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 Hi guys,

I was wondering if a Tau Battleforce like this one:


 would be good a good buy. I mean it looks like you save a little cash by picking them all in that pack than buying them individually, and that would be a great way to enter the hobby.

Also, how do the Tau play? I hear they are more of a run and gun race because they can't handle melee as well as some other races and so you need to move around a lot more and rely on your ranged. The only game I've ever played was when I went to a games workshop store and one of the guys showed me the Battle of Macragge board and had me use the space marines to take out the tyranids.
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Two battleforces with a couple extra suits and some sniper drones make for an excellent core Tau force.  The battleforce is priced descently and includes all useful troops. 
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the spire of angels

i always say no to the battleforce box

the first thing you should buy is the dex, read it and decide what you actually want in your army before you buy any models 


is it really a great deal to buy the force box when you don't plan on using half the stuff in it? especially when you can buy specific models you need in your FOC instead.


tau play very differently depending on how you like to play them.


close combat is of course a no go, think of them as IG with better equipment. . they generally rely heavily on mobility, heavy weapons and denial of return fire.


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In da Mekshop

B for Bandetta? Are you an Adam Corolla listener, by chance?

As far as the Tau, definetly get the codex first. Read up on it, see what you like about them.
Also, look inside yourself and what you enjoy about a game. If you love winning first and foremost, then make a list that you think will win, regardless of storyline or character.
If you like the story of the race and want something in your list because it sounds interesting and fun, regardless of battlefield performance, then do that. Just make sure you are happy at the end of it all.

Once youv've read up on them, take a look at the battleforce box, and see if you would use everything. If so, go for it!

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Posted By GrimTeef on 10/29/2006 9:32 AM
B for Bandetta? Are you an Adam Corolla listener, by chance?
This is the poster formerly known as Bukakke, but now I've already said too much, haven't I?

Bandetta, I'd help ya out, but I haven't played 4th edition WH40k. However, if you aren't stuck on GW models, Rackham's AT-43 figures that are soon coming out have several battle suits that look like they would be excellent replacements for Tau Crisis suts. Others have found Armored Core, Front Mission and other Japanese mecha gashopon as better looking subs as well, though they're harder to find outside of Japan and you don't always know what you'll get.

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