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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Standing outside Jester's house demanding the things he took from my underwear drawer.


Quick glance reveals it is 2-D (no suprise there)

Roll a d20, add your bonus, and try ty meet or beat opponent's defense.

Roll Initiative, loser moves, winner moves,  then launch fighters, then initiative winner attacks 1st, then initiative loser attacks.  Damage dealt at the end of the round simultaneously.

Stat cards have "Full-strength" and "Reduced" stats. 

Movement looks mildly detailed, but not complex.

Ships look to be in "relative scale."  meaning the fighters are all similarly scaled, as are the small capitals, and capitals, and the huge ones.

I've seen the Reaper Exarch with both weapon options and both look like things you can buy in sex shops. A weapon should not look like this, not even a Emperor's Children weapon. -Symbio Joe 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

actually sounds really cool. damn that its collectable!!

Golden Demon standard?? I can barely paint Great Unclean One standard! 
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