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Made in us

Hello all...

I'm posting this in the relatively new Dakka Dakka for a few reasons.  First, well, I like to show my work and get feedback, of course.  Secondly, I respect the talent I've seen on this site and believe that with such help, my own talents could only improve.  And also, I'm looking forward to contributing to the new Dakka.  I believe Yakface has always been a fair hand and a great talent and even as a lurker, I appreciated his efforts.  It's my turn to add something in return for the tidbits I've gleaned by lurking so long.

I've been working on a Sisters of Battle army for the past week or so, and after several attempts at finding the 'perfect' colors (as if), I believe I have succeeded in at least finding something I can be happy with.  I don't really care for the typical black/white/red color scheme of the more popular Orders and have chosen something that pleases my eye a bit more.  Incidentally, my distaste for red/black may have something to do with a recently completed Khorne Bloodbull army for WHFB.  Here are the current progress photos...


Made in us
Hangin' with Gork & Mork

It's always nice to see a Sisters color scheme that isn't black, white, or red.

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Made in sg
Executing Exarch

A nice, pleasing scheme, though I'm not too sold on the turquoise hair. It doesn't seem likely that an SoB would have that hair colour for whatever reason.

Do I see an inferno pistol conversion in the back row? Let's have a look at that!

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Made in us

North Carolina

This is actually a great scheme. A nice original take on an army that gets stuck with the same ol' colors all the time.

Your metals could use some extra attention though. You might try and go back and clean them up a bit.

::stays tuned::

Illustration and Design

Made in de
Rampaging Carnifex


Shiny. Although I would stay with normal Hair colours, worse enough they share all the same haircut.

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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Lancaster PA

I like the Seraphim Superior on foot with the mace. I might make use of the model (one of my favorites) for squad leaders in that sense. Considering how hard it is to get easy to modify Sister Superiors, it makes a lot of sense.

I am not so certain about the teal though... too beach themed for me. For some reason I keep seeing them hanging out, defending Fiji from giant crab invaders who want to ruin everyone's picnic. But what do I know, my girls are black and red

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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

North Central MA

I really like the one you feature. Black hair works better than green. I like your paint style as well. Very clean. Perhaps a bit candy-like, but mostlly in a good way. I also agree with Aaron the metal needs more attention. Overall, I am very excited to see more.

Don't set your mind to one side.
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Great start!

I am not so sure of the tabard hue, it's quite some contrast to the overall scheme...I would add 50% of grey to you tourqoise to tame it down, while maintaining the scheme you like.

What have you got planned for the basing?? With such a colorful scheme, it required a little extra attention to get absolutely right. Neutral urban rubble with odd rusted sparkle would work nicely with the scheme I think - while something like a lava basing would totally topple the overall effect IMO.

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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

.................................... Searching for Iscandar

Hmm I likey! I'd paint the grenades though. Maybe a light blue? Unless they make your grenades from power armor fragments.

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Dayton, Ohio

I like the armor color, but the teal and off red not so much. It makes me think of Tau or Eldar. The other comments on hair color make me wonder, if you went to black/blue and white/grey on the hair, and tie those colors to the base somehow, maybe that would balance the feminine scheme of the armor with the harsh and disciplined nature of the Ecclesiarchy. Maybe a tile mosaic for the bases? Or cracked and stained concrete.

If more of us valued food and cheer and 40K over hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. 
Made in us
Squishy Squig

Great stuff.....Like others have said, not so sure about the teal hair.....
Otherwise I'm diggin' it!
(Just wonderin', so, I am getting SoB for X-mas. Wicthhunters, and I was wondering if I made the base color black, but used a half mix of tentacle pink, and mithril, as both a dry brush and/or a secondary color would that be cool?
Think Slaanesh SoB )
Thanks all!!!

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