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As a faction, Chaos needs to be less Marine-centric.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in ch
Warped Arch Heretic of Chaos

A.T. wrote:
 techsoldaten wrote:
Same goes for Slaanesh, Noise Marines have been overcosted and impotent in most editions (salvo rules ruined them in 6th.)
Slaanesh have had some of the best toys in multiple editions - 3e had sirens throwing deepstrike assault daemonettes, 4e had the lash prince, AP3 flamers and some reasonable milage out of I5 though into 5th and their daemons could do good work. I think most of 6-7th got lost in the hunt for invisible deathstars and other cheese - S8 AP3 ignores cover blasts are good but a bit thin for a faction identity.
8e though everyone was playing slaanesh for a while - I had oblits, havoks, and a juiced up daemon prince in my default list. No noise marines but I think that was just early 8th and its emphasis on CP farming.

Thinking back it was always piecemeal, they'd always have something good but you'd not often take a whole army of them if you were playing for power rather than for fluff.

hence why internal soup was basically how CSM were played permanently on a competitivish level.

A Mostly Renegades and Heretics blog.

 Daedalus81 wrote:

In the 41st millennium there is only overpriced hamberders.

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