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Made in gb
Courageous Skink Brave


I have begun work on my Daemons of Khorne army. Currently it consits of 3 Bloodcrushers and 10 Bloodletters.

I intend to stick to a single God, but it depends on how quickly I become bored with painting Red and Brass...

I will post regular updates and will most likely update this first post with finished unit pics, but for the time being here is a Bloodcrusher (sans rider and collar):

Paint recipes for those who are interested:
- Tin Bitz - base
- Dwarven Bronze - drybrush
- Shining Gold - drybrush
- Burnished Gold - higlight

- Boltgun Metal - base
- Badab Black - wash
- Chainmail - highlight

- Mechrite Red - base
- Scab Red - thin layer
- Baal Red - wash
- Gore Red - layer
- Blood Red - highlight

- Chaos Black - base
- Codex Grey - highlight

Base (dirt)
- Calthan Brown - base
- Graveyard Earth - drybrush
- Kommando Khaki - drybrush
- Bleached Bone - drybrush

Base (stones)
- Charadon Granite - base
- Codex Grey - drybrush
- Fortress Grey - drybrush

Made in gb
Courageous Skink Brave


First Bloodcrusher almost finished:

Feedback and criticisms welcome. I tried out a few different ideas with the Hellblade. Not entirely sold on it yet, trying to imagine what a unit will look like. Also with regards to photography, I have taken against a black background as the colours seem to be more accurate. Any thoughts on this? I think the white background over saturates the rest of the model.

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Omadon's Realm

That's an original color scheme and with the red bloodletter on top, it's a really good combination.

Made in gb
Courageous Skink Brave


Cheers, I'm pretty happy with the colour scheme. Funnily enough it was derived from the fluff. The Juggernaughts are always described as being made from bronze and iron, yet I don't often see them in plain bronze. Hopefully will translate well to other units!

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