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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Hey All,

I am currently starting a blog based on my imperial guard Mech Stormtrooper list, which can be found in the tactics section on these very boards.  Anyway, I will try my best to give regular updates, but between being married, having a son, losing a son and all of my various hobbies (I.e., video games) It might get difficult to update regularly.

Anyway, here is what I have started so far.


These are based of a friends idea, they are not originally mine!  I give Lou all the credit!


Grenade Tosser:

Group Shot of Squad #1:

Ok onto the Hardened Vets, which started out as a kill team, but grew to be a part of this new army.

Plasma Gunner:

Melta gunners:

Hardened Vet:

My 3 Hardened Vet squads ready for priming and painting:

I hope you guys enjoy and again I'll try to keep ya posted!

Chappy P!
Made in de
Dominating Dominatrix

Piercing the heavens

nice models you've got there. I especially like the plasma guy, he' bad-axx.

the scout parts are also a nice touch
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

@Anung Un Rama:

Thanks! I can't take all the credit. My Storm troopers are based off a friends idea that he used for His IG army. The main difference is that I accidentally left the belt on the cadian torso, so that the minis are actually a little taller than they should be.

Originally the hardened vets were going to be nothing more than a kill team, but it soon spawned into the following army list:

Drop Troops, Veterans, Grenadiers, Iron Discipline

JO w/Iron Discipline, x2 plasma guns, Vet Standard
Chimera w/smoke, multi-laser and heavy bolter
Total: 164pts

3x5xVets, VS, 2 Plasma guns - 195pts

3x8 STs w/2xPlasma guns, Chimera w/smoke, multi-laser and heavy bolter - 564pts

Fast Attack:
2xSentinels w/Las-Cannon - 110pts (Separate units)

3xLeman Russ w/3 heavy bolters - 465

PTS Total= 1498

Anyway, what I need now is help deciding on what to do for a color scheme...

I am torn between doing them standard Cadian

Or tan fatigues and black armor

Or doing urban with a Shadow Gray fatigues and black armor

Or some thing else, that I am not sure of yet...

Anyway and help or thoughts are more than welcome

Chappy P!
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