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Riverside, CA USA

Go ahead and sell Emily to Siygess, I have a stand-in I've been using that has been growing on me

~Kalamadea (aka ember)
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 Shae-Konnit wrote:
JacobJ wrote:I'd like:

Ninja with bow (from Red Veil)

Nexus-7 Operative Kerr-Nau (from Dire Foes 7)

Treitak Anyat (from Dire Foes 1)

Anyat and Kerr-Nau are certainly possible, but not the Ninja unfortunately - trouble with that one is no-one wants the Zhanshi from that box.

I see you have Kerr-Nau set aside, but not Anyat, so I assume we're waiting for that (which is fine).

Just curious, how much for the ninja with bow PLUS the three Zhanshi that no one wants?

Edit: Or better yet, why not split the loss on those three between the other models in the box?

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Camouflaged Zero

I got a Dire Fores #1 on order which should be arriving tomorrow.
My next Red Veil split is to provide the entire YuJing half, but I'll check if the guy still wants it.
The Zhanshi are £4 each at the moment, so it'd be £19 for them plus the Ninja if I can indeed split them.
Problem with dividing the price of the Zhanshi among the rest is that the rest haven't been great sellers themselves :/
Splitting Red Veil has been a bit of a bastard, lately.

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Alright, let's just stick to Kerr-Nau and Anyat then.

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Camouflaged Zero

Right, a bunch of items have been posted so the list has a few less names but a few more items, specifically some 2G Proxies for Aleph, the Hakim for Haqqislam, and the Tanko for Mercs.

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