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 Daedalus81 wrote:
 Nitro Zeus wrote:
 Daedalus81 wrote:
 Nitro Zeus wrote:
i get it but that goes two ways. Note that there isn't a bunch of argumentative threads about the current state of Harleys or other top tier armies. Do you know why I see this being so different? It's because there isn't a bunch of people who spend their time on here just denying and downplaying the faction. Harley players came up out the bottom end of the tier list to the top, when we talk about the faction now, almost all the players are generally like "yeah, we're pretty good now lol". Marine threads on the other hand have these constant aggregators such as Xenomancers, Daedulus, Martel, breton, even yourself, who are just loathe to concede that ANY aspect of your dex might be too much, and will argue all day how even a good unit is "dead" or "weak" now. You guys create the pushback that you recieve. Nobody would feel the need to be repeatedly arguing against this "marines aren't even that strong!" narrative bs if you guys didn't constantly push it, and cause threads like to this to reach 50 pages through sheer stubborness. That's my view on the matter anyway.

Yea, so, I don't play marines and its telling that you think I'm attempting to defend "my" codex.

I didn't say you did, you're still doing the exact same thing whether its your dex or not?

I will say it's definitely suspicious how basically every thread you create and every post you make is related to downplaying Marines though no matter the circumstances, but even if it is the case I'm sure you'll never admit it so whatever. It's fine, I don't like broadcasting that I'm a Marine player either, they have a well earned reputation on this site and it's unfortunately not a positive one.

You clearly don't read my posts.

Oh no - I made a post discussing how marines can fail morale - I MUST be downplaying marines!
And a post about "interesting changes for marines" where I groaned about Gravis getting a +1 save strat. But I didn't just say marines were the best evar so, REEEEEEEEEEEE.
Or in the CORE discussion, I said "Relax, Xeno. Marines were not struggling." when he complained about the units needing a re-costing.

But screw me for making counterpoints that don't massage your ego.

Not worth an argument, just better to walk away.
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On moon miranda.

This thread appears to have come to the end of its useful life.


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