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Shrewsbury, UK

When I got the Apocalypse book and started looking at the images of all those BIG I thought to myself this is really good.

Then the opportunity came up to buy one of those Space Marine Company box sets and I thought why not. Then I thought wouldn't this be really cool if it were part of a complete chapter in a monstrous sized game. Remembering that GW had done just this for one of the old codexes I figured why not - so that is what I decided to do.

Now, by myself this would  be too much to handle so I figured why not get the help of some friends and as the owner of a local independant store I have the ideal location to display the figures. Not only that but it gives us a place to play the mother of all Apocalypse battles - I am moving stores and will have a 36 ft by 20 ft gaming room.

So that is what we are doing

As they are the most available it is going to be Ultramarines and I have been lucky eonugh to enlist the help of quite a few people already who are pretty handy with the modeling and painting - one of them even claimed in the Golden Demon 2006 40k Vehicle Category.

I will be posting updates here but the real Blog behind it can be found as a subsection of my site www.games-cavern.com/category/apocalypse-wow/ I will be posting details on the progress regularly - at the very least it makes me get on with it

When it is finished and we have moved into the new shop I will be running the battle based around a scenario of the Marines defending a Fortress Monastry wherein is being kept Ancient Relics and Artifacts from all over the galaxy where they are being studued by the Librarians and Chaplains of the defenders of Ultramar. The secret has been let slip and the Heretics and Xenos are racing to lay claim to the secrets locked in the monastry - they will not find it easy......

A list of the specif squads and who is doing them will be made available shortly but if you want to join in then just let me know

'The purpose of life is to be happy'; the Dalai Lama  
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Interesting to see if you can pull it off. Good luck and nice that you are sharing the process here

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- antique proverb

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Decrepit Dakkanaut


Myself and a few others were going to do this with the Dark Angels, but after some personal disagreements(not to do with the project), the theft(and return) of the 10th Company, and a lack of people to do the 8th and 9th Companies, there's only 3 of us left(my 4th, the 5th, and the uncomplete 7th being redone into the 3rd).

Good luck!

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UK - Surrey

"one of them even claimed in the Golden Demon 2006 40k Vehicle Category"

That will be me then !!!

Yes I have joined in with 2old2die's insane plan. I will be tackling the 5th Company (black trims) and work has already begun on the first squad.

I want to run a web diary of my progress, that will run in conjunction with the 'Games Cavern' blog, can anybody suggest a site, or way of doing this easily ?


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Stealthy Space Wolves Scout


I'm only doing one company and I thought that I had a lot of work ahead of me. You guys have ten times more stuff to build!

I hope you can pull this off since I want to see the whole chapter together.

Are you gonna do just the marines or will you do all the chapters vehicles too?

I'm keeping my eye on this thread for sure.

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Fresh-Faced New User

Shrewsbury, UK

Ok then todays update

Have decided that a weekend event around the end of January 2008 is about right - this should give us enough time to get everything ready.

Dave has been worrying over the painting of all those scouts. Like many of us he is very proud of his standard of painting and wants to make sure that the quantity doesn't over-ride the quality. I will be taking a photo of a couple of his models to put up here and then you guys can judge for yourselves how good they are.

Rhys has made a start on the glorious 5th and we had a discussion on the assault company - looks like its ging to be a mixture of speeders, jump packs and footsloggers as we are not too keen on the bikes.

For myself we have both Devastator squads made and 2 Tactical squads for the 3rd company and I have started painting the first tactical squad for the 3rd Company - I intend on getting at least a squad a week done, including transport so that would mean a 10 week schedule which is about right.

Am meeting with Morris this evening about the scenery - oh my god the organisation!!!

'The purpose of life is to be happy'; the Dalai Lama  
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