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Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Last night my FLGS had a fantasy character bash, more or less using the Battle for the Cheese rules from the Colonial GT. Two rounds, the first with a 150 point hero and the second with a 300 point lord. Points were awarded 1 per wound caused, 2 for killing a character, and then 2 for being the last man standing. Killing blow and multi-wound weapons only got points for the wounds actually caused.

We expected a much larger turn out, but we still had a lot of fun with the 6 people that showed up. The gal working the store put up a copy of a 40k artbook as the grand prize. Looking mostly to paint some models I'd wanted to paint, I took:

Strigoi Vampire Thrall - bat form = 125 / 150 (modeled as the baby griffon from the empire kit )

Slayer Horde Demonslayer - vampireslayer, killing blow, rune of strike first, runes of +1S & +1A = 270 / 300

First Round

We rolled off to choose deployment spot - either a table corner or the middle of a side. I took a short edge, and clockwise from me were ... bray shaman of nurgle (corner), empire captain on horse (side), chaos dwarf hero (corner), orc on boar (side), jaguar saurus of doom (side).

My griffon flew at the shaman, dispelled her buboes spell and slammed into combat. Two turns of combat saw her dead, despite an impressive save (2+ with armor and staff) and 3 wounds. Then my little angry griffon started flying all the way across the board ...

... to where the other 4 players had slammed together. The empire hero charged the dwarf, and then bashed around until the JSOD hit the empire hero in the rear. The orc rammed the JSOD in the rear next round, and the dwarf popped the Black Gem of Gnar because he could, pulling the empire hero and himself out for one round. The JSOD took this time to kill the orc, taking one wound in return. Then he killed the empire hero, and next round the dwarf (who had only S3 and only Furnace Armor, no weapon). My griffon had arrived, hit the lizard and killed his last wound off.

First round left the JSOD player with 10 points and me with 9.

Second Round

I rolled last on deployment, which was fine with me! I picked a side with a doombull of khorne to my right and an ogre tyrant to my left, and then orc with Axe of +D6 Frenzy Attaks on foot (side), chaos dwarf lord (corner), dwarf king on shield bearers (side). The dwarf king was the JSOD player's, and he took it based on advice from Warseer - with a 2+ rerolled save and a 4+ ward (and gw), he was looking to win on attrition. He never moved.

My slayer ran at the tyrant, who charged me and picked up his dice to tenderize me, BUT I struck first and killed him with a vampireslayer 6. There was much lamenting on the parts of my T5 opponents (all of them). I ran toward the doombull behind me, she charged and I went first again. Only managed 2 hits, which I had to reroll because of Armor of Damnation. This didn't seem right, but I did and missed all my hits. She took her 6, got 1 through my T5, and then rolled a 3 for her D3 rending hits. I looked it up and pointed out doombulls can't take armor, but it was her game, prizes and store ...

So my reign of awesome ended there. The orc killed the chaos dwarf easily (he had spent ALL of his points on the item that makes him immune to magic), then got the charge against the doombull (O_O), but whiffed and was eaten. The bull slammed into the dwarf king at last, couldn't get anything past his saves, and was killed by gw in two turns.

Dwarf king cheesefest put him in first place, then me with 12 points. All was good though, as both he and I got copies of the artbook

Was a lot of fun all the same, and we're looking to go at it again sometime. We're thinking three rounds: 150 Hero, 300 Lord, Unlimited Round of Madness. As in, special characters, greater demons, Tzeentch lords on chaos dragons ...

- Salvage

INSTAGRAM: @boss_salvage 
Made in us
Crazed Cultist of Khorne

Ya your friend cheated pretty badly there. Its alright, Slayer kings are just kick-butt. I used one in my tournement where you had to kill thre bloodthirsters (modified korrdors of khorne.) He killed 2 and 6/7 of em. So close, until killing blow got 'im..

If Rampage Jackson was in warhammer, he would be an ork. 
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