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Foul Dwimmerlaik

Minneapolis, MN


Dont know how well they run, but since White dwarf stopped giving us Kill team stuff, this is a good thing.

It seems to follow the same thoughts as the space hulk kill teams rules. In other words, using highly specialized killteams and modifying the rules to suit. You could do this already, but this gives a nice starting point so that it is easier to tweak the rules for better playability.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Exarch killteams are a little weaker without the individual boosting powers (distract, crushing blow, burning fist, sustained assault)

The Ultimate, Strongest, Most Invincible Man in the Milky Way 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Good thing, but still.

It kills me. It just kills me. They gave the fire dragon exarch tank hunter. They gave the warp spider exarch deepstrike. They gave the striking scorpion exarch infiltrate. In all of these cases there are enough points to buy another aspect warrior but instead they throw in, literally, useless attributes.

Made in us
Foul Dwimmerlaik

Minneapolis, MN

Well, yes. GW isnt known for their majestic skills in list building (which prompts the question: How can they playtest their rules reliably?) but it is just a template we thankfully dont have to follow to the "T".

The slight tweaks to the mission scenarios is what gets me excited. I can come up with Kill teams all day long on my own, but ideas to go on for scenarios are what I view GW's job to do. I especially like the dire avenger scenario where the kill teams have to exit the table. Quite fun, but would rather try it a bit more balanced with a close combat team, as shooting is a real killer trying to keep the klaxon counters down.

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I noticed they say the Fire Dragon team doesn't break any Kill Team laws, but they seem to have forgotten that weapons over S7 break an immutable law. So they've broken 6 laws and given the enemy a ton of extra points and brute squads.
Made in au
Fresh-Faced New User

They've broken laws in a number of those Kill Teams without noticing.

Both the Dire Avenger and the Warp Spider Exarch have weapons that can fire more than two shots in a turn. Technically giving the Dire Avenger the Bladestorm power means that all the Dire Avengers now have weapons capable of firing more than two shots a turn, but that could be argued either way. As pointed out the Fire Dragons all have weapons above S7. The Striking Scorpion Exarch has more than 40pts of options. The Dark Reapers don't have five to twelve models. The Dark Reapers all have heavy weapons.

Honestly, I wonder if they even read the rules of Kill Team before they wrote the article.
Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

Pirate Ship Revenge


I have nothing useful to add.
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