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[PICS] Slaanesh Daemons vs Plaguemarines - Mini-game - ArbitorIan vs Panic - 750pts  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

We had some time to kill after finishing our Squat vs Plaguemarine trilogy that we could fit in a little 50pt game afterwards. Panic only had his Plaguemarines, so I switched over to Slaaneshi Daemons to keep thing interesting. We played a regular game of 40k, Seize Ground with 4 objectives and Dawn of War deployment.

Panic's Plaguemarines (750pts)

* Chaos Lord (MoN, Lightning Claws)
* 6 Plague Marines (Meltagun)
* 7 Plague Marines (Champion with Powerfist)
* Dreadnought with Multimelta
* Vindicator

Ian's Slaaneshi Daemons (750pts)

* Keeper of Secrets (Transfixing Gaze, Soporific Musk)
* 5 Fiends of Slaanesh
* 10 Dameonettes
* 15 Daemonettes


Turn One

Slaanesh went first but failed the roll to choose the force they wanted, ending up with both squads of Daemonettes instead. One landed to the south of the most southernly objective, and the other scattered off the table, luckily getting a 'Delayed' result. The Plaguemarines consolidated their positions, the Lord running for the objective in the standing stones, and the Vindicator and Dread came on at top speed from the edge.

Turn Two

The Keeper of Secrets and the small Daemonette squad both arrived, the Daemonettes keeping to the south away from the Vindicator. The large Daemonetter squad take the southern objective.

The Vindicator joins the Nurgle gunline, but is still out of range.

And the Chaos Lord makes it to the standing stones, supported by the Dread.

Turn Three.

The large Daemonette squad advance on the gunline, spreading out and keeping behind a hill for cover. The small squad take their place on the southern objective.

The Keeper of Secrets fleets and charges the Chaos Lord, doing two wounds and suffering one in return.

The Dread then joins the combat in the Chaos turn, but only loses an arm in the process.

The Vindicator opens fire on the large Daemonette squad who, despite their cover, lose seven models.

At the end of the Chaos turn, the Keeper of Secrets then disengages from combat using his Soporific Musk, scores a 14" move, and advances into the Nurgle gunline.

Turn Four

The reduced Daemonette squad moves back to behind cover.

The Fiends arrive and spread out, while the smaller Daemonette squad advance toward the Dread and Lord in the standing stones. They score a bad fleet roll, though, and can't reach combat.

The Keeper of Secrets attacks the Vindicator, exploding it

THe Plaguemarines then form into a gunline around the Keeper of Secrets, and fire everything they have. They manage to score two more wounds, leaving it with one left.

While the Melta Dread fires at the advancing Daemonettes, but misses.

Turn Five

The Keeper of Secrets charges the nearest Plaguemarine squad, killing four in total.

The Fiends make their monumental 24" fleeting charge into the other Plaguemarine squad, but roll all their 6s on the hits. When it comes to rending, they roll lots of 1s and only manage to kill one marine. They lose two fiends in return.

And the Daemonettes reach the Dreadnought, destroying it's Melta arm.

In the Nurgle turn, the fiends manage to take out three of the Plaguemarines.

And the Lord takes the last two of his enemies, consolidating into position to help the Fiends if there's another turn.

The Nurgle Lord charges into the Daemonette/Dread combat, killing four daemons.

But our legendary terrible turn rolling occurs again, ending the game after Turn 5 with only the reduced Daemonette squad holding an objective. Slaanesh win!

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Made in us
Savage Minotaur


Very nice, very nice, those fiends failed you tremendously XD.

I love reading you battle reports, the pictures just make it so much better.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nu`uanu, Hawai`i

Small point battle are my favorites. Really lets you get a feel of the action and makes you cherish every model you got. Add to that it takes much less time thus allowing for more thought-out moves and less forgeting stuff

Another fun game. Keep 'em coming!

All painted and pushing 60,000 points combined.


A good game of 40k is one part competition and two parts cooperation. 
Made in us
Maddening Mutant Boss of Chaos


Great report. Clear maps, the battle played out very much in character for both sides, and the armies are gorgeous. Thanks for posting.

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I'm always shocked by the Fiends Assault range and number of attacks!

But I think the star of the game was ArbitorIan's Slaanesh Keeper of Secrets, that thing is a close combat monster, it removed the DCCW reducing the combat capabilities of the dread and reduced the lord to one wound, then hits and runs 3D6" to assault and explode the vindicator!

If the Plague marines could have managed one more bolter wound on the Keeper and removed it from the game, I might have had a chance.
But the end of this game was clear cut, if there was another turn ArbitorIan would have mopped up!


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Made in gb
Deadshot Weapon Moderati

Rochdale (GW Manchester)

Great report. always like small battles, especially when they are so evenly matched. You both played well.

"Innocence Proves Nothing... Except That You've Done Nothing Wrong"

Welcome to the Daemonhunters, the ranks of the exalted Ordo Malleus and their cannon fod....er, I mean, loyal allies. Remember...the only ones who need fear the righteous might of the Ordo Malleus are the Daemonic.

quote: Dashofpepper: ...sad rivulet of demon prince tears. He ponders for a moment, then lashes the demon hunters into him. He assaults them, kills a terminator or two....and then demon hunters being demon hunters....they proceed to wtfpwn him. Second player leaves the table... 
Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Oh i do love playing with that army. It was a real interesting one to figure out - all about the timing, see...

Good game. Maybe one of these weekends I'll get around to finishing off the last couple of squads and rebasing them....

Made in ca
God-like Imperator Titan Commander


Nice work! It's good to see some old school models in action.
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