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Made in au
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler


Greetings fellows hobbyists!

If I'm not building an entire Black Crusade's worth of Iron Warriors, I like to pass the time scratchbuilding Ork Stuff, which is insanely fun to say the least. As well as being a breath of fresh air amongst the frequent chaos conversions.

I have a thread set up for my Iron Warriors, and if anyone is interested in taking a peek here is the link:


The thread will be updated very soon but i figured in the time that i'm preparing for the next update I'll set up my Ork thread, so..Ta Da! Orks! Yay!

Now on to the actual point of the thread instead of Iron Warrior-ing -

I've been into Orks the entire time i've been hobbying, with them being my first army as i first plunged into the hobby with assault of black reach back in the days of the ancients as well as several other ork kits i managed to pick up, mostly involving boyz and boyz and generally more boyz. To say the least i've managed to amass a pretty damn big (but extremely chaotic) ork army over the years. So as a side project alongside my Iron Warriors i'm going to start tidying up my ork army and gaming with them again. By tidying up i mean generally repainting, tweaking wargear and sorting them into correct squads and so on. As when i was younger i didnt particularly fuss about the game too much and just built models.

Over time i've managed to scratchbuild a lot of ork stuff, and i shared them not long ago in my Iron Warrior thread. Since I'm jumping back into my Orks i felt it was right to set up this thread. Now, since i havent actually prepared too many pictures yet regarding the Orks, i figured i'd recycle all the old pictures i posted in the chaos thread so i can soon show you what they'll be looking like within a few more updates of this thread!

As you may have guessed by the title, The army itself is heavily mad max inspired in terms of aesthetics. But then again most orks are, hey? At some point i'm going to convert a Big Mek Immortan Joe style and call them lardy pimp RustGob, hence the title of the army.

So, on with the show!

To begin with I have one of many Big Trakks, loaded with a Supa cannon and Dual Big Shootas. This one is pretty much done, but there are still a few tweaks to do here and there.

Spikes! Yay!

I also have another two that are coming along nicely, i hope to have them done soon. They both also have Supa Kannons and Dual Big Shootas, So that i can play orky guard and shell everybody!

In addition i have a bloody great battlewagon which was kinda sort inspired by the war rig. This one is pretty much done, But there is still room for improvement. LIKE MORE SPIKES! WEEEEEEEEEE!

Currently it's going to sport Two Rokkit launchas, Ard Case, Killkannon and a kannon

Also have another battlewagon i'm working on, same loadout as the last one

I don't just have heavy armour! I Also have a tinfoil armoured Trukk to carry my warboyz into battle! Waaagh!!

But I still mostly have heavy stuff....


Just get a load of that booty?

So that's all for today chaps and chapettes, expect some updates within the next few days... hopefully. As i'm going on a hobby blitz right now finishing stuff off because and I wanna get everything battle ready and painted because reasons! I guess i'm sick of having a mountain of half built grey or something

Next update should be some more Trukks, progress on the tracked battlewagon and probably some orks too or something. Because green iz second best. hazard stripes are still best

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Outer Space, Apparently

I dig that battle fortress very much Also love the extra protecty plating you've added to the trukk

When do you plan to paint these up, and in what colour scheme?

G.A - Should've called myself Ghost Ark

Makeup Whiskers? This is War Paint! 
Made in us
Lesser Daemon of Chaos

Glad to see your Orks break out! Such fun conversions. Keep it up!

Made in au
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler


Cheers folks, it means a lot

 General Annoyance wrote:
I dig that battle fortress very much Also love the extra protecty plating you've added to the trukk

When do you plan to paint these up, and in what colour scheme?

Not entirely Sure, when i'll be getting them painted seeing im painting Chaos Marines at the moment, but the planned scheme will be something along the lines of the "Buzzards" from Fury Road:

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

These conversions are awesome. Really can't wait to see more!

Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User


Inspiring stuff

I'm in the process of scratch building my own first trukk, so will certainly 'loot' some of your designs!

Keep it up, and keep posting them pictures!

Made in sg
Been Around the Block

Those are pretty goshdarn cool. I'm thinking of doing a Mad Max Ork army myself. Well, maybe after my Hereteks....

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