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Made in gb
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232 - new Adeptus Astartes Strategem:


Use this Stratagem before the battle. Select one ADEPTUS ASTARTES LIEUTENANT model from your army that is not a named character. Replace that model’s LIEUTENANT keyword with EQUERRY and replace its Tactical Precision ability with: ‘Equerry: You can re-roll wound rolls for attacks made by models in friendly <CHAPTER> units whilst their unit is within 6" of this model.’

Additionally, while this model is within 6" of a friendly ADEPTUS ASTARTES CAPTAIN or ADEPTUS ASTARTES CHAPTER MASTER, increase the range of this Model's Equerry ability to 12".

Additionally, while a friendly ADEPTUS ASTARTES CAPTAIN or ADEPTUS ASTARTES CHAPTER MASTER is within 6" of this model, increase the range of that Model's Rites of Battle or Chapter Master ability to 12".
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Karol wrote:
I may not be able to invent not real stuff for 9th, but I can do basic reading.

[Citation required]

 OldMate wrote:
Official tournaments will consist of multiple tables positioned with 1/2metre spacing, and units can cross or fire across tables as if the tables were together.
Whoever's army survives the 72hours of deathmatch madness with the most points, and while simultaneously surviving drinking gallons of energy drink (to stay awake and alert) is crowned tournament victor.

And still a better format than the ITC!

Pancakey wrote:
9th edition is the most play tested version of WH40k EVAR and the edition WE ASKED FOR!

WHC maintain this to be true, while simultaneously also continuing to claim that 8th edition is the most playtested edition ever.

The rules team see no issues with these statements.

 Insectum7 wrote:
Primaris marines are being replaces with Omegis Marines, which have six wounds and six attacks base, and are all the size of a Carnifex. They all carry an Eradicus Mega-Bolter, which is 60" Range, Assault 10, S7 -3, D3 damage. It's their only weapon option. Each marine will be a four-part, snap-fit model that costs 80$. The gun will have all the scopes.

I have to know - how many scopes is all the scopes?

 ClockworkZion wrote:
 BaconCatBug wrote:
Thunder Hammers are now Blast weapons and thus RaW can't be used in Melee.

Squig Bombs are now blast weapons and can no longer attack in melee.

I ran this one by my source - apparently they're getting an exception to the "Blasts can't be used in melee" rule, but you have to resolve an attack sequence with them against both sides of the melee if you do use them.

Ice_can wrote:
Anyone not playing a Prinaris Marine Army will actually be able to win a game.

Hey, now, let's not go too far...

* * *

False and blatantly made up... hmm...

- GW realise that low-hanging fruit are a thing, and release a plastic Shining Spears set based on the new Jetbikes. Who'd've thought one sprue would take so long?
- The Imperial Guard see more releases than just Black Library characters during the edition. Who isn't excited for the Rough Segway Riders?
- Indomitus contains all the new Space Marine models for the edition, honest. No, the Grey Knights and Deathwatch releases don't count...
- Every faction will see more than one model released during the lifespan of 9th, and some of them will even be good! Well, unless you play a non-Necron Xenos faction, anyway.
- The Fallen get back up again.

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