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I thought about it for quite a long time. I mean table top gamers do not have serious injuries. Some cuts but nothing really bad. We can play at any time we want. There are no riots at our games and we don't have do bother with fans. We can drive to our tournies with a bunch of friends and having a good time. There are not a million people who coment the style we play and critisise us all the way. No coach screams at us. The only preassure we have to deal with are our own aims. We can be creativ in various ways. Table Top Gamers usually are humorous and do a lot of joking.
We don't earn money with our hobby/sport(?) it is more the other way round but I think it is worth it.

I thought about it because the constant criticism against GW and the always "If you don't like it leave it."(And that's what some do because there are alternative systems). So there got to be a lot more reasons than just the ruleset why people like playing.

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We are peaceful because we direct our anger at a single foe- GW. If GW made proper rules we would have lots of infighting that would cause major bloodshed. So GW actually is trying to help us with poorly written rules and overpriced models.

On a serious note, most people at gaming stores tend to be very friendly, atleast in my experience.

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the spire of angels

while it is true that there are 40kers that are team sports fans as well, i am not one of them. i love my tabletop gaming, and aside from that i can get into airsoft, mountainbiking, rally car racing(gotta love a sport where they put you in a souped up car and tell you to drive as fast as you can down maountain roads 8)   and sword arts.


having to work with a bunch of "normal" guys who rant and yell at the breakroom tv when thier team doesn't do what they want and go on  how they should have done this or that like thier are actually on the team themselves makes me glad i am not like that.


in 40K i am actually on the team/army(or controlling it) and i have alot of fun doing so.


lets face it, team sports became boring when they took away our swords >



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Ah, but see, my team game KEPT its swords... and is thus more fun...

It also might end up on TV one of these days, if things go right.

As a rule of thumb, the designers do not hide "easter eggs" in the rules. If clever reading is required to unlock some sort of hidden option, then it is most likely the result of wishful thinking.

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Posted By Symbio Joe on 10/23/2006 3:07 PM
I thought about it for quite a long time. I mean table top gamers do not have serious injuries. Some cuts but nothing really bad. We can play at any time we want. There are no riots at our games and we don't have do bother with fans.

Hey, you forgot to mention another bonus:  no chance of contracting STDs from hordes of young women throwing themselves at GT winners :-)


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somewhere not playing 40K...bummer

This is an interesting question. I grew up outside, hiking, exploring, camping, fishing. yada yada...but never wanting to be a part of orginized sports becaue I hated the people who took part and ran them. I came from a small town so this was not entirley acceptable. My dad is an all-state football player and wreslter and my mom was a Physical education major in college, so I didnt really have alot of acceptance at home either. But you know over the last couple of years I have started to play, recreationally of course, soccer. Which was always a sport I loved, but as a kid got turned off from by the insane competativeness of the parents and other players.

I think physically its good, just to run around. You dont have to be any good or competative, just enthusiastic. I have found that playing tabletop war games helps develop a tactical perception that many other people don't have clue about. Even though I may be the slowest guy on the field I know where to be and how to read people from my experince reacting to people in a more relaxed atmosphere like a 40K game. Watch a fast paced game like soccer or rugby, or a relatively slower game like american football and you will see what I mean. I never used to understand the point but now I get hooked just watching tactics unfold. And playing the games themselves makes it that much more closer and exciting. Dont give up on the outdoors guys, maybe you wont get mobbed by fans but just like tabletop games your supposed to be in it for the fun.

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I'm from a family of rabid sports fans and I have to echo both what most of the posters said about early experiences (too much competitevness from players and parents) and the adult perspective (it's good to get out and run around with your friends).

If you're trying to keep in shape then regular outdoor sports are a lot more fun than dragging yourself to the gym every other night.

Dakka on World of Warcraft:

MANNAHNIN: I know two guys who have had to quit the game cold turkey because the time investment required by it caused problems with their family life.

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There are some similarities between gamers and people that play sports.
The competitive nature in each, the rush from getting a good win against the odds, the smell of unwashed, sweaty bodies...
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