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Made in nz
Dakka Veteran


So, in short;

Some years before the current events of WK40k heretical stuff struck the imperium-loyal Sapphira system. Some nearby forces come to aid, but the imperium deemed the system to invaluable. Rather than answer calls for help, exterminatus by virus bomb was declared. The world-ending fleet was diverted shortly before strike to help in the disaster of current wh40k.
With their faith in the Imperium shattered, most of the system went renegade, with the remaining loyalists quickly defeated.

Rather than execute their prisoners, the renegades decided to exile them to a deathworld in the system, watching their plight through thousands of cameras for entertainment....


So, what?

Like many hobby folks I have somehow ended up with a large stash of these oddly shaped grey things in plastic, resin and metal. Since moving to NZ and discovering that buying new grey things is horrifically expensive I have resolved to paint some of the ones I have before buying more.

So, I've decided to drag everything that can fit into the various imperial forces into place.

In essence what I'm going for is a post-apocalypic cross with primitive ingenuity. There's virtualy no industrial stuff. Fuel is pretty much non existent, while huge beasts are abundant.
This will be my effort to combine all my various unused minis and previous monster-vehicle conversions into a mixture of Imperium forces.

To start, I have been working on a few infantry and a squadron of Hellhounds.
These are monsters from the death world. There is a Bastilodon, a Stegadon (not yet pictured) and a Bile-drake (magmadroth..?) They are goaded into battle by natives of the world who have an affinity with its beasts.

Following these are a few women of the ragtag militia that has banded together.

Finally, some of the natives of the deathworld.

All are WiP....

Anyway, C&C welcome and appreciated.

edit: clarified and reworked

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Made in au
Wicked Ghast


I really like the rocket girl's pose. All of these look great

Nothing to see here, move along mortal.  
Made in nz
Dakka Veteran


Painting has begun on the Hellhound squadron

The Biledrake will be a grey and green scheme. On the paper is a very rough test of what I'm intending to use for the Stegadon Hellhound.


Made in nz
Dakka Veteran


Painting has been slow but I've been working on modelling a new unit. I pledged on the Raging Heroes Kickstarter and the minis have been sitting unbuilt for months and months, because I'd not yet decided what to do with them.
Finally, with the new Kill Team rules, I decided on turning my Knights of the Chalice into a Deathwatch Kill team.
While the Deathwatch is usally reserved for Space Marines, in an infinite universe anything can happen. Elite soldiers of the Adeptus Sororitas were gathered to form this Killteam, I guess.
So, here they are, as they currently stand:
Watch Sergeant Leader Sister Katya, with Xenophase blade and Storm shield

Sniper Specialist Deathwatch Gunner Sister Aria, with Inferno Heavy Bolter

There's just a scope on the bolter here to remind me she's the sniper

Heavy Specialist Deathwatch Gunner Sister 'Sunshine' with Inferno Heavy Bolter

Sunshine has a knack for tinkering, which shows in her rigged expanded ammo boxes and the non-standard enlarged flamer fuel tank.

Demolitions Specialist Deathwatch Gunner Sister Sharla, with Deathwatch Frag Cannon

Deathwatch Gunner Sister Sara, with Deathwatch Frag Cannon

Thanks for looking,


Made in nl
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


Looks great! Always liked your stuff

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Made in nz
Dakka Veteran


Had a bash at painting the black armour, following a tutorial.
It's not as refined as it could be but still I'm fairly happy with the result. Enough that I'll paint up the other areas to see the overall effect, I think.
[Thumb - IMG_2686.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_2687.JPG]

Made in nz
Dakka Veteran

Sidetracked by a Sentinel!

Armoured Sentinel 41 'Big Bad', heading into the Cursed Mire to investigate a beacon.
Resources on the deathworld are extremely scarce, and finding food is a constant and dangerous struggle. Much of the equipment used by the forces on the planet comes from the 'gifts' of the heretic spectators on the sysem's more prosperous planets.
The deathworld is wrapped in a network of cameras and drones covering almost its entire surface, beaming footage to every other planet for the amusement of the heretics and renegades who stranded the loyalists here. When they like what they see, want to throw different weapons into the mix or just want to lure different groups of survivors into combat, they can pay for orbital drops of pretty much anything you can imagine. Food, weapons, fuel, ammo, monsters or traps can rain down.
The survivors have no idea what they'll find until they reach the beacons for these drop pods, but they're always hotly contested between the major groups.
The jungle clan employ sentinels as fast raiders to reach the beacons first and hold them while the slower units move in.


I've always loved the Sentinel model. Way way back it was the first WH40k model I ever looked at, and has a special place in my hobby.
My forces here will have several

Anyway, Thanks for the looking

Made in nz
Dakka Veteran


Progress made! Two Sisters of the Kill Team Saphire are finished

Sister 'Sunshine', Deathwatch Veteran Gunner Heavy Specialist.
Formerly of the Order of the Aurora Codex, Sunshine has an Inferno Heavy Bolter with extra ammo drums and an enlarged fuel tank.

Sister Aria, Deathwatch Veteran Gunner Sniper Specialist.
Also formerly of the Order of the Aurora Codex, Aria has an Inferno Heavy Bolter with a scope, because scopes make full auto rocket machine guns and flamers more accurate. Apparently.

Overall quite happy with how they've come out, though the flames on the backpacks need refining

Made in nz
Dakka Veteran


Still alive, and I finally finished painting Kill Team Saphire! I will confess to having taken a slight detour through three Tyranid killteams and a bear the size of a battle tank, BUT, here we are.

So, Kill Team Saphire, one of the few to respond to calls for help.
They'll function as a Deathwatch Kill Team
Sister Sergeant Katya of the Order of the Saphire Angel, with Xenophase Blade and Storm Shield, Leadership specialist
Sister Sara of the Order of the Jewelled Angel, with deathwatch frag launcher
Sister Sharla of the Order of the Azure Spring, with deathwatch frag launcher
Sister Aria of the Order of the Aurora Codex, with Inferno Heavy Bolter, Sniper specialist
Sister 'Sunshine' of the Order of the Aurora Codex, with Inferno Heavy Bolter, Heavy specialist.
[Thumb - saphire_019.jpg]

[Thumb - saphire_018.jpg]

[Thumb - saphire_008.jpg]

[Thumb - saphire_004.jpg]

[Thumb - saphire_016.jpg]

Made in us
Krazed Killa Kan


I like your Sisters of Battle Deathwatch kill team, and it should be a lot of fun following your post apocalyptic monster riders. Very cool ideas and cool models.

Made in us
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

The deathwatch sisters are excellent!
Made in ca
Painlord Titan Princeps of Slaanesh

Hamilton, ON

Here's hoping they don't use hairspray.

Impressive stuff.

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All 'crimes' should be treasured if they bring you pleasure somehow. 
Made in ca

Canada,Prince Edward Island

Great looking stuff Possum! I love all the conversions, particularly the dino riders, they are just awesome!

Made in nz
Dakka Veteran

 Excommunicatus wrote:
Here's hoping they don't use hairspray.

The hazards of war in the 41st millenium that nobody likes to talk about...

Thanks for all the kind words, folks!

I am making progress on painting the dino rider tanks. The Bile Drake (Chem Dog) is up first, and coming along.

I've somehow misplaced the heavy flamer turret. I know, apparently that's a thing that's possible.
The markings on the two tanks have come hideously uneven, too. Work needs doing :(
[Thumb - bile.JPG]

[Thumb - bile2.JPG]

Made in nz
Dakka Veteran


Might need to change the title to 'god damn I progress slowly...'

However, I *do* progress!

Amongst many sidetrackings, medical, mental and household issues, I have got the Hellhound squadron to the point where I have photographed and varnished them.
The photos aren't perfect, and I'll need to get better ones when the opportunity arises. Unfortunately at present my photo space is right behind a totally-not-soundproof wall at the back of my airBnB, and the last thing I want is guests hearing the sound of a camera going off just behind their bedroom.... so, photos get taken when guests go out.

First is the Bane Wolf "Reeking Death", a Bile Drake from the Cursed Mire. I've got a bit of fluff behind the various models which I'll add later.

Anyway, thanks for looking, and C&C very much appreciated!
[Thumb - hellhounds_001.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_002.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_003.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_004.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_005.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_006.jpg]

Made in nz
Longtime Dakkanaut

Near Jupiter.

Wow you're amazing man holy crap. How long you been painting ?

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This is how aliens communicate in space.
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Made in us
Walking Dead Wraithlord

Can't deny, that's pretty darn cool.
Made in nz
Dakka Veteran


I believe I painted my first miniature 14-15 years ago. Before that it was just model planes and tanks, which rarely got more than a single coat of one color...

Next up is the actual Hellhound, a Bastilodon with Inferno Cannon, Multi Melta and Heavy Stubber

[Thumb - hellhounds_008.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_009.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_010.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_011.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_012.jpg]

Made in us
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

United States

This stuff is great! I am going to keep tabs on this. Keep it up.

"Reality is, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away"
-Philip K. Dick

Constant Lurker, Slowly getting back into modelling! Someday a P&M Blog link will lurk here! 
Made in us
Destructive Daemon Prince

Albany, NY

Post apoc dinorider chicks are great, awesomely colorful work

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INSTAGRAM: @boss_salvage 
Made in nz
Dakka Veteran

Thanks folks!

Rounding out the squadron is the Stegadon Devil Dog, armed with a Melta Cannon, Heavy Flamer and Storm Bolter
[Thumb - hellhounds_013.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_014.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_015.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_016.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_018.jpg]

[Thumb - hellhounds_019.jpg]

Made in us
Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot

Really imaginative take on a Warhammer army- love it! How in the world did you manage to paint fishnet stockings on the 28mm scale gunner for the Inferno Cannon?! All your models have a stunning level of detail!

"He fears his fate too much, or his desserts are small, who will not put it to a single touch; to win- or lose- it all."

Montrose Toast

Made in nz
Dakka Veteran

 Meer_Cat wrote:
How in the world did you manage to paint fishnet stockings on the 28mm scale gunner for the Inferno Cannon?!

Stupidly, not until after I'd attached her to the bastilodon...

It was just very careful lines done with the finest brush I have (00, windsor and newton, finest sable) using Abaddon Black with just a hint of Lahmium Medium mixed in. I painted that directly over the already shaded and highlighted flesh.

Made in us
Krazed Killa Kan


Wow! These are turning out amazing! Keep up the great work.

Made in ie
Longtime Dakkanaut

Edinburgh, UK

Really digging your dinosaurs, they look awesome saddled up!

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