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Made in au
Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

And, while you're at it, summon forth the Second Mortgage of House!







New FW Avatar, plus Death Korp Mortars, Autocannons and Heavy Stubbers.


Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Philadelphia, PA

Oh dear, there goes my wallet with those hvy stubbers. Is it too much to hope that they can move and shoot at ROF 1?

Clear the battlefield and let me see
All the profit from our victory.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

The avatar is great. I'm really impressed at how they were able to be so faithful to the original imagery and yet create something so new and cool.
Made in us
Foul Dwimmerlaik

Minneapolis, MN

Oh hey! Look! A duplicate thread....for me to poop on!


Made in ca

Vancouver, British Columbia.

I just want to chime in to note that Forgeworld has pretty much the worst website ever. Not only is it ugly (what year was this made in? 1995?), but there are geological eras with shorter loading times.

The Forgeworld webmaster visits these forums, doesn't he? Hey, guy, you've got work to do.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

makes me really anxious for the new Eldar now, as one of those will be in there *drool*

Golden Demon standard?? I can barely paint Great Unclean One standard! 
Made in au
Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

And, Triggs, the loading times is why I posted two threads. I was waiting for some pics to load at FW, posted this thread, went away from the PC, ran a marathon and then carved a 1:4 scale Sistine Chapel out of soap, and by the time I was done it was still loading.


Made in lk
Dakka Veteran

Sri Lanka


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