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Crushing Black Templar Crusader Pilot


Shoretroopers look great, aside from the squad leaders pose. I prefer the leader to be directing the troops or something. Not just standing there like a dudebro.

Dewback is cool, great sculpt and would be pretty fun to paint I think.

Made in ca
Executing Exarch

 Wyrmalla wrote:
Are there many canon tanks in Star Wars currently

Ground vehicles never appeared on-screen (outside of Rogue 1), of course, so not really. West End Games had some in their RPG source books. And the various Star Wars RTS games had tanks, which might have been based off of the WEG ones (I don't recall). That's about as "canon" as you're going to get with tanks.

Timothy Zahn would occasionally include a ground vehicle that hadn't been seen on-screen in his novels, but those were all WEG creations (since the non-movie background fluff when Zahn wrote his first novels was essentially the WEG RPG sourcebooks).
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Two packs I really want!

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Moustache-twirling Princeps

We'll find out soon enough eh.

The Dewback rider is cool, Shoretroopers I'm not fussed about because the concept always struck me as daftly specific. That said, they provide an opportunity to run Storm Commandos if someone wants to convert some Scouts, so that's cool for people who play the game.

I need to acquire plastic Skavenslaves, can you help?
I have a blog now, evidently. Featuring the Alternative Mordheim Model Megalist.

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Custodes Shield Captain

Where ever the Emperor needs his eyes

Shoretroopers to fit in for the concept of something like Heavy Scouts, or Rangers
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Grizzled MkII Monster Veteran


Boys, it's time to go hunt some Krayt dragons!

And when it comes to Imperial Tanks, I need to find a copy of this one - apparently it's called a SC2-M Repulsor tank and a model was made for Imperial Assault. Looks similar to tank for the older SW Battlefront game.

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It never ends well 
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Regular Dakkanaut

Starting the Clone Wars Range also with Resin for a limited Time is a total upturn...

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Regular Dakkanaut

Grievous leaked during a livestream of a tourney.
[Thumb - 66430793_10217628792923936_8690617047849107456_o.jpg]

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Deathwing Terminator with Assault Cannon

Lisbon, Portugal

nagash42 wrote:
Grievous leaked during a livestream of a tourney.

Some other cards too!

[Thumb - 1562446975566.png]

[Thumb - 1562447010825.png]

[Thumb - 1562447044140.png]

[Thumb - 1562447210968.png]

40k Dark Angels

 Unit1126PLL wrote:
"FW is unbalanced and going to ruin tournaments."
"Name one where it did that."

 Shadenuat wrote:
Voted Astra Militarum for a chance for them to get nerfed instead of my own army.
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Ultramarine Librarian with Freaky Familiar

Southern California, USA

A while ago I said I'd buy Star Wars Legion if they did Clone Wars. Well, here we are and I've preordered the Core Set. I'm super excited to build my droid army and I cannot wait until they release B2 Supers/BX-Commando droids and hopefully a tactical droid. So hyped.

Thought for the day: Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
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The Empire : ~60-70 models.
1500 pts
: My Salamanders painting blog 16 Infantry and 2 Vehicles done so far!  
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Revenant Pirate Crew

I would love to play the droids I think. At this point though I haven’t seen anyone locally play this game in Months.

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