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Sneaky Lictor

Regarding his most recent thread here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/522422.page

I pm'd him regarding some of his nids he had for sale and after agreeing on a price of $100.00 for 2 Tervigons and 24 NOS Termagants I sent him the money and he agreed to send out the models "today or tomorrow".

At this point, after several attempts to reach him via PM, I have opened a dispute on Paypal (as I indicated I would do, see PM records below).

I also contacted another person who posted interest on the thread in order to ask if his/her PM was ever responded to and he/she said no.

Communication transaction:

2013/05/10 13:29:59 Roxor08
Hey man,

I am interested in picking up 2 Tervigons and some Termagants.

Would you do $100 shipped and pp'd for the 2 painted and built Tervigons and the NoS Termagants?

2013/05/10 13:33:18 loyce8869
As long as your in the USA yes I will.
2013/05/10 13:42:09 Roxor08
Yes I am. I can get you the money today probably, let me just check my PP account. Whats your PP username?
2013/05/10 13:56:12 loyce8869
My Paypal account is loyce8869@gmail.com
2013/05/10 15:19:09 Roxor08
The money has been sent!
*****Anonymous*****, you have sent $100.00 USD to Mike Benton.

There you are sir. I look forward to receiving the models!

*****Edited for privacy*****
2013/05/10 15:21:38 loyce8869
Awesome. Ill get the models out either today or tomorrow and send you the tracking info.
2013/05/10 16:28:18 Roxor08
Thank you!

Any chance you'll be including the extra sprue(s) with the Tervigons/Termagants?

2013/05/13 22:38:29 Roxor08
Hey man,

Just wanted to check it with you to get an update!

2013/05/14 20:18:43 Roxor08
Hey Man,

I'd just like to check in with you...it's been a few days since our last communication. Can you let me know when I can expect the models?

2013/05/17 13:21:18 Roxor08
Hey man,

I'm kinda getting concerned. You haven't sent any replies to me since the day I sent you my money. That was 7 days ago. I deserve to know if you've sent my models out. I also deserve to know if you haven't sent them out and a reason why you haven't.

I am going to give you until Monday and I'm opening a paypal complaint to get my money back.


As you can tell from the conversation, I have held up my part of the deal and this guy has not. Please be aware of this Mike Benton character....
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I sent you a message on Saturday night updating you on what was going on. As of right now your Paypal payment has been refunded.
Made in us
Sneaky Lictor

I'm sorry it came to this, but when someone sends you money it shouldn't take more than a week to communicate to them.

I never received a PM from you on Saturday. See the attached screenshot of my Inbox...

Paypal HAS been refunded for those interested...
[Thumb - screenshot1.jpg]
Screenshot of PM inbox as of 5/20/13

Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

This is a little earlier than we normally allow TRs to be posted, and as the Paypal funds have been refunded already, I will be locking this thread as "resolved" tonight. Loyce, if you wish to add anything further please do so before then (or if for any reason the TR needs to stay open, for either party, please let me know).
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