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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Hello all again?.



Welcome Soldier to the Dakka FOW Flex League. 


News from the front.  Still only need 6 games in 8 weeks.  League goes from Nov. 1 ? Dec 20, 2005.  1500/ 1750 points.  Have your lists ready for ease of play.  Top three records make it the ?final event?.  Fourth spot is a wild card.  All you need to enter, is to have all your games.  Games can be played anywhere with anyone in the league.  6 Missions.  Pick a mission or roll a d6.  $2.00 voluntary donation to support your troops!  (All proceeds to go toward prize support for the final event).


Remember, lists are flexible, which means, you have to stay within your codex..  Other than that feel free to change your list.  Also, can play each player twice.  To record game go to the Dakka Web page and sign up then record.  After you sign up, I have to admit your entry and then you are good to go.  Battles are recorded W-L.  Also, the 6 missions are at Empire or check out the link ?FOW Missions? on the forum.


Look for all other FOW Flex league information on our web page or here at the FOW Forums.


Good luck and happy gaming.


RG ? FOW Flex League Administrator.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Manchester NH USA

Hey RG
Just got my first two games in WOW what a blast!
Keith and I fought it out over Italy and I managed to hold him off what a close game
Then Russ V. and I had a very tooth and nail INTENSE game that was a BLAST.
This game rocks
Made in us
Been Around the Block

Yeah, I am very much looking forward to my game on Tues.    You are logged in for FOW you can now record your battles.  You do not need to wait for Russ V. or Keith to sign up. 


Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Manchester NH USA

I logged them both in so thats cool!
I would ask keith for a game for Tuesday send him a email to prime him
He and I have some great "tools" to help with the "rusty" player.
The updated Lessions from the front (a FAQ), and a armour cheat sheat.
Both behind the counter for your use just ask...they help us big time with our game.
Made in us
Been Around the Block


I'll be playing Jay first then hopefully some FOW.  Can you provide the link here again for the Battlefront stuff.  Others might like to see it too.


Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Manchester NH USA

Two useful links first the updated FAQ "Lessons from the Front pt.3"

a collection of free downloads, missions, referance sheets ect.
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