. I tried to mimic his original colour scheme as closely as possible since he is a named character after all. The photos aren't as nice as I'd like as some of the blending isn't showing through as well as it looks in person. Anyways here he is.

[Thumb - IMG_2076.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2077.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/14 21:23:24

Post by: youwashock

He does look quite good. Especially the camo pattern.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/15 10:19:36

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Haha brilliant

Still, Mr Iron Right Arm definitely deserves a medal. If not a promotion and a Power Fist

You've done a cracking job on Illic he's definitely one of my favourite eldar character models. Must read more about his character actually. If he's anything as cool as Yriel I might have another favourite

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/15 11:18:53

Post by: Nevelon

Nice work on Illic. I’ve always liked that model, and would have picked one up, but my FLGS messed up my order. Then I started working with other finecast models and told them not to bother to try to get one for me.

So cool looking though...

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/18 22:09:06

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks guys, glad you all like him. That`s the last of my craftworld Eldar all properly photographed (barring my Wraithseer but I`d like to finish his weapon options before snapping that shot). So we now move on to new stuff. I`ve spent far too much time (as modelling is not my strength) magnetizing my Taurox Primes. As they stand now I can take all the weapon options for them except I`m short one set of hot-shot volley guns and one battle cannon since I got two of them second-hand. On that note if anyone has or knows of where I can get those pieces I`d be grateful. I`ve checked some bitz sites but so far haven`t found any (in north America at least). The last of the priming for the force is happening now and I`ll update with a full project shot once they`re all dry.

[Thumb - IMG_2078.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/19 18:05:03

Post by: Captain Brown

Thank you for sharing your Eldar models.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/19 22:19:25

Post by: Januine

Dammnnn - those bike n vipers are looking fantastic man. Great work

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/19 23:57:09

Post by: Meer_Cat

You pick tough colors to do well- and then do them well. The jet bike canopies are extremely subtle, I really like them.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/20 06:20:07

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks guys, glad you liked the Craftworld update.

@Meer_Cat: I suppose I do pick the hard colours to pull off. Perhaps I like a challenge? Perhaps I'm a masochist? Probably both. It's a point of pride for me personally, I quite enjoy taking an idea that sounds odd or downright ridiculous at first then attempting to translate it into some good-looking models.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/23 18:22:46

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

I want to preface this with an apology: Most of you came here for the Eldar projects both craftworlders and Commorans (commorraghians? commorrites?) but I'm switching gears here for a project so it'll be dominated by some Scions and Auxilia for a bit. For those excited about Eldar stuff, I'll get back to them (very likely after the Drukhari codex drops, fingers crossed it doesn't suck) and I'm sorry for the deviance to Scions for a bit. For those who wanna see this scions project unfold, I hope you enjoy it.

So for this project I'm doing something a bit different, I'll be batch painting this army as one big lot. I normally try to only work on one unit of infantry (5-10 models) a single vehicle or a single character at a time. My method is "build a box, paint the contents, move on to next box". I'll be challenging myself with this project to get everything you see below done both quickly and to a standard that I'm satisfied with. Now that it's all been primed and is ready for the brush I'm equal parts excited and terrified to try my hand at full army batch painting. Hope you guys enjoy this new project and as always comments/critiques are most welcome.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
For those curious this force consists of:

Tempestor Prime
Primaris Psyker
Scion Medic
Bullgryn x3
Tempestors x6
Scion w/ grendade launcher x3
Scion w/ plasma gun x3
Scion w/ meltagun x4
Scion w/ Hot-shot volley gun x5
Scion w/ Hot-shot lasgun x12
Taurox primes (magnetized with all options) x3

[Thumb - IMG_2091.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/23 19:51:56

Post by: Yorkright

Sign me up for some Scion action!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/23 21:14:40

Post by: Nevelon

That’s a lot to batch paint. Best of luck!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/23 22:01:06

Post by: youwashock

A grand task. Best of luck!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/24 05:17:58

Post by: goblinpaladin

Oooh, this looks great. You aren't doing a test model first? Or did I miss one?

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/03/24 07:18:46

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thanks for the support guys, it's a big task by my standards but I'm excited to see it come together. The force is 1000 points without the bullgryn btw, a figured that would be a good useable size to start with. I did do a test model goblinpaladin, you can see him 5 rows from the left in the middle there. I showcased him here in the plog too but I have no idea how long ago that was. Maybe around page 20?

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/11/10 06:41:13

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Wow has it been a long time since my last post. Life has been really busy (who'd of thought running a business would cut into all my hobby time so much?! ). Long story short the Scions project is on hold, just can't get them done right now. On the bright side I'm working on my DE again with a couple small projects. First up is the beginnings of my Archon, I did a couple small changes to the base model (didn't like the head at all, he looks like Bruce Willis and just an arm swap). All I've done so far is his cape, just got some touchups to do where the wash pooled a bit. I'm also working on some Wracks but they're not at a place where I wanna do a progress pic yet so this little teaser is all you get for now

Hope everyone is doing great and having lots of fun hobbying and playing. Take care all and thanks for checking in.

[Thumb - IMG_2200.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2201.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/11/10 11:25:24

Post by: Nevelon

Nice work on the sticked skin.

Interesting teaser on the wrack, hard to get a feel for the whole model, but you did say “teaser”

Good to have you back!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/11/10 12:53:19

Post by: youwashock

Hey, IF. Good to see you back at it.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/11/10 20:24:48

Post by: Ezki

Browsed through the whole thread. Very good looking armies!
Looking at your models was inspiring, especially the Dark Eldar as I'm considering to redo mine for 8th edition. Really loved the sails you did for the skimmers.

Sometimes balancing life and hobbies can be hard, but that's just the way it goes.

Interested to see more

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/11/11 00:11:32

Post by: Tyranid Horde

I didn't go through the whole blog but I've gone through a fair chunk of it! Great work and keen to see some more!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/11/16 17:18:56

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you everyone for your kind words, glad to be back and working on hobby stuff for these cold winter months.

Thank you so much Tyranid Horde and Ezki for checking out my plog, it's getting up there in pages so that's no small feat anymore, I appreciate the interest. The sails on the raider took me faaaaaaar too long to settle on (months of leaving it unfinished until I could decide how I wanted them to look) and I'm glad my little experiment paid off once I tried something. I'll have plenty more to do in the future as well with a couple more models I have for this force.

No painting update today (though I have made progress!) but just a little force update. I've finally purchased some glass cabinets to display my armies in, so happy to finally have a proper home for them. I still need to get some light kits for these to really make them pop but this is a good start. Sorry for the terrible photos, rushing to make this post before I head of to work.

Thanks for your continued support and I'm looking forward to sharing more updates with you guys soon, the Wracks are coming along nicely after all.

[Thumb - IMG_2205.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2206.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/11/17 10:22:00

Post by: STG

I've always wanted some display cabinets, those look awesome!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/11/17 12:33:42

Post by: Nevelon

It’s nice for an army to have a good home to come back to after a long day on the battlefield. I could use more myself. Or just bite the bullet and box up some of the old stuff. This year is going to be fun when I move the Year to Date painted shelf into general population. Looks like you have space to grow.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/11/20 17:06:07

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

@STG Not sure if you have them where you're from but I got these from IKEA for 50$ Canadian (about 43$ USD). They're not top-grade stuff but at that price I can afford to keep getting more as my collection grows.

@Nevelon I'm looking forward to seeing your year in round-up Nev, you're collection is getting into massive territories and it's always fun to see the new state of the gen pop display.

So here's my update for today, this time around: Wracks (for real this time). So far almost every stag of these guys is in some state of WIP, there's so many details on these models it's hard to focus and get just one part done before moving on to the next. I must say though I am having a lot of fun painting these guys, they're a good mix of flesh/cloth/metal/organic stuff/equipment. It's a great test of putting every technique I've learned over the years into 1 model. So I do have one question for you all here concerning their masks. The plan is to use Nihilac Oxide to put some wear on their copper masks as well as some silver highlight, the part I'm not sure about though is the trim going around their mask. Should I paint the trim a different colour than the copper to add another dimension to the mask or leave it as is since the oxidizing will make them pop out as much as they need to? Would love to hear your guys opinion on this, paint he mask trim or no? And if I do paint the mask trim then what colour should I do? Thanks for checking out my work guys, I appreciate it as always.

[Thumb - IMG_2209.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/11/20 17:50:11

Post by: youwashock

Wracks are looking good. I think painting the trim a darker color could help define the edge and set it off nicely after you hit it with the Oxide.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/11/21 02:19:31

Post by: Nevelon

Hard to tell without a closeup, but I think your should paint the trim same as the masks. Obviously highlight and weathering it will make it stand out, as it should get a lot of those. With your palette, I’m not sure what else to do with it.

Looks like a nasty bunch of brutes you have there!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/12/22 06:53:23

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

I did it! I finished my first unit in like... oh man... way too long. Anyways the wracks are done and I even took the time to do some phot-op with them. Hopefully the photos are clear enough and I look forward to hearing what you guys think of them. Any and all comments/critiques are welcome.

[Thumb - IMG_2227.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2228.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2229.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/12/22 08:19:51

Post by: Camkierhi

Well if you were after scary, you nailed it, they look excellent.......and scary.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/12/23 06:19:36

Post by: youwashock

I like the flayed guy mixed in with the others. Cool looking unit.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/12/23 16:40:08

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much camkierhi and youwashock. For my coven units I wanted them to feel a bit scarier than my wych units, they are a group of form over function after all. As for the flayed guy he'll be my Acothist for the unit, I wanted a way to differentiate him from the rest of the unit and I thought "hey why not tie him in with the Haemy and Cronos, he does aspire to be a Haemy after all, why wouldn't he flay all his skin off to emulate him?"

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/12/26 23:48:17

Post by: aku-chan

Nice! I love the skinless look of their leader.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/12/27 00:32:43

Post by: Nevelon

Gruesome lot of guys. Well done!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/12/27 01:26:17

Post by: Ezki

Great looking group! Their cloaks look excellent.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/12/29 05:58:10

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much for the comments guys, greatly appreciate them. I did take a few solo pics of the Acothyst since he had the most work put in to him. For those who follow me on Instagram you'd have seen these a few days ago (easier to post there during the holidays than it was to sneak away to my computer to update Dakka). Apologies for the harsh lighting that washed out some detail and colour contrast, my photography skills still need a lot of work.

[Thumb - IMG_2230.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2231.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2232.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2233.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2018/12/30 00:49:41

Post by: youwashock

Yeah, he's pretty legit. Good and grisly. And gristly.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/03 00:06:23

Post by: Captain Brown


Very nice unit of Wracks and of course the Acothyst leader.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/12 07:42:57

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Just a small update on the Archon I'm working on. He'll be the third and final HQ I need to add to my force to be able to run all three cabal/cult/coven in a unified force. Painting him in pieces as he'd be a major PITA to paint as an assembled model. Doing some minor conversion work too to give him a bit of character, I find the base Archon model to be dreadfully boring. Hope you guys like what you see so far.

[Thumb - IMG_2236.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2237.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2239.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2240.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/12 09:50:04

Post by: Ezki

Wow, looking very promising!
Interested to see how he turns out. I share your opinion about the base model.
I don't have any Archons yet (the whole army is a mess atm), but I hope to get some inspiration from yours.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/12 11:55:04

Post by: tzurk

That archon is coming along nicely, and the little touches do make a difference.

Say what you want about the old dark eldar, they didn't lack for character

I'm really liking your DEs as a whole - the palette is great, and the flayed effect on the athocyst is pretty spectacular. Gotta start working my way backwards through the rest of the blog!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/12 12:43:38

Post by: Nevelon

Individual parts looks great. Legs especially. Looking forward to seeing him come together.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/12 18:00:53

Post by: youwashock

Looking good. With your knack for flayed and stitched skin he should turn out rather well.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/14 19:43:13

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

@Ezki Thank you very much for your comment. I feel the model is nicely detailed and has many nice features but man the pose is just the worst thing imaginable. Hopefully I can do a good enough job on this guy to inspire you to knock yours out of the park.

@tzurk Welcome to the PLog, happy to have you aboard! The old DE characters had tons of character (just bad armour design in my opinion). Hopefully you enjoy the rest of the PLog, if you have any questions about past things I've done feel free to ask, I'm always happy to share whatever I've learned throughout the years to give others inspiration.

@Nevelon Thanks Nev, glad you like him so far. The legs are getting close to completion, working my way up on this model as he'd be a nightmare to paint fully assembled.

@youwashock Thanks for the kind words dude, I tried the flayed flesh once as an experiment not thinking I'd really ever use it again but here I am looking for more models I can use it on. It's been a fun technique to learn and I'm very much enjoying the results.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/17 18:19:25

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Managed to finish off the legs, just some silver highlights over my last update. The torso is well underway while the sword arm and head are done (except for a bit of 'ardcoat on the drug tubes for the head I suppose). Shouldn't be too much longer and I'll have an Archon finally ready to join the ranks of my DE.

[Thumb - IMG_2241.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2242.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/17 18:31:41

Post by: youwashock

Almost there. Excited to see it all together.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/18 16:59:39

Post by: Captain Brown


Getting closer. Cannot wait to see the finished model.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/21 14:40:40

Post by: aku-chan

He's looking great so far!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/21 17:33:32

Post by: Camkierhi

Stunning work as always, love the skin tones. And that blend on the armour. Great work.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/23 07:27:37

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Alright he's finally done, and with the Archon that makes my triumvirate of DE HQ's complete! I've thrown in a pic from just after a finished him as well as the light booth shots, I find the lighting in that pic to be much softer and shows his colours (particularly the pink) a bit closer to how they appear in person. My next project I'll be announcing here soon, going to be taking a small break from DE to get a model done for a painting comp on February 23rd. After that I'll be right back to DE and will be finishing off my Voidraven Bomber.

Let me know what you guys think of him, comments and critiques are always greatly appreciated.

[Thumb - IMG_2244.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2246.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2247.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2248.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2249.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/23 10:49:04

Post by: Nevelon

Amazing work. The only criticism that comes to mind is that his head kinda gets lost with everything going on around his shoulders. One of the pics with it right next to the skulls illustrates the point. The bone/bronze/brown tends to blend a bit.

I suspect that it’s something that happens more in pictures then in person.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/23 20:28:39

Post by: youwashock

Boom, baby. He came out real good. I very much prefer the pic in the softer light. It seems to show the richness in your paint a bit more.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/24 06:43:38

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you Nev and Youwashock for your comments.

@nevelon I totally agree about his head getting drowned out by other parts of the model, it's such a toned down colour and blends with other parts it just can't stand out very well, the pink armour in this case for me steals almost all the attention of this model. Definitely an area I may need to plan out better on future models to distribute attention better. Glad you spotted it too and called me out on it thank you.

@youwashock Thanks man glad you like him. I completely agree with the picture quality. I still have to tweak with my lightbox so I stop over-exposing my models. Taking the time to practice my photography is something that has always taken a back seat to painting the models in the first place sadly.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/24 11:33:59

Post by: Camkierhi

Beautiful. Love the work you have done on it.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/24 16:38:28

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much Camkierhi.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/24 16:56:04

Post by: Captain Brown


Nicely done.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/26 07:31:10

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much Captain Brown.

So here's my next project... Morathi. It's such a beautiful model and while I don't play AoS I knew it looked so good I just wanted to try giving it a go. It was purchased as a gift for me and since there is a painting comp coming up on the 23rd of February I figured that would be a good excuse to give myself a deadline and get her done. I'll be building and painting in sub-assemblies to hopefully help me maintain some sanity while painting this. Fingers crossed I can do this beautiful model justice with a worthy paint job.

[Thumb - IMG_2258.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/26 12:29:18

Post by: Nevelon

OOh, snake lady.

What’s her scale like? (Size, not snakey bits) Could she count-as something 40k for a little table time? WL, Talos, Avatar (either one) WK?

Looking forward to seeing some paint on her.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/27 07:26:39

Post by: youwashock

Well, this will be exciting to watch. You got the skills, man. She's going to be awesome.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/27 13:02:47

Post by: Ezki

The archon turned out real fine!
Love the color choices.

Morathi is such a pretty model. AOS range in general has some really beautiful models. Almost makes me want to play the game.

I think you can do her justice with your skills!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/27 19:32:55

Post by: aku-chan

The Archon looks great! The open pose works a lot better than the stock one.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the snake lady.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/01/30 17:23:12

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much for all your words of encouragement everyone, means a lot to me and gets me pumped to work on this project.

I've got some work done on the basing last night, got some details glued down and tonight I'll be putting down the basing sand to tie it all together. Some of the parts are ready to be primed so I'll do that tonight as well so they'll be ready for painting asap. the plan is to work from the ground up on this one: Base, pillar, snake body, Morathi body, head, wings, in that order. I've got my plan set for colours on her body and wings but I'm really unsure on the snake portion, there's so many options out there for snake colours and patterns that I'm only limited by my imagination. On the surface that sounds great but in practice it means I have to sift through a million possible colours and patterns in my head before settling on one. Does that kind of complaining count as 'first world painters problems"?

@nevelon She's a good size, I'd say with wings she could be comparable to Mortarion perhaps. She doesn't have the mass he does but in overall footprint I'd say she's pretty close. I don't think there's anything I could really use her for in 40K but I have been toying with the idea of trying out AoS as a system and DoK would be my primary pick for an army so... I may have even written out a small 1000 point force to start with should I decide to get into it and I've been designing an Armies on Parade board for DoK. All this of course is assuming that Morathi doesn't shred the last vestiges of my sanity and drive me back into the safe comfortable embrace of my DE force. I still have nightmares some nights of how stressful my last big model was, that WK wrecked me for a while.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/02/15 06:30:16

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Small update on the Morathis project. I'm nearing completion on the base. Let me know what you guys think so far.

[Thumb - 20190214_214929.jpg]
[Thumb - 20190214_145100.jpg]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/02/15 15:59:23

Post by: youwashock

That's turning out cool. Nice job with the marble look.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/02/17 03:04:00

Post by: Captain Brown


Have to agree with youwashock, that stonework is quite nice.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/02/17 03:44:25

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much guys. I'm working on the snake parts now, the colours on this are being quite a struggle to figure out but it's finally moving along. Will have update pics soon hopefully.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/02/17 12:15:15

Post by: aku-chan

Really nice job on that marble effect stone work.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/04 06:33:18

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Been a while since my last update. Been working on a few projects at a time now but I've been jumping around too much because no project is currently holding my interest. Morathi has been progressing very slowly. It's frustrating, I want to paint her, I really do, but I'm struggling so much with colour choices that it's stalling me at every stage. Maybe you guys can help out a bit? Below is her current state. Where I'm struggling at the moment is her robes, I'm just not sold on the tealy/green I gave her. I'm thinking of painting it a dark magenta/pink tone instead now, similar to Yvraines robes from the Ynnari force, you guys think that'd look nice? Any other ideas that'd blend well with what's already in progress? Let me know what you guys think, I'm trying to get a sense of where I'm going right and wrong on this model.

By the way the wings are in a dreadful state right now. You can see multiple stages of paint on the one wing alone, two panels are further washed than the rest. Still not sure if I'm going to follow through with the rest of that idea. The wings are giving me much more trouble than I anticipated they would.

thanks for looking ladies and gents.

[Thumb - 20190403_214700.jpg]
[Thumb - 20190403_214709.jpg]
[Thumb - 20190403_214727.jpg]
[Thumb - 20190403_214808.jpg]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/04 10:26:47

Post by: Nevelon

I like the green.

Overall you have a very muted palette. Not a bad thing, but worth noting. For a centerpiece model I might have chosen a brighter accent color. My knee-jerk thought was a nice rich purple or burgundy, although the green has some of the qualities I like. Someone with more color theory than me might want to take a better look at your colors and check the wheel. It looks like cyan/green is where you should be for a third color, with lavender and orange/brown/bronze as your other two. That’s with the classic triangle approach. Going with the weighted side thing, red would work, and would be offset nicely with some green accent/spot colors. (hair, emeralds, ? )

Some of the lines on the wing seem a little pronounced. The washed parts mute that a bit.

Keep at it. It’s coming together nicely.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/04 14:59:06

Post by: youwashock

I'm with Nev, I like the green. I think it works rather well with that desaturated purple. The work on the scales, by the way, is fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing how the wings mesh with the rest of what you have going on. I am a little concerned about the gold in the wings blending in with the fleshtones, but that is all still WiP. My advice is to really push the contrast between the two, and maybe consider glazing some purple into the recesses on the wings to tie them back a little to the rest of the model. The deepest recesses and around the "fingers" mostly. On the whole I think you are well on your way to one awesome snake-lady.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/05 06:34:20

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much for the comments guys. It's helping me to zero in on a direction here.

@Nevelon: I'm not so much against the green in practice as I am in style. As you pointed out it is a solid option based on the colour triangle however it just seems to be off still. I think part of my issue with it is that I plan to be using a fair amount of blood for the blood god on the model and I worry about making her look like an x-mas tree (red and green combo). The original colour of her gems was red and it really evoked that xmas vibe for me, that's why the gems are now blue. As for the wings I certainly have a lot of cleaning up to do on them, just been stalling until I have a clearer idea in my head on how to proceed.

@youwashock: I agree about the gold on the wings. It'll be easy for it to be eaten by the fleshy colours there. I'll look into giving it a bit of colour to make the metal pop a bit more there. I like the idea of some purple by the fingers, I'll certainly be trying that out. I'm glad you like the snake bit though. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I was inspired by the lore behind how Morathi got her bestial form as a byproduct of being eaten by Slaanesh and wanted to tie in some bits of her with the traditional pale purple of Slaanesh skin tones.

Thank you guys for your help so far. I have some paints on the way (should be here on Saturday) so I can try some new ideas. I really appreciate your help here.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/05 12:05:05

Post by: ChaoticMind

I don’t think you’re in danger of Christmas Morathi, the green is blue enough that when combined with every thing else you’ll probably be fine.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/05 12:43:42

Post by: Camkierhi

Looks amazing to me. I like the green, always works well against purple.

I would only have a couple suggestions, maybe take the green to black to another level, go darker on the black and bring the highlight of the green up, but not to yellow, more to a bone colour. The wings are a wip so hard to judge, many things don't look great during the process. But I am sure they will come good. I have used a deep purple to wash yellow/orange /red just a touch in the deep recesses.

Please take all of that with a pinch of salt, I don't have any colour theory behind me, and aint that good a painter anyways, but that is my two pence worth. TBH it is looking fantastic as is and will come together beautifully, as I knew you would.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/06 13:37:18

Post by: Meer_Cat

I like the green also, can see Cam's observation about darkening the dark as being a nice way to accentuate contrast. I'm not very familiar with the figure, but are those armor scales on each side at the hip? If so, you might could consider a brighter, contrasting color for them ( a highly metallic but muted copper, say, or metallic primary color like red) to include the currently gold girdle piece- that might act as a contrast with the very rich green you have going on plus help tie in with the wings?

I'm also a 'pinch of salt' guy though, because you have to remember that my strongest suit is painting Imperial vehicles dusty, muddy brown and green.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/06 19:24:45

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much for your critiques ladies and gents, it's been really helpful in organizing my thoughts into a plan of action.

My plan will be to keep the green for now but make a slight change to the robes to add a bit of extra colour to it. I have further plans on how to get the skin tones of the wings in order, will have to do that after I finish the robes though so as to ensure the wings don't clash with the robes too much.

All in all I'm feeling much more confident in the direction of this model and I thank you all very much for your input.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/12 05:14:20

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Got some more progress done on Morathi over the past couple days, specifically her wings. They're not quite done yet but they're getting there. The photos are a bit bright so the colours are off a bit, still a better camera in my opinion than my last one.

[Thumb - 20190411_201535.jpg]
[Thumb - 20190411_201554.jpg]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/12 10:45:00

Post by: Nevelon

Looking great! Love the hint of purple, will be interesting to see them attached and how that plays off the scales of the snakey bits.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/12 16:10:03

Post by: youwashock

Damn. That's the ticket. Lovely texture, color, and detail. And the gold pops! Great job!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/12 17:53:19

Post by: Theophony

Fantastic work on Morathi , the wings are coming out great and I think the green works perfect in the mix.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/13 00:07:57

Post by: Camkierhi

The wings are really looking great.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/13 01:11:58

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much everyone for the kind words. It seems the wings are being well received and so with that I'll just have to tidy up the "fingers", back , then details like the gold and leather straps. Things are coming together and I feel I'm finally getting some momentum on this model.

Completely switching gears here. Remember these guys below? My jetbikes, farseer on jetbike and converted striking scorpions (they'd work equally well as storm guardians to be honest). Well I'm cleaning some space in my home and I feel I'd like to get them sent off to a new home that will appreciate them a bit more than I have, I haven't played Craftworld in a while and I'm enjoying my Drukhari far too much to realistically consider going back right now. I'd like to sell them as 2 units, the scorpions/guardians in one and the jetbikes and farseer as a second unit. I figured I'd offer them up here before I open this up to the wider world seeming as some of you have been watching me flail around with paint long enough to remember when these guys were made. I have no set price in mind so if you're interested send me a PM with an offer and we can hash out details or you can post that you're interested in here and I'll PM you. A note on the bikes: I do have a 9th bike but sadly it's missing a rider, it's fully painted though. Total of 9 bikes, 3 with shuriken cannons and 6 with catapults, 1 missing rider, with farseer that makes 10.

[Thumb - IMG_2073.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2069.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2068.JPG]
[Thumb - IMG_2061.JPG]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/14 18:14:43

Post by: aku-chan

The texture on the wings is awesome!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/14 20:45:53

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much aku-chan, glad you like them.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/16 19:07:03

Post by: Captain Brown

 Inevitable_Faith wrote:
Thank you very much everyone for the kind words. It seems the wings are being well received and so with that I'll just have to tidy up the "fingers", back , then details like the gold and leather straps. Things are coming together and I feel I'm finally getting some momentum on this model.

Completely switching gears here. Remember these guys below? My jetbikes, farseer on jetbike and converted striking scorpions (they'd work equally well as storm guardians to be honest). Well I'm cleaning some space in my home and I feel I'd like to get them sent off to a new home that will appreciate them a bit more than I have, I haven't played Craftworld in a while and I'm enjoying my Drukhari far too much to realistically consider going back right now. I'd like to sell them as 2 units, the scorpions/guardians in one and the jetbikes and farseer as a second unit. I figured I'd offer them up here before I open this up to the wider world seeming as some of you have been watching me flail around with paint long enough to remember when these guys were made. I have no set price in mind so if you're interested send me a PM with an offer and we can hash out details or you can post that you're interested in here and I'll PM you. A note on the bikes: I do have a 9th bike but sadly it's missing a rider, it's fully painted though. Total of 9 bikes, 3 with shuriken cannons and 6 with catapults, 1 missing rider, with farseer that makes 10.


Start a thread in the Swap Shop and folks interested will reach out to you.



Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/17 22:35:29

Post by: Ezki

Wow, stunning work on those wings!
She will look gorgeous when done.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/19 17:44:46

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you very much Ezki.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/21 16:15:13

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Well I was hoping to have an update today as I have been painting but then I hit a snag. Turns out when you're painting you should pay attention to which colour you grab, who knew? I was working on the arm/finger portions of the wings and my highlight skin tone wasn't blending at all, it was far too contrasting. Turns out I grabbed the wrong flesh tone from my paint box and did half a wing in it. Time to re-base and fix it. Feeling like a total tool right now lol.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/21 16:34:31

Post by: Nevelon

 Inevitable_Faith wrote:
Well I was hoping to have an update today as I have been painting but then I hit a snag. Turns out when you're painting you should pay attention to which colour you grab, who knew? I was working on the arm/finger portions of the wings and my highlight skin tone wasn't blending at all, it was far too contrasting. Turns out I grabbed the wrong flesh tone from my paint box and did half a wing in it. Time to re-base and fix it. Feeling like a total tool right now lol.

We’ve all been there. Could be worse. I personally know that there is a significant difference between blue and black inks, despite similarity in tone and sharing many letters. I’ve heard horror stories about grabbing the rattle can of gloss varnish and getting primer instead.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/21 18:55:25

Post by: youwashock

A minor, yet highly annoying, setback. My tendency to bounce between projects means I sometimes forget what color I used for something. I have taken to writing schemes down for stuff I know will take time to finish. Good luck on the recovery!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/04/22 03:26:05

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Oh yeah it's certainly not the end of the world, just the difference between progress and a standstill for a bit. Sadly won't get a chance to work more on her this week as I have the Calgary entertainment expo to prep for so my cosplay project will be prioritized. I am stoked to get her finished after the con though!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/06/05 04:12:46

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Hello everyone! My updates are so infrequent and erratic I apologize, life has a way of not letting you have all the hobby time you desire. With that said I have a Morathi to show off! Truthfully I've been staring at this model for so long across the painting process that I really don't know whether to call her finished or not. I haven't hit that "aha! this is done!" moment with her and I always feels there's things I can/should be tweaking/improving. Maybe it's just part of that whole figuring out hw to paint larger models problem I have. Anyways here she is and I'd love for you guys to pick her apart, what you like, what you don't like. How you think I could improve or what I could add to make her feel more complete. I want to apologize as well for the washed out looking marble base. It has a lot more contrast in person but while the natural lighting I feel was good for Morathi herself it did end up over exposing the white marble. Thanks in advance for all your comments!

[Thumb - 20190604_212756.jpg]
[Thumb - 20190604_212819.jpg]
[Thumb - 20190604_212843.jpg]
[Thumb - 20190604_212907.jpg]

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/06/05 09:52:22

Post by: Nevelon

There are always tweaks you can make, at some point you need to put the brush down and step back.

Fist impressions
Nice work on the scales and skin. Those two things make up the bulk of the mini, and are very well done.I personally would have gone with a richer purple for the scales and a paler flesh, but that’s me and the army pallets I prefer.

More detail pics! You tease us with some long shots, and then a detail of the wings and base. It’s like a teaser trailer, or someone fishing to get subscribers for their patron to see the rest. Show me her face! I get that huge models with bits out in every direction can be hard to photograph, but some zooms or at least crops of big pictures would help.

I did open one of the pics up in a seperate tab to zoom in myself, and she is amazing. She does tend to blend in with all the browns and soft golds. As a lot of that is the flesh of the wings, I’m not sure how much is avoidable. Possibly going with siver, rather than gold. But I do like the warm, soft palette you are running.

Blood work is fantastic. Good splatter, and the runes are a nice touch.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/06/05 13:14:30

Post by: youwashock

Fantastic! Good to see you finish her. I think she came out great. The runes are a great detail, as Nev stated.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/06/05 13:45:25

Post by: Ezki

Absolutely fantastic work.

From the top of my head I could not find any mistakes or areas that would need more touching up. Maybe if I'm really nitpicky the gold bits blend a bit with the skin. But I think that's an issue only in the picture, and even there not a big one.

Other than that, top notch. Especially the gold looks really good.

It's often hard to know when to call a miniature ready. I know the feeling all too well. The never ending "fixing" and reworking of details. In a few cases it has lead me to exhaustion and unwillingness to paint at all for a while. In many cases the model has been ready for a long time, at least in the eyes of everyone else.
That being said, everyone should paint for themselves and as long as it makes them happy. So I'm not the right person to say when to quit, but I can say that in my eyes it looks finished

As Nevelon stated, a few closer images might help.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/06/05 14:18:05

Post by: Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll

The back muscles are some real good body horror, I had a squick moment with it that I've never gotten with any other version of Morathi, so good job!

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/06/05 14:56:27

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Thank you so much for all your comments/critiques guys it really does help me learn a lot and I really do appreciate it.

I agree that after I was wrapping things up and finally took a step back I noticed the gold and darker skin blend into each other a bit too much, going for an iron/silver metallic would have been a better choice I think. I partly blame poor planning on my part and the fact that I actually painted gold parts before the skin so I didn't know how they'd interact right out the gate.

I'm glad you guys like the runes. I see them always get done in a magical glowy state and I wanted to try something different. I figured it just made sense, given the DoK proclivities towards blood, that some literal runic flesh carving was well within their scope.

I'm absolutely in love with how GW sculpted the muscles on Morathi and some of the Melusai (particularly the bow wielding ones, you can see the back flexing with the drawn bowstring and that's incredible attention to real life detail since as an archer you should be drawing by flexing your back). I'm glad it struck a chord with you Gwyn Chan 'r Gwyll.

I will definitely be getting some detail shots up soon, gunna bust out the photo booth to do them properly tonight.

Once again thank you very much everyone for commenting, it's always nice to know what went well and where I can improve. You guys rock.

Inevitable_Faith's Project Log, Drukhari @ 2019/06/05 15:05:10

Post by: Captain Brown


She looks finished to me.