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Made in ca
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In my attempt to start a space marines army of ~2000 points for a relatively low cost, i've come up with this plan:

I already have a tactical squad because i wanted some marines to sit on my desk as decoration so here's what my inventory will be (costs are in Canadian dollars)

Tactical squad - $40
Codex - $35
Techmarine w/servitors - $45
Assault on Black Reach (trading orks for marines) - $75
battleforce - $105

total cost: $300

And here's my army list:


Master of the Forge w/ thunder hammer - 130
Servitors (4) - 55

Captain w/ thunder hammer - 130

HQ total: 315


Tactical squad, +5 marines, flamer, heavy bolter, sergeant melta bombs, sergeant chainsword (traded for bolt pistol) - 175
Tactical squad, +5 marines, flamer, missile launcher - 170
Tactical squad, +5 marines, flamer, missile launcher - 170
Tactical squad, +5 marines, meltagun, lascannon, sergeant melta bombs - 185
rhino w/pintle storm bolter - 45
Tactical squad, flamer, missile launcher - 90
Scout Squad, Camo cloaks, hellfire bolter, sergeant teleport homer - 100

Troop total: 935


Assault Terminators w/ thunder hammer & storm shield - 200
Assault Terminators w/ thunder hammer & storm shield - 200

Elite total - 400

Fast Attack

Assault Squad, Sergeant thunder hammer, sergeant combat shield, sergeant melta bombs - 140

Fast Attack total: 140

Heavy Support

Dreadnought - 105
Dreadnought - 105

Heavy Support total: 210

Army total: 2000

As you can see, i like thunder hammers.

edit: can i let my sergeant have a bolgun and a chainsword? or do i have to trade the bolter for the sword?

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~2100 pts
~2400 pts (Paladins, not imperial fist or gryphons!)
~2000 pts
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