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Invictus Tactical Warsuit, or what's the point of dreadnoughts  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Damn, that is true.
I really need to put half my marines in a separate detachment under normal space marine rules instead of under BA rules. Too bad we dont get doctrines but still just having chapter tactics, pointdrops and some better stratagems make vehicles way way way better as codex marines than BA/SW/DA.

Put all BA/DA/SW unique things in 1 detachment and all the rest in a successor marine detachment of your choice until they update us.

They didn't even revert the cost of "Upon wings of fire" for BA in this FAQ update while Ravenguard have much much better movement stratagems/warlord traits/psychic powers for cheaper.... Like infiltrate any infantry unit + character after who gets turn 1 is decided and give any unit a free move for a 1cp Stratagem. I can give a DC unit a free move for 2cp :(
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