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Made in ch
Dakka Veteran

Planet of Dakka

So i think im finally set for my new army (after my chaos and escher troops).Im thinking of going for orks


Lots of conversion fodder(inlcuding pumping out basically every troop type with a simple box of boyz),seem fun to play,I can use leman russes without having to paint 30 guardsman (since i cant paint skin)


i still need to paint skin,just differentlyi have no idea whats the good and the bad of orks on the tabletop,cost effective they dont seem to be because of large needed amounts,the new codex seems to be more or less around,so maybe its worth waiting

So im hoping you guys could give me a simple run down to what is really worth buying,how to organise them more or less and etc.

mind you,im am trying to make this a low cost project so im not too fond of buying metals (so nobs and all that are a no-no if possible).This also includes good alternatives to trucks and buggies,like for example if buying some 1:35 models is better.

thanks \m/

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User


Well in my opinion and from what I have seen Ork viehicles look alot better when they are scratch build rather than made out of the kits from GW.
Made in us
Hunter with Harpoon Laucher

Castle Clarkenstein

Well, for cost effectiveness:

1) Beg all your buddies for leftover tank bits they don't need.

2) Buy crappy looking old tanks off ebay or at store auctions. The worse the better as they are cheaper. Half primered, too much glue, put together by a dislexic 7 year old on speed, missing treads? It's just raw materials.

3) Big bag of balsa wood scraps, and bits order the little sprues with orky wheels, and the iron looking wheels on the big guns.

4) Break all the bitz up. Make a rough frame from Balsa. I start with a piece for the truck bet, two 1/4" squar pieces running across like axes to glue the wheels onto. Then I make an armored cab out of bits, more bitz and balsa for the sides of the truck/buggy, and add gunz to taste.

5) Primer it black, drybrush with tinbitz and then boltgun, next add lots of red and yellow racing stripes and orky glyphs. Have enough red to count as "red paint job".

Plasic ork boxes are your friends, and you can mix in a box of plastic fantasy orks. Leftover bitz from a fantasy ogre box are great as well to mix in.

....and lo!.....The Age of Sigmar came to an end when Saint Veetock and his hamster legions smote the false Sigmar and destroyed the bubbleverse and lead the true believers back to the Old World.
Made in ch
Dakka Veteran

Planet of Dakka

my last thought was this:
do i really start with the battle set or not.
im thinking that the crappy vehicles are bitz material since i get lots of wheels,threads and dakka.
throw in in some pilots too...

is it worth it`?

Made in us
Krazed Killa Kan

South NJ/Philly

Battleforce is worth it if you want Bikes, but the bike models are generally quite bad.

As far as effectiveness on the table top, you're screwed if you're not going to buy Nobs and a lot of Power Klaw bits.

Nobs with Power Klaws is pretty much the only good thing the Orks got left. For a codex list you'll find it's not terribly effective for the most part.

Your best and cheapest route IMO is doing a Kult of Speed army. It requires a lot less Boyz and you can scratch build Trukks out of nearly anything. You can still loot a Russ (Go Demolisher, you'll understand after a few games with Orks). You can also scratch build a BattleWagon, which is nice and fluffy for the Boyz.

Made in us
Stabbin' Skarboy

Dirty Jersey

i dont think the bikes themselves are as bad much as the midget ork drivers...

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Made in ch
Dakka Veteran

Planet of Dakka

frankly i was only going for the bikes as bitz material.The track system seem to fit quite well to be converted into some trukk or other...
Nobz might be the only thing i'll get in metal as scratching boyz into them seems a little hard and my plasticard-fu isnt good enough to build PKs...

Thanks for the input guys.Ill eventually try posting something when it starts up

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