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I’d like to share with you the first episode of The unofficial X-Wing Podcast.

The 2 Hosts, myself and Ben Johnson, are both new to X-Wing and hope that this podcast will be a great way of tracking our progress into the game.

We have only been playing a couple of months and think that we are at an awesome position (as experienced podcasters) to start up a new podcast that can show the new player development rather than the traditional podcast approach of more experienced players giving advice. We are really looking forwards to not only being able to expand our knowledge (and skills!) of the game but also passing that on to others and entertaining the seasoned vets with our rookie mistakes.

Episode 1 is up right now along with an episode 0 where we introduce the show and ourselves.

Getting Started With X-Wing - ep 1- Website, YouTube
Introducing the X-WIng Podcast - ep 0 - Website, YouTube

It would be great to hear your feedback on our forays into X-Wing.

You can get the show on our website - xwingpodcast.com

Or subscribe via iTunes, YouTube or any podcast app using our RSS feed.

So, strap in, Stay On Target, Fly Casual, Let The Wookie Win and most importantly, enjoy the show.


Ben Curry.

P.s. The Star Wars intro music is probably a bit too cheeky but we couldn't resist for the first episode!!!

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I will be posting all future episodes in this thread too.

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www.baddice.co.uk - A Warhammer Podcast 
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Brantford, Ontario

Awesome, Ill give it a listen when i get home from work.

Iron Warriors  
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Bay Area, CA

I just listened to the two full episodes and I've subscribed. Especially for new players, perhaps (which I surely am one of) this is a good podcast. Good hosts and interesting and informative content. What else could I ask for?!
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Regular Dakkanaut


Listened to all podcasts so far. Great material, very honest opinions.

Can't wait for next one,

Just wish for a Sunday tournament so can join the fun

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Roarin' Runtherd

London, UK

Yep liking this podcast. Would like it to start covering off more topic focused stuff in time. But it's a great start! Thanks Ben!

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