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Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control


Lord, Shieldbearers, Rune of Smiting, Rune of Cleaving 263pts

Thane,Great Weapon,Shield, Rune of Brotherhood, Rune of Resistance,Rune of Stone 121pts

Thane, BSB, Strollaz Rune 145pts

10 Thunderers, Shields 150pts

20 Warriors, Shields,Full Command 205pts
20 Warriors, Shields,Full Command 205pts

23 Longbeards, SHields, Full Command 301pts

Bolt Thrower, Engineer,Pistols 65pts
Bolt Thrower, Engineer,Pistols 65pts
Bolt Thrower, Engineer,Pistols 65pts

14 Miners, Full Command, Steam Drill 204pts
15 Miners, Full Command, Steam Drill 215pts

Gyrocopter 140pts

With the galaxy as large as it is the odds of the average guardsmen seeing and fighting a marine or MEQ are relatively slim. Unfortunately the guardsmen in your (and anyone else who plays IG's) army are the REALLY, REALLY LUCKY ones that fight marines ALL the time... 
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Regular Dakkanaut


It looks solid, but does it work?
Maybe you could shave off a few points, like three longbeards, that'll bring your cost from 2144 to 2108. Maybe if you play a bit with your commands in your units, you could bring it down even more, maybe to add that extra miner for another rank bonus which you are just missing out and maybe an extra bolt thrower, as it would be a waste of your special slot to not fill it with two throwers. I am a bit curious towards the outcome of your army, so maybe you could update the results if/when you have any?

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