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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

Hey there,

I recently started my commission painting service properly and thought it would be a good occation to commence with a painting log here on Dakka.

I've had years of very good experieces with painting logs which I see as an incredibly effective tool for keeping motivated and on the task. I'm really looking forward to read your feedback and I always strife to improve so feel free to comment.

Currently, I'm working on these commissions:
.) Space Wolves army, mostly done, Thunderwolf Cavalry, 2 Wolf Lords, 1 Rune Priest and about 15 Fenrisian Wolves to do
.) Necron Nightbringer, about 60% finished but really having a hard time working on this guy
.) Space Hulk (2009), almost finished, three more Terminators to finish
.) Test miniatures for an upcoming Death Korps of Krieg army
...as well as some other things on the side

So at the moment I'm working on the Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry, so far managed to assemble the resin wolves, paint them to about 60% and convert and magnetize the riders:

Two Thunderwolf Cav guys with their magnetized arm options:

Another Thunderwolf rider (left) and a Hero of the Wolf Guard (right):

Each Thunderwolf rider comes with magnetized arms and the option of having either a power first, a wolf claw and or a close combat weapon in the left hand (one got a thunderhammer option instead of the powerfist option) and either Bolt Pistol or Storm Shield in the right hand. The Hero of the Wolf Guard has his arms glued on and comes with a Combi-Melta (yet to come), a Wolf Claw and wolftooth necklace.

All this meant quite some converting. First, I had to repose the legs so they'd go on the wolves properly. Nice enough, the Wolf minis come with legs already that fit Space Marines almost perfectly and clearly are made with Space Wolves in mind but due to the fact that the other company couldn't just sculpt Space Marines legs (due to IP and all that), they had to change them a bit so it looks more genuine to use regular SM legs.

Anyway, next thing to do was swap a LOT of weapons options to other arms. Regular Space Marines seem to suffer from the same problem as their Terminator brothers - they aren't allowed to have shields and powerfists at the same time and some other restrictions in terms of weapon combinations. So I had to put all shields in other hands, convert a power fist and a wolf claw, change a Terminators storm shield to fit regular power armoured SM and so on. Anyway, now they're finished and ready to paint.

There's two more minis on Thunderwolves coming up - two Wolf Lords of which one I plan to turn into a Step-by-Step painting tutorial like I did with the Dark Elves musician some months ago.

That's all for now. Thanks for having a look and I hope to read your ideas and feedback on the Thunderwolf Riders. See you soon!

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

Thanks muchly for the feedback, Sirs.

So here's for another update with completely different stuffs:

Finished the main work on the DKoK test minis. I finally overcame my initial block of not knowing what the heck I should do for colourschemes. Today I finally did more work after some hours, I discovered that it's basically a french guy and the classic Steel Legion scheme. :p Well, little changes of course but basically that's it. That's also the reason why I painted the grey guy's pants red. How do you like them?

Then there's the other problem child of mine - the Nightbringer:

Nothing much has changed, it just went as it usually does. I take the Nightbringer, do some more highlighting on the skin and the robes and that's it. No idea what to do with him.

So much for now. Seeya later.
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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

Alright you guys, today was the last day of Vienna Model Expo 2010 which means that I did some late hours and wrote a review of the whole event including the competition I participated in (thanks to your votes!).

Go here for the full review of Vienna Model Expo 2010

It's really rather long and has loads of pictures but let me know if you enjoy reading it or what you'd like to read more about or if you'd prefer if I didn't spend all my time writing rambling reports about local village fairs, get my lazy bum up and paint something.
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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

Aaaanyway, here's a little update of yet new stuff!

Cool, eh? It's for a Khorne CSM army I mentioned before (the one I painted a bunch of 2nd edition single-pose Berzerkers, Khârn and the Khorne Champion for). Especially the mix of Bloodletters models is awesome; there's no two identical ones in there. I think that these models pretty much rock. Some may look like they're oddly posed but I think that at that time GW had some sort of plan to make all demonic units single-piece metals (apart from the commands) so that would explain the poses. The faces are great. Each and every one of them looks evil and menancing in it's own way. And in most of them, you can clearly see Tim Curry in Legend. ;-)

This Demon Prince is also an old favorite of mine. For many years, he remained the model I most dreaded to put together. Once I finally managed to do it back then ('t was early 1998 I'm pretty sure) and had him painted, I brought him downstairs for my brother to have a look, must have been pretty clumsy at opening his door, accidently dropped the DP and smashing it to pieces again. :(

This time, assembly went more smoothly and I hope that such accidents won't happen again.

On a different note:

DKOK testminis are practically finished, Pedro Kantor is finished.

No big news on the Space Wolves because I'm not really into the thought of painting even more of those at the moment. The Space Wolves client asked me to do 19 Fenrisian Wolves as well as a Thunderwolf-mounted Wolf Lord done and delivered to him until the 10th of November but the minis haven't arrived yet so I'm not sure that this is possible to do.

I got me another lot of business cards and got them placed at the most important LGSs around town. Oh, and a mishap: I bought a Sicarius miniature for doing another step-by-step thing, was really fired up to start last night when I had to notice this:

Facemelt!! Well, bad casting I suppose. I don't really mind. Eventhough I bought it at an LGS, I'm pretty sure GW will replace the mini if I get the blister to them, right?
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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

Thanks for the feedback so far.

@Manchu: Thanks for replying. About the Wolf Lord tutorial - I thought of maybe changing that to a step-by-step guide for painting Captain Sicarius. Mainly for the reason that I'm using quite a bit of airbrushing on the Space Wolves and do most of the work on the Thunderwolves with my trusty airbrush so maybe Sicarius is better suited.

Anyway, to answer your questions:
ad (1): As hinted before, I mainly airbrushed them. My first batch of Vallejo Model Air colours arrived the morning I started painting the Wolves so I used them basically as a testing ground for these paints. Here's what happened basically: Black primer, then I started with a 80/20 white/light grey mix and brushed the lower half of the wolves plus the "faces". (it helps to get some pictures of winter wolves for reference). Then I made a mix of white, light grey and some sandy colour for the transistion colour between the very light colour on the lower side and the darker grey on the back of the wolves. Then I used some VMA colour called "Intermediate Blue" (in fact a very nice blue-grey) for the first layer of darker back colour mixed it with black for the mid colour on the back and almost pure black for the last "stripe" on the backs of the wolves. Then some layers of drybrushing, basecoated the armoured parts on the wolves with VMC German Grey and used mixes of German Grey, Citadel Codex Grey and white for highlights (several layers, mix of edge highlighting and "realistic" highlighting). Let me know if you need the recipe for the leather.

ad (2): After looking around for a loooong time, the client decided he'd have his own sculptor make some wolves using the GW wolves as base. He basically added more and longer fur and reposed some of them a bit. I should receive them at the beginning of the next week so pictures of the Fenrisian Wolves should follow soon.

Hope that was helpful. Let me know if you need any more info.
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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@Manchu: No problem. I think you can do pretty well on furs and such without an airbrush as you can make up a LOT of not-so-smooth transistions with drybrushing. Or you try washes afterwards.

Little update:

There was something else I wanted to mention....oh, yes, a conspiracy I found out about!! Hold on a second, I'll try to get a snapshot:

Figure A (the upper one) shows regular paintpots by the incredibly popular paint lines from LUKAS and Rackham respectively (technically, Rackham's top is a squeezy one but the worst in the world so it's better to just treat it as a screw top), in this case Vanilla and Royal Yellow.

Recently I've been using Vanilla to mix with Royal Yellow for a lighter yellow. One can not EVEN BEGIN to THINK of TRYING to measure my astonishment when I noticed how I apsent-mindedly had screwed the top of the LUKAS Acryl pot onto the Rackham Color pot and it fit seamlessly! Driven by my never-ceasing thirst for uncovering the truth by bitting and piecing together bits and pieces of evidence, I took the screw-top of the Rackham pot and the Lukas Acryl pot, dead-set on undertaking a "vice versa check" (Purzelbaum, 1977). Be still, my trembling limbs...and by my first pet's grave, the TOP FIT ONTO THE POT!

The bizare view of bastardicity can be seen in the lower picture (figure B). Unimaginative naysayers may mention some sort of "normed screw sizes"; a myth that was employed all to often to cover up minor conspiracies, as discovered by the magician Rollo the Third.

Anyway. Interesting, eh? Seemingly unconnected companies - same screw size! Astonishing. Also, both pots seem to look way more fetching with their new tops, don't they?

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@battle Brother Lucifer: hehe, thanks. At least someone who likes him that way.

@Papaskittels: Thaaaaaaaanks. :p


Bloodletters finished! Basing is done for the whole force altogether at a later point.

Daemon prince almost finished; the black parts on the wings need some highlighting and texturing:

Pictures of the Daemon Prince aren't optimal, sorry about that.
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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@Commander Cain: Thanks a lot, Sir.

Happy Halloween, Dakka!

Time for watching some awesome movies, right? I started off the evening with The Hound of the Baskervilles (the Hammer Films one), later I will be joined by my brother and friends and then it's either an Italian horror film I delivberately didn't look up anything about or tons of Corman's E.A.Poe films starring Vincent Price.

Now that you know about these very important facts, let's proceed. Vienna Fantasy Gaming Convention took place today and it was pretty awesome. Way less costuming and program stuff than I expected any MUCH second hand marketing. I'll upload the written report tomorrow evening I think. Do not fear, it won't be as long as the last one and it will be almost entirely Wargaming stuff.

There was soooo much stuff I would have loved to get and some things I really would have liked to get but was too hesitant/niggard to get (still kicking myself for not getting a VERY reasonably-priced Mighty Empires box in great condition and a complete 4th edition Warhammer box. And an original Dungeons and Dragons red box. And some old Dark Eye books. And old Dwarfs. And heroquest. Can you believe that I don't have a copy of that game? Only used to play at a friend's place.). Meh, anyway. I got this:

Sweet. These are just very nice to skim through and really inspirational. Makes me want to participate in some Golden Daemon contest or work on more scenic pieces. Oh, I also got the old Wolf-helmet Space Wolves captain.

Here's what I've done paintingwise. Hope you like the design on this guy so far.

Ho-hum....so let me know what you think of this guy so far. Seeya later.

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

Many thanks. Would you mind sharing what you think makes a miniature painting studio or painting service crap or good? I just always like to know about people's opinions and input on miniature painting services so I can improve.
Made in at
Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@Empchild: Thanks for your thoughts on the topic. I never really made any distinction between a regular painting service and "studios"; the latter probably means that they have more than one painter which in my case isn't the case really. I think I'm pricing reasonably. There's some insanely cheap painting services around who deliver probably okay results if the client is looking for 3-colours-based kind of paintjobs but I don't really see the appeal in that for either side. I genuinely love what I'm doing and I feel bad when I'm forcing myself to paint miniatures in a way that doesn't meet the standards I usually paint at just because a client wants to save money and IF someone decides to fork out the cash for getting his minis painted, he or she should get them painted properly right away. This will make for a way better result in the end and I don't think he or she will ever regret it. I'm not coming down too hard on painting services who deliver "junk" as you put it because those don't tend to be around for long. People who want their miniatures painted usually don't go for the first and cheapest service they find. They compare and gather information which usually eliminates the junk-services right away. What concerns me more is severe under-pricing for "okay" paintjobs and I don't see what this achieves. There can't be much non-monetary gratification in it for the painter(s) because the minis look merely alright and they can't do it for the money alone because they just can't make much with these prices. I just don't get it.

@Granesh: Thanks for your contribution. Of course there are various kinds of levels of paintjobs which probably makes the various segments of our industry's market (hurhur, calling painting toy figures "industry" is fun ). Anyhoo, thanks for the compliments

Update on the Juggernaut - he's almost finished:

Apart from that, I spend most painting time yesterday with basecoating about 20 Khorne Berzerkers and champions of Khorne.

But now I have to switch projects again (sadly, I really enjoy painting these Khornites) - the Fenrisian Wolves and the first Wolf Lord have arrived along with some mission markers and the client asked if I could finished them until the 8th or so because he's got a tourney on the 10th. Challenge accepted.

So I have six days to paint
1 Wolf Lord
19 Fenrisian Wolves
3 Mission objectives
1 Chooser of the Slain marker

Quite a lot of stuff to do really and not much time at all. Wish me luck.

P.S.: The first part of my review of Fantasy Gaming Convention is online. Just click the fat link in my signature.

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

Alright, unfortately, I had to put the Khorne army on the backburner because I have a new and very close deadline on some Space Wolves stuff:

Wolves finished and based even!

Closer look at the wolves:

Two out of three mission markers finished, base for the first Wolf Lord finished:

I really enjoyed painting these two finished markers. Mainly because I was allowed to use clear lines and nice colours on the console one, which I usually prefer to "gritty" looks and the one with the plate and the sword in the rock is just a great piece. Not so sure what I'll do about the third one yet (colourwise mainly) but I'll think of something.

Other than that, I think today was the peak day of my cold so I should recover over the weekend. Also, my order from maelstrom FINALLY arrived along with my first ever citadel paintpot of the new design. I was really looking forward to seeing those because I liked the new pots of the Foundation paints and the Washes. GW even made the genius move of moving the label a bit down so you can screw off the top even easier but then I had to notice this:

The new paint pots don't have the litte lid thingy that prevents the top from closing again. The Foundation paints pots have them, the Washes pots (even new ones with the new label and all) have it - just not the pots for the regular paint! I'm pretty sure that this phrase is overused but... WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?. They were so incredibly close to making an unnecessary change once again but not screwing it up and now this!

Also, I hate to be the guy who dismisses clear facts and simple physics/geometry but I don't believe that these tiny things hold the same amount of paint the 2003 paintpots do. And even if the pots were the same size in total, they just put way less paint into them. I got one new pot and a couple of 2003 ones and the paint level in all the 2003 pots is higher than in the new pot.

Anyway, enough of that rambling. I got this weekend to finish a mission marker, a Wolf Lord and maybe another Chooser of the Slain marker so I better get to it.

P.S.: Did anyone of you notice a drastic change in the looks of Regal Blue in the past years? I got a new pot today and it looks completely different from what I remember it to look like. And I remember well because I really liked that colour.

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@Empchild: Thanks.

@Sageheart: Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the sculpting of those.

@wolfshadow: They're more or less scratch-built/sculpted (apart from the "faces" and legs)

@Lennysmash: Thanks for your comment. I just painted the main torso of the objective marker in a grey-ish blue (will add some markings and such to make him look more pleasing) and not green as you suggest, but your idea finally got me thinking and put me on the right track i think. I don't really mind the changes in Paintpots because since the screw-top ones they introduced in the late 90s (which were pretty much horrible), all changes were for the better so far. And as I said, I also like the new ones (apart from the fact that they look way smaller than the 2003 paintpots. All they need to do is add that tiny little lid and I'm happy. I also use Vallejo paints (VMC and VMA) but mostly to fill gaps in the Citadel palette and for basecoating (which VMC are great for). Never really got the fuzz about dropped bottles. They're nice for Model Air colours but on VMC, I really don't need them and would prefer regular pots. But to each their own I guess. Price is a good argument though.

Anyway, maybe you remember that I'm on a tight schedule at the moment. Here's the first WIP of the first Wolf Lord (who has to be finished by Monday at the latest):

...and a detail shot of the right shoulderpad:

At first I wasn't too sure on how to tackle that guy but I'm starting to like him. He reminds me a lot of the time I painted the Warboss for my Space Orks army (bottom of the page).

Anyway, I'm proceeding pretty well and it's fun to paint him. My cold is getting better as well and I'll do a little trip to GW on Monday to get a replacement for the miscast Sicarius I recently got.

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@dantay_xv: I get this question a lot. They're bought. Just google for "wargamma.com".

So basically the heraldry of the lord is continued on the Wolf as well, effectively making him a "battle brother" by giving him a left shoulderpad with the gread company badge on it.

I really love the messed up lighting on the first picture:

....and here's a WIP of the last mission marker:

Hope you like everything.

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@dantay_xv: You're welcome. I actually considered getting a bunch of these wolves and selling them on. :p

@Lennysmash: Thanks for the comment. The ATM thing is deliberate. I figured I had to do something "funny" with this one because it's such an inexplicable, techy wotsit of which nobody really knows what it does so I thought it may be just as well an ATM.

@MiloticMaster: The regular wolves are scratchbuilt/converted, the Thunder Wolves are from wargamma.com. *puts another marker on the imaginary "where are those wolves from"-count*

@inmygravenimage: Cheers. I don't particularly love them but I got them at a sale, I think the pots are okay enough and they're alright to work with if watered down a lot (otherwise, they get a little "rubbery").

Small update - marker's done!

Cute thing that. He really looks like some kind of 1950s TV series robot.

The wolf lord himself is also finished now but doesn't look drastically different to the last update so no pictures of him this time. I've got some more work done on the Wolf and I should be able to finish him by tomorrow. Now for that Chooser of the Slain marker...
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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@Sageheart: Glad you like it.

@Miss Dee: Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, I'll have to fix that.

Again, little update:

A new chooser of the slain marker or just a regular casuality.
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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@manoknok: Not seen the movie, but your quote is getting me intrigued.

@wolfshadow: About the painting - sure, about the modelling - hardly possible, I didn't sculpt them. My client preferred to have his own personal sculptor do the wolves.

@Empchild: Thanks.

...aaaaand here's what I'm doing now: Bloodbowl!

I probably should have been doing something else today (like finishing one of the bazillion other project on my table) but these minis were very tempting. These, like the Bloodbowl Frogmen I did a few months ago, are by Gaspez Arts and now I'm fully convinced that they know their stuff. The Frogmen were cute as a novelty theme but these sculptors also do very, very good classic humanoid chaos marauders. Excellent. The miniatures are very big, definately more like 30 to 32mm scale than 28mm, but they're neat and fun to paint. That's why I'm also going a bit over the agreed painting level on this job.

Anyhow, let me apologize for the rather bad pictures; they look neater in real life.

Hope to finish these guys tomorrow so I can return to Space Wolfy stuff, Chaos Space Marines and whatnot. Seeya then!
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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

qwolfshadow: Yeah, I'd love to take credit for having modelled these wolves though.


I really kind of went over the necessary level but these were fun to paint. Seeing as how they have loads of mutations, I tried to make them colourful and diverse whilst sticking to a certain number of base colours. They really represent Chaos Undivided and look like true inhabitants of the deep chaos wastes.

Out of the three BB teams I painted so far, these have to be my favorite. Each miniature is a whole character. If you ever plan to get a Chaos team for BB - get these miniatures.

And here's a Space Wolves update as well! Well, not that much of an update really...but I got new pictures at least!


Wolf Lord, finished with new Base:

Apart from that, I have to apologize to the cheap-o Revell airbrush gun. A few weeks ago, I more or less called it a useless piece of junk that doesn't work. I have to retract the "useless" part. It's really useful for varnishing a lot of miniatures at once. Tears through your paints but gets the job done quickly.

Speaking of airbrush matters, my new moisture trap/pressure regulator arrived. Works fine now and the whole thing is almost airtight now. Woohoo!

Anyway, thanks for looking. C&C welcome as well!

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

Well, a small update on them Khorne Marines:

A wee bit monotonous to paint. Planning to have them finished by mid-next week at the latest.
Made in at
Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

Good question. I think that many people burn out pretty quickly after starting serious commission work and I'm a bit surprised I haven't (yet ) completely burnt out. Had a pretty big low in fall 2009 though and this weekend, I was just not able to touch any fantasy minis. But in general, I guess I'm pretty resistant to monotony or boredom. Apart from that (and I know how corny that sounds), I really love painting those little buggers and I'm so darned happy that I have the opportunity to do this for a job now and at times I'm panicking that I might fail and am not able to do this any more or that I get some physical condition and can't paint minis any more. So depending on how you look it, it's either love for the subject or block-headed, cold-blooded panic of the future.

As for suggestions to others - I guess it's important to find a balance between keeping work diverse and getting stuff done. So it's a good thing to work on different subjects at once but keeping in mind that they should get finished fast.

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@Miss Dee: I suggest only using one GW Grey. They just don't work together too well. Use one Grey and base the whole job on that by using mixes. I rarely use any colour right out of the pot and use a ton of mixes just because I prefer getting the exact colour I need. Nothing worse than trying to highlight one GW colour with another one (there's exceptions of course but I'd much rather highlight enchanted blue with an enchanted blue/white- or renchanted blue/bleached bone-mix rather than with Ice Blue. Just an example.)

So I was able to overcome my utter inability to even look at grey Space Wolves and got a bit done.

Built/Converted some Wolf Scouts:

The guys in the front (axe and prominent sword) have power weapons, the guy with the bare arm to the left of the poweraxe guy is getting mark of the Wulfen. Armless guy will get a Melter.

Proceeded with painting the Thunderwolf Cav and the Hero of Wolf Guard:

I guess I shouldn't write that down because it doesn't sound motivated but I figured that whining will make me seem so much more authentic, so here we go: painting grey power armour is no fun. Battle Damage is completely annoying.

Two days ago I got some work done on the Khorne Berzerkers as well. They're about 70 to 80% finished now.
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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@Natorum: Thanks.

Okay, I know there hasn't been an update in quite a while. So let's see what's new...I've mainly been working on some Khorne Chaos Space Marines but they're still not finished (sorry).

I won at a painting competition over at http://garagegamer.wordpress.com/ . I'm usually not hugely into painting competitions but this one had an interesting theme so I decided to participate. Here's a picture of my winning entry:

I only had two days or so to think of something to do, build and paint everything so it's not perfectly executed but it was fun putting the thing together.

Apart from that, the Thunderwolf Cavalry and a Wolfguard Hero will be finished within the next few days.
Made in de
Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

Alrighty, something new on the Space Wolves front:

The first five Terminators are about 70% finished. Not sure, maybe I need to redo the power weapons completely which would be very annoying but I'm afraid I messed those up a bit. Tried something new and I think I have to work on that technique a bit more.
Made in de
Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

SO! Massive pictures time!

Finished Thunderwolf Cav:

(the Wolfguard hero still needs his Combimelta though)

Finished Terminators:

Variant armament for the Cyclone Terminator:

...and here's the new stuff!

Wolf Scouts (now twice as Space Barbarian-esque!) with two mission objective markers:

The second Wolf Lord:

It's really nice how this one looks very different to the first Wolf Lord.

So, that's tonight's update. I hope you like it.

edit: If the pictures aren't displayed properly this means that my photobucket bandwidth is exceeded. The pictures should be back up in a few days. Until then, you can have a look at them here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/images-30962-12383_Space%20Wolves%20%28commission%29.html

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

Thanks for the suggestions, especially the heads up about work filters. I'll upload pictures to the galleries here. My photobucket bandwidth should be refreshed around the 8th, until then I'll use external galleries or just my other photobucket account.

edit: Uploaded the pictures in the Gallery now: http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/images-30962-12383_Space%20Wolves%20%28commission%29.html

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@Fantasybob: I don't mind Photobucket's bandwidth limitations. It's free after all and works perfectly fine for me (unless they change the interface AGAIN like they do like every two months or so). Anyway, it loads fairly quickly, which probably is the most important thing to me.

@Empchild: Yup, I post them on several forums so it's not unlikely that you stumble across this army once in a while. (thanks for commenting on both threads by the way)

Automatically Appended Next Post:

Markers are finished (only need a bit of snow on the bases):

Wolf Scouts WIP:

Me, being a genius amongst men, didn't take proper notes on how I painted the first squad of Wolf Scouts but I'm pretty sure I know how I did what. Let's hope it's accurate.

Wolf Lord WIP:

C&C welcome!

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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Vienna, Austria

@Sageheart: Thanks.

@wolfshadow: Cheers. The Wolf Lord's head is one from the old SW accessory sprue which were somewhat finer (I could rave on and on about the switch to software-sculpted plastic miniatures :p ); I absolutely share the impression of the elven-looking face. A bit lee van cleef there. Anyay, maybe the second picture will help clarify what you deem "off" with the model. The sculptor does a very good job overall (he also designed the mission markers and all that) but this arm looks off indeed.

@iz a kitty: Thanks muchly. The only trick behind these blades is just an airbrush and masking tape/green stuff basically.


Wolf Lord:

Wolf Scouts:

Hope you like them so far. Not much to say apart from that so good night! :p
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@Xenon: Thanks muchly.

@wolfshadow: Thanks for your comment. The position of the hand looks alright to me (taking into account that nobody could hold a giant hammer like that in one hand and still look nonchalantly to the side ). The thing about the pelt is that it is indeed a Bear. I think it's a nice change from the ridiculous number of wolf pelts and skulls these guys drag around on their armour.

@Lennysmash: Hehe, yes, the bear looks a bit like he's hugging him from behind and just fell asleep on his back or somehting. Yup, the arm is a bit off on this one. Looks a bit like he's hiding a tentacle in there.

@dantay_xv: He's very much custom-built. I haven't built him myself but if you like, I can customize an armoured mini for you in that fashion. Just drop me a PM if you're interested in my services for converting/painting something for you.

Alright, there's a little update on the second bunch of WG terminators:

Hope I get enough done to give you another update by tonight.
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Wolf Lord finished:

Five more Terminators finished (still need snow on their bases though):

Next up: The Wolflord's Thunderwolf and Wolf Scouts.

As for further future plans:
1.) Seer Council on Jetbikes. Sadly just a relatively low-level paintjob but I'm looking forward to seeing the miniatures. Not sure when exactly this one will actually show up though.

2.) Another Step-by-Step Painting Guide I have been announcing for some time now. I'm trying to get it done by the holidays at the latest. The task is a little daunting because Other than the Blackguard Musician, it's a miniature I have no complete recipe prepared for and it just takes a long time to do this kind of thing. But it should be good, I'm still looking somewhat forward to it.

3.) Death Korps commission is fixed now but probably won't commence b efore the holidays. Like all commissions. I have about three or four commissions lined up for "early January" if nobody bails out.

4.) Finishing Space Hulk, the Khornies and the Nightbringer.

Alright, that's it for now, see you later!

edit: A-HA! Update!

I have to admit that the shin armour in the first picture doesn't look just as awesome in real life as it does in the picture. I mean, I blended it smoothly and all but it's also partly freaky lamp reflection. Didn't take another shot just because I love how it looks in the picture. I need to fancy the armour on the wolf up anyway so I didn't have to do it perfect this time around.

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Holy cow, it's highest time for an update in here!

First off, sorry for the lack of updates lately. In the past weeks I wrote many e-mails, worked on a project I can't post yet but plan to post during the holidays which took a lot of time to do, Finished a few older things of the Sci-Fi kind and so on. There's sad news as well - the Chaos Dwarfs commission guy isn't reporting back. Last thing I heard was something like "perfect, I'll post the miniatures tomorrow" and that's it. Nothing since then. I still hope that this thing is happening and I hope the guy's fine.

On a different note, here's something new I'm doing:

Pretty much the whole Dwarfs range by Dwarf Tales miniatures. Excellent miniatures of which you may have seen two already in the Mortheim warband I did earlier this year. I'm painting these for a German video broadcast called Magabotato. It's a weekly show about tabletop gaming and everything surrounding that. They're doing a new episode each week and get up to five thousand views per episode.

Make sure you have a look at their videos. Here is a link to their youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Magabotato

First off, new pictures of the Wolf Lord:

The "ROLF"-looking runes on the wolf's armour didn't really please a lot of people so those were changed. Plus, I added some more detailling to the wolf's armour and redid the base a little bit. Next thing on my list: add snow.

I'm also currently doing four more Rhinos/Razorbacks so the Long Fangs and the Wolf Guard don't have to walk around on their paws:

Here's the more fancied-up Rhino of the Wolf Guard, also showing the Razorback version:

Stormbolters for the Rhino versions and other gubbinz are also mostly done. The Rhinos need some more dirtying up and weathering and the tracks need to be finished. That's it then.

See you soon!

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@Wolfshadow: Thanks and yes, I'm using my trusty airbrush for that effect.


The gold needs some neatening up in places but I think I'm getting there.

On a different note, I took another stab at the Nightbringer. As you may remember, I'm having a hard time with this guy but I might be on to something now that I added a third colour:

What do you think?

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