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YMTC: Deep Striking units scatter in to minefield  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
How do you/would you play it where a deep striking unit ends up in a mine field
Deep Striking unit tests the turn they come in to the mine field AND the next turn that they move out of it.
Deep striking unit does tests the turn they come in but NOT the next turn when they move out
Deep Striking unit does NOT test the turn that they come in but do test the next turn when they move out of it.

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Dives with Horses

Pretty simple question and to my knowledge this hasn't been done yet so lets ask the jury.

Drano doesn't exactly scream "toy" to me.


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Infiltrating Broodlord


I vote "A"

Units in reserve deploy by moving onto the board during the movement phase.

Deepstriking is a subset of this reserves deployment, therefore it should count as 'movement'. While this is not spelled out anywhere per se, it is supported by the 'counts as moving' for purposes of firing weapons, and for landspeeders (count as moving >12" etc.

An excellent case could be made that normal pre-first-turn deployment is not technically movement, but I find it a bit of a stretch that the 'deployment' by deepstrike wouldn't count as movement.

By the by, no one is forcing the deepstriking unit to move out of the minefield on their following turn. They could just sit pretty and avoid the second 'boom'.


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