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Longtime Dakkanaut

Well they were used in Target Recon mission in the original AI, normally you spent 8 turn on the table to win but with the plane you spent 6.

They also give you reserve and initiative reroll, and dirt cheap.

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Booming Thunderer


OK thanks. Might be interesting to see what they did with them for the current AI and whether they are worth taking.

Just played a game with a friend, Rynn's World Bombing Mission against his Tau. I had 2 plain Marauder Bombers and it's hard to see where a Colossus might fit in. It certainly won't be any better, much more so when there's multiple targets (the 3 objectives, plus 4 Tau ground defences).
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Fresh-Faced New User

The rules for the Marauder Pathfinder are out.

Same general statistics as the Marauder Bomber but it’s a scout class. Obviously it has a front heavy bolter array (same stats as the rear turret) and no top turret. The only additional weaponry option is up to 4 pairs of skystrike missiles.

There is however a special rule ‘Tactical Command’ which basically means when the Pathfinder is activated in the movement phase you can choose a friendly aircraft within 3 hexes of the Pathfinder that hasn’t moved yet. You may discard that aircrafts manoeuvre token and choose another ace manoeuvre.

Not sure personally if it’s worth the points cost but I guess it’s a nice option to have. Being a scout could be handy for those missions where only scouts and fighters can be taken. Not sure really. More firepower or tactical abilities? Hmm.

Edit: are we allowed to post points costs?
Edit: This flyers point cost might be more than people were thinking

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Longtime Dakkanaut

33 points for Pathfinder, the most expensive Imperium aircraft, weak firepower and cost too much, can't even use as transport.

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Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

Wrexham, North Wales

Hmm. Just to change a maneuvre? They're normally quite forgiving anyway. Feeling glad I opted out. I'm normally a sucker for these things.
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Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps


Can't remember, what did the Vigilant do in the original game? I seem to remember it gave some better advantages?
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Dakka Veteran

Let you reroll initiative to see if you went first I think
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Grovelin' Grot


I’m thinking of making some adjustments to AI2, sort of a ‘meet in the middle’ between the two editions.

What changes would people make to the current game? I’ve heard bombers are pretty useless vs just taking fighters with ground attacking ordnance etc.
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Trustworthy Shas'vre


I would reduce the number of unlimited ammo weapons; it’s too easy to just take random potshots rather than trying to manoeuvre into a good firing position. I also think the “reverse direction” manoeuvre is too freely available, making it very easy to just flip round on the spot and head back at an attacker, rather than having to turn.

 Zed wrote:
*All statements reflect my opinion at this moment. if some sort of pretty new model gets released (or if I change my mind at random) I reserve the right to jump on any bandwagon at will.
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