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[PICS] PLAGUE VS LAW - Arbites vs Plague Marines - ArbitorIan vs Panic - 1300pts  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

It's been ages since we posted a battle report - we've all been ridiculously busy, and I don't think I've participated in one all year (apart from the two tournament reports I posted). Now, I'm starting the long process of updating my Arbites, and I wanted to try out the Bell Of Lost Souls Arbites Mini-Dex as a new army list.

You can find the BOLS Dex at the following link - http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2008/11/play-aid-adeptus-arbites-mini-dex-from.html - I'll try and explain the rules as we go, highlighted in blue...

We played the Battle Mission 'Prepared Assault', with the Plague Marines as the attackers. They get the first turn, and have to roll across the board capturing objectives. In addition, we have some flappy bits of paper each turn which make for really inaccurate barrages.

Adeptus Arbites 1300pts

* Arbites Psy-Marshall, 4 Cyberhounds
* Shock Team (10), Proctor with Power Maul, Breaching Charges, in Repressor
* Execution Team (3)
* Arbitrator Team (10), Boltguns, Proctor with Breaching Charges, Flamer, Grenade Launcher, in Repressor
* Arbitrator Team (10), Boltguns, Proctor with Breaching Charges, Heavy Stubber, Grenade Launcher
* Storm Team (10), Shotguns, Proctor with Breaching Charges, 2 Plasmaguns
* Storm Team (10), Shotguns, Proctor with Breaching Charges, 2 Plasmaguns
* Suppression Platforms (3) with TL Autocannons
* Black Maria

Plague Marines 1300pts

* Daemon Prince, Warptime, Mark of Nurgley
* Daemon Prince, Warptime, Mark of Nurgley
* 10 Plague Marines, 2 Meltaguns, Champion with Powerfist, in a Rhino, Havoc Launcher
* 6 Plague Marines, 2 Meltaguns, Champion with Power Weapon, in a Rhino, Havoc Launcher
* Dreadnought, 2 DCCW
* Predator, Heavy Bolters, Autocannon, Havoc Launcher
* Predator, Heavy Bolters, Autocannon, Havoc Launcher


Arbites deploy the only units available into the cover of two buildings - the Heavy Stubber squad, Supression Platforms and Psy-Marshall going on one central building, and the Sharpshooters in another. (The Thin Red Line - Arbites may only deploy up to half their army at the start of the game. The rest arrive from reserve as reinforcements, but may have the 'Units Inbound' rule which will allow them to choose which board edge they arrive from)

The Execution Team are represented by these three assassin ladies, and opt to stay behind as a counterattack unit. (Execution Team - undercover detectives armed with +1I power knives. Only have flak armour. Infiltrate)

Nurgle then deploy as far forward as possible, holding one of the central objectives.

Turn One

Arbites steal the initiative and go first, and commence by moving the Psy-Marshall forward to cast Vigilance on the nearest Daemon Prince. The entire army then opens fire on the Daemon Prince, but only causes a couple of wounds. (Vigilance - 18" range, the affected unit has -1 to it's cover saves for the rest of the turn.

The Daemon Prince then sounds the charge, and attacks and kills the Psy-Marshall, taking a wound from his doggies in the meantime. (Cyberhounds - 10pt wargear, a character may have up to four, S4 I5 A2)

The Dakkapreds then practically annihilate the squad of Suppression Platforms in the ruins. (Suppression Platforms - Artillery with 2 arbites operators and a TL weapon)

At the end of turn one, the thin arbites line looks in danger of falling already!

Turn Two

At the top of the turn, things don't look too good for the Arbites.

The Black Maria arrives from Reserve, blowing an arm off of the Chaos Dread (Black Maria - 12/12/12 vehicle, 6 person transport, intended to based on Chimera, has Arbites Missile Battery which is either S8 AP3 Heavy 3 or 2+ Poisoned Large Blast Heavy 1)

The second Daemon Prince then watches on as a newly arrived squad of Arbitrators piles out of their Repressor to take some more wounds from the first Daemon Prince, while the Execution Team charge in and finish it off.

In the Chaos Turn, the second Daemon Prince then charges into the new squad of Arbites, killing a few but at a slight disadvantage because of forgetting to cast Warptime and the Arbites' Riot Tactics rule and Riot Grenades. He ends the turn with one wound left. (Riot Tactics - Many arbites squads have this. Enemy attacking them in CC have -1 to hit.)(Riot Grenades - standard armament defensive grenades)

Meanwhile, the small squad of Pkague Marines take the farthest away objective.

The end of turn two.

Turn Three

At the top of the turn, that Dread is getting pretty close.

One of the Storm Teams arrives from reserve, gravchuting in to just behind the Dread and DP (Storm Team - Fast Attack squad that arrive by Deep Strike. Has more special weapons options than a regular arbites squad)

The second DP kills quite a few of the Arbites in CC, but the squad holds and takes the final wound from the DP in return.

The Dread then has a change of plan and charges the newly arrived Storm Team. The Proctor's Breaching Charge fails to hit and they run away, with the Dreadnought pursuing so that they can't regroup.

At the end of three, the Arbites seem to have taken out the immediate threats, but they still don't hold anything, and Nurgle has control of the board.

Turn Four

Look! There's more Repressors about to arrive on the board!

The Shock Team in it's Repressor come crashing onto the board, ramming the central Rhino. Badly. They immobilise themselves.

The second Storm Team arrive as support to the Repressor.

And the first Repressor makes an advance to contest the central objective.

Of course, in the Plague Marine turn, this contesting Repressor is dakkad to bits...!

Plague Marines disembark from the central Rhino and attack the Repressor, but only manage to destroy some weapons.

On the other side of the board, the proximity of the Dread means that the first Storm Team run off of the board!

And the Dread follows into combat, but doesn't do much damage on the Arbitors, who still can't seem to get their Breaching Charges to stick!

End of turn four

Turn Five

It's all turning into a bit of a bunfight in the centre.

Massed arbites fire take out half of the newly emerged Plague Marine squad

While the Shock Team disembark their Repressor and assault the Plague Marines. They seem like they'll do really well, but roll incredibly badly to hit! Combat is a draw. (Shock Team - armed with Shock Mauls and Supression Shields. Shock Mauls are 4+ Poisoned weapons. Supression Shields give a 4+ Inv Save and counts as a CCW. Proctor has a Power Maul, which is a 2+ Poisoned weapon (but does NOT ignore armour))

In the Nurgle turn, the Dread finally mops up the last Arbitor team.

And the tables turn on the Shock Team, who roll badly again and are wiped out

The game ends, with Nurgle holding two objectives to the Arbites none!

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Made in us
Raging Ravener

Rio Grande, New Jersey

Awesome well done report. Where did you get all those riot shields from?

2000pts Hive Fleet Gargant 20% painted

Made in gb
Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander


Good report, but bad idea making the text blue, much harder to read.
Made in gb
Deadshot Weapon Moderati

Rochdale (GW Manchester)

Nice battle. I like the converted Arbite models.

Next time can you use a text colour that is not blue. I had to highlist it to read it :(

"Innocence Proves Nothing... Except That You've Done Nothing Wrong"

Welcome to the Daemonhunters, the ranks of the exalted Ordo Malleus and their cannon fod....er, I mean, loyal allies. Remember...the only ones who need fear the righteous might of the Ordo Malleus are the Daemonic.

quote: Dashofpepper: ...sad rivulet of demon prince tears. He ponders for a moment, then lashes the demon hunters into him. He assaults them, kills a terminator or two....and then demon hunters being demon hunters....they proceed to wtfpwn him. Second player leaves the table... 
Made in fr
Helpful Sophotect

Nice to see Arbites in action !

We are far of some antiriots intervention, thus... Two daemon princes, a dreadnought and tanks. That's harsh !
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

It's good to be back.

This game was lots of fun. The most important rule observed! x2
Grenat wrote:... Two daemon princes, a dreadnought and tanks. That's harsh !
We knew that ArbitorIans List was from Bols and untested so; So i didn't want to much thought going into lists...
We picked the battle mission at random and I used/tweaked a ArmyList I used the week before in a battle against Titan Princeps...
(ie.. My army used 90% of the models that were already lined up ready to be used on the shelf next to the table...)

That said I have a new found fondness for dakka preds! they kicked it. big time.
More to follow.

But as you know, we're always up for doing a rematch, when it come to things like this!?
I'm sure ArbitorIan will come up with a cool idea...



ArbitorIan wrote:The game ends, with Nurgle holding two objectives to the Arbites none!
The central repressor contested the objective. The score was 1 - 0 .

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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Hurrah. Thanks for the comments. Blue is, of course, the ONLY colour for SPACE POLICEMEN...

So, I'm quite liking this BOLS Dex. It's quite a difficult army to play properly, but they've succeeded in making it feel very 'line of defense'.

There ARE some more powerful choices in the Codex, but I haven't yet got around to modelling them, so my army picks were pretty limited - i think another Black Maria and some Sentinels might be really useful, and they're both in development.


Made in ca
Possessed Khorne Marine Covered in Spikes

Kelowna BC

those arbites units are fantastic. they are great models, and i have to give big props to anyone who fields them. great job, ian, and great name too.

ians of the world unite!
Made in us
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'

I'd enjoy knowing what those female models were that you used for the execution teams, and where you purchased them. Great looking army.
Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

gpfunk wrote:I'd enjoy knowing what those female models were that you used for the execution teams, and where you purchased them. Great looking army.

Thanks, but I'd quite like to know what those models are as well - I got them years ago at a model shop and haven't a clue what they were called any more. I use them as Death Cult Assassins in Inquisitorial armies.

Eventually, the Execution teams will be converted Delaque models..

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hemingway wrote:those arbites units are fantastic. they are great models, and i have to give big props to anyone who fields them. great job, ian, and great name too.

ians of the world unite!

Thanks very much. Yes, they're pretty fantastic. I was lucky to pick up so many of them on eBay years ago. I'm currently going through and remodelling and basing the army - http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/346076.page

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Made in us
Lord of the Fleet


Pretty cool to see non standard armies being played. I always liked htose arbites. Although I'll have to agree with the others and say that dark blue is not a good highlight color

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Made in us
Horrific Howling Banshee

Neenah, Wisconsin

Ian, your assassins came from the old warzone line IIRC. They were called Imperial Mourning Wolves. They were widows who joined the imperial army to die in close assault avenging their husbands.

I have some I used to use as Necromunda models.

Visit my blog at www.goingaming.blogspot.com

Made in us
Devestating Grey Knight Dreadknight

It's always a pleasure reading your battle reports and seeing the off the wall armies you convert. Another great report and good to see you and Panic back at it again. Looking forward to reading about the rematch.


Made in us
Perturbed Blood Angel Tactical Marine

I really liked the battle report. I enjoyed seeing a lot of the more older looking models of the Chaos army. Just goes to show ya just how much they've changed over the years.

Dark Angels
417th Mechanised
Sons of Fortune  
Made in gb
Servoarm Flailing Magos

Nice report and seemed like a good game.

"Praise Be To The Omissiah!"

"Three things make the Empire great: Faith, Steel and Gunpowder!"

Azarath Metrion Zinthos

Expect my posts to have a bazillion edits. I miss out letters, words, sometimes even entire sentences in my points and posts.

Come at me Heretic. 
Made in us
Executing Exarch


hooray another awesome battle report! lookin forward to the next one
Made in us
Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Really dig the army, ArbitorIan, and as others have said, it's really cool seeing someone who takes pride in playing a unique army. I enjoyed the batrep and hope you take the time to write more up in the future. Now if we can just get some Genestealer Cult and Lost and the Damned batreps, we'll be living the high life in here!

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