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Made in us
Fierce Foe-Render

I played 2000 point game of Fantasy for the first time in 4 months against my buddy who is currently playing in a league with his Orcs and Gobbos.  I played my newly acquired Wood Elves (the army I sold a year ago), and here is what I brought:


Highborn w/ Bow of Loren, Starfire Arrows, Stone of Crystal Mere, Enchanted Shield

Noble w/ Helm of Hunt, Hail of Doom Arrow

Noble w/ Hunters Talon, Pageant of Shrikes, Scout

Spellsinger w/ Level 2, Calaingors Stave, Dispell Scroll


4x10 Glade Guard w/ Musician

3x7 Glade Guard Scouts

7 Glade Guard Scouts w/ Standard, Banner of Zenith


2x 6 Waywatchers


He took:

Black Orc Warboss on Wyvern w/ 5+ Ward Save, Enchanted Shield, +1 WS, St, A (or whatever it did)

3x Night Goblin Shamans w/ goodies

Wolf Chariot

20 Black Orcs w/ Banner (+1 Dispell dice for each rank)

4x30 Night Goblins w/ 3 Fanatics each, Full Command

10 Armoured Orcs


Terrain:  We each had a piece of wood (12 inches by 8 inches) on our right, and a hill on our left (all in deployment zones).  I place my wood on my Right flank on the board edge, and near the 24 inch mark on the table.


Deployment: He deployed from his right to left, Chariot next to the wood, Black Orcs, Gobbos w/ Shaman, Gobbos w/ Shaman, Gobbos w/ Shaman, Gobbos, Warboss behind the 2 center units, and the Armoured Orcs were on the Hill.


I deployed from right to left: 10 Glade Guard (1) on right of wood at an angle, 10 Glade Guard (2) on the left of the wood w/ HoDa Noble, 10 Glade Guard w/ Lord (3), 10 Glade Guard (4) in two ranks on hill w/ Spellsinger.  I placed one unit of Waywatchers in his wood, 1inch away from his Chariot, Scouts behind the Waywatchers so they were 12 inches away, the other Waywatchers behind his Armoured Orcs on the hill, a unit of Scouts (1) in the extra wood I placed, two units of scouts (2&3) in the Wood extending 4-5 inches out of my deployment zone, and my Sniper Noble.



I won first turn.  Moved both units of waywatchers behind his lines to shoot at the Wyvern Lord, the Banner Scouts marched 2 inches away from the black orcs, denying his march on them and the gobos next to them.  Everyone else stood still. Magic saw me moving a the waywatcher wood 4”, then forgetting magic from then on.  Shooting saw my Waywatchers put a wound on the Wyvern (forgot the +1 to hit), the Scouts (1) and Glade Guard (1) killed 2 armoured Orcs. Scouts 2&3 dropped 8 from the left most Gobbo unit (1). The Sniper Noble failed to wound the Shaman in Gobbo unit (2).  The rest of my army shot at Gobbo Unit (4) next to the Black Orcs, taking them to 12.  He past his Panic test with them and the other unit.


Orcs: He surged forward with everything. His Wyvern stayed behind his lines to provide leadership (wtf). His magic had Foot of Gork stomp my Waywatchers on his left Flank, killing 1.  He then miscast with the Shaman in Unit (4), killing him, 2 gobbos next to him, and 15 Gobbos from various units, and 2 Black Orcs (rolled snake eyes, Ouch!). He then failed to cast everything else.  Good thing, I used my dispel dice on the first attempt.


Turn 2: Woodies

My Waywatchers  again moved behind his lines to shoot at the Wyvern lord, on unit got within 15, so no long range.  My Banner scouts moved behind his black orks to block more units.  My right most Glade Guard (1), moved forward for better positioning on the rest of his army.  Glade Guard (2&3) moved back.Shooting: Scouts (1) killed two armored orcs, Glade Guard 1 combined with Scouts (2&3) to drop Gobbo Unit (1) to 4 Gobbos (no panic).  Sniper Noble put a wound on the Shaman in Gobbo Unit (2).  HoDa Noble dropped the Wyvern and Lord to 1 wound each.  Glade Guard (3) shot Gobbo (3) and dropped 5.  Glade Guard (4) shot at the chariot, giving it 2 wounds.  Banner Scouts and the Waywatchers shot at Gobbo unit (2) killing 10.  He passed all panic checks.


Orcs: He declared a Waagh!  Every unit rolled a 6 for animosity (WTF).  Everyone surged forward 2-4 inches.  Gobbos (1, 2, &3) had to stop to let out the Fanatics.  9 Fanatics came out.  Gobbo (1) fanatics fell short of Scouts (2&3) hanging barely out of the woods.  Gobbo (2) fanatics surged forward.  Gobbo (3) had one hit Glade Guard (2), who lost 5, but passed panic.  Magic: Forgot.  Shooting: He failed to shoot at my Scouts, needing a 7 to hit.  His Wyvern Lord had declared charge on Glade Guard (2), but fell 2 inches short. 


Turn 3: Woodies

My Waywatchers on the left flank and Banner Scouts moved up behind the Black Orcs, Glade Guard (1) moved forward again.  Scouts (2&3) moved back into the wood to avoid fanatics.  Glade Guard (3) moved back to avoid a charge from the Chariot and Black Orcs.  HoDa Noble moved from Glade Guard (2) to unit (3). Glade Guard (2&3) passed terror.  Shooting: Glade Guard (4) kills the chariot.  Glade Guard (2) who had 5 left, hit with all 5 arrows, wounded the Wyvern three times and the Lord twice.  Both die.  Sniper Noble, Scouts (1,2&3) kill 4 fanatics.  Glade Guard (1) killed 2 Armoured Orcs. 


Orcs:  One fanatic killed Glade Guard (2). He moved forward with what was left.  Magic: He miscast and ended the magic phase.  Shooting killed 1 of Glade Guard (1).


Turn 4: Glade Guard (3) shoot Gobbo (3) and panic them, Banner Scouts and the left Waywatchers kill all of Gobbo (4) who still had fanatics. Glade Guard (4) killed the rest of Gobbo (1). Scouts (2&3) killed a fanatic or two, leaving two.



Orcs.  One Fanatic popped with doubles.  Gobbo (2) animositied on top of a fanatic, killing 5 boys, and panicking.  Gobbo (3) rallied.  Black Orcs moved forward.  Armored Orcs shot and killed 1 of Glade Guard (1).


Turn 5: I had only lost 13 models at this point and his girlfriend is complaining to go home, so he concedes.  He told me my army was cheesy, I laughed.  I told him to quit relying on Black Orcs and fanatics, and get some mobility/speed.   We have had this conversation many times, but he likes big shiny things.


I held 3 table Quarters.  All he had left was 2 Armored orcs, 14 Black Orcs, and 10 Gobbos from unit 3.


I lost all of Glade Guard (2), two from Glade Guard (1), and a Waywatcher from first turn magic.


Result:  Massacre for the Wood Elves, bringing me to 3-0, all massacres.

"No soup for you...come back one year!" --Soup Nazi, from Seinfeld 
Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

Fanatics vs. Heavy bow army...um yeah. That's just a bad matchup for him.

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"...he could never understand the sense of a contest in which the two adversaries agreed upon the rules." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude 
Made in us
Fierce Foe-Render

He knew what he was facing. I have switched him armies before because he said I couldn't play them as good as he did. I fielded spider riders, orc boys, and small units of gobbos w/ nets and fanatics, a warboss, and some shaman. I used my mobility to lock him up until by boys got there to mop up. He believes that you don't neet mobility, or orc boys. He sees on thing and locks onto it. His first game he played witht he Orcs, his fanatics were insane and killed a lot of stuff. So thats what he relies on.

"No soup for you...come back one year!" --Soup Nazi, from Seinfeld 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Wow, your friend has a pretty limited view on tactical possibilities based on what you describe here. Being able to maneuver is really important from what I gather (I've only played a little WFB). Orcs have some cool options with their units in terms of mobility as well, it wouldn't be that hard for him to explore them once he is of mind to.

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Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Wood elf army seemed fine, underpowered if anything. Kudos for the massacre, I view orcs as a very solid list for shooting defense. Yes, he needs to get new tactics - perhaps direct him online?

I know some players would never converse tactics online, and they did not improve as quickly. It could be a values issue, where he believes his skill should be self discovery instead of online advice, but it is worth considering.
Made in us
Tough-as-Nails Ork Boy

Grats on the massacre. However your army IS a really annoying type to face. Especially for infantry armies. Skirmishing archer, point denial, basic "avoid contact with the enemy at all costs" armies are no fun.
Made in us
Fierce Foe-Render

Thnaks for the comments guys.

I have tried to direct him here for advice, plus I have read all the tactica I can find. I have told him what other players use, and how they use it, but he always tells me it won't work.

I played him again, not to long ago, but this time with my High Elves. He took smaller blocks of Fanatics with nets, some Ork Boyz, 4 bolt Throwers, a Doom Diver, Black Orc, some Crossbow Orks (waste of points), a wolf chariot, and some wolf riders.

His magic was effective when it went off, and his shooty did some damage. His faster units made me focus most of my shooting on them, allowing his horde to advance. He ended up making it into combat with every unit but a night gobbo unit, and the wolves and chariot who were shot up. The game ended up in a draw due to my seaguard beating his Black Orcs in close combat!!! and overruning behind his forces, and my other unit of glade guard ran through a couple of gobbo units.

He said next time he won't take the chariot or wolves because all they did was die. I told them that was the point, because they allowed his other units to get closer.

"No soup for you...come back one year!" --Soup Nazi, from Seinfeld 
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