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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Saturday and Sunday I participated in the Baltimore GT which I thought was fantastically run and lots of fun despite many people's expectations. Nonetheless, there were several armies that people just wanted to avoid. At Balitmore the treeonic legion made a big showing, there were tons of Wood Elf players there. In my opinion I had the biggest balls because from what I saw I was the only one without a treeman .

Here is my army:
Rhymer's Harp

Elynett's Brooch
Stone of the Crystal Mere

2 scrolls

Murder of Spites
Cluster of Radiants

X2 10 Glade Guard

X3 8 Dryads

5 Glade Riders

24 Eternal Guard
Full Command

7 Wardancers

5 Wild Riders

Great Eagle


Game 1 vs. Boldo's High Elves

Lvl 4
silver wand
2 scrolls

Lvl 2
jewel of the dusk
Ring of Corin

Heavy Armour

X3 20 spearmen
Full Command
one was immune to fear and terror

15 Swordmasters
Full Command

12 White Lions
Full comand

2 Eagles


Boldo is known for running soft lists. He won the Marauder GT with combat dwarfs with no anvil and only one warmachine. Now he was playing all infantry. Honestly I thought it was a bad matchup for him, but my dice decided to play tricks with me. He took first turn and he rushes up his army, there was no action in the middle I had all my combat elements on the right against most of his army while the gg were on a hill protected by trees in very good firing positions. First turn needless to say he gets a master of stone of on the GG, lose 3, and fail their panic test and run off the board, awesome way to start a GT . Turn 2 I baited his BSB chariot with dryads he goes through the unit and then I hit him in the flank with dryads. I miss all 10 of my attacks on his BSB who was on 1 wound. I lose combat by 1 because I do not know how to pass a ward save and fail the rerrollable 9 and get rundown. At that point I had pretty much cornered two of his spears and the lions with the EG and the WR. The swordmasters were being shot off the board. But the dryad bounce meant he hit the wild riders in the flank with the bsb and rolls up 6 hits again and the unit dissapears. The BSB eventually was flown down by my Eagle. The wardancers took a mage chariot charge from way out, he rolls up 6 hits for the 3rd time in a row, I take 4+ ward, he wounds 4 times and I fail all my ward saves even the ones from the horsies and crew. The mage chariot then got hit in the flank by ranked GG and refused to break . In the end he wasn't able to get to the EG but my dice just abandonned me, atleast I got some of my seemingly endless bad luck out of the way .

Major loss to the WE
WE left:
Eternal Guard
1 unit of Glade Guard

HE left:
.5 mage
X3 spears
.5 swords
White Lions

MVP: Eternal Guard- They trapped the opposition in a corner when the bsb rushed out too far, if the rest of my army had rolled average, I would have surrounded him and been able to hopefully get a big win on the last couple of turns.

Game 2 vs. Francis gibson's Night Goblins


Big Boss
Great cave squigg

2 shamans

4 Big Blocks of Night Goblins
Full command
2 fanatics

X3 6 squigghoppers

4 trolls


Francis was an awesome guy who traveled up from Louisiana and brought a very fair list. His luck was pretty off. I was able to get charges on 2 squigg units off with the EG and dryads and shot one down by GG. The big boss was also taken care off by dryads. The Eagle and Glade riders released fanatics all over the place and they were subsequently shot down by GG and GR. The EG after dealing with hoppers charged a unit of Night Gobbos, destroyed them, followed up into another where he had a flank charge from the Trolls but that was when they failed stupidity and I ran that unit off the board as well, the trolls were subsequently charged by Wild Riders in the flank. Since the troll and skarsnick's unit weren't looking, dryads decided to take on the giant who had been cripped by GG (my archers were awesome this game). The Giant died in a short time. After dealing with their second of Night Gobbos, the EG turned to take a charge from skarsnick's unit. The Highborn challenged and got rid of the unit champ before putting 3 wounds on skarsnick which allowed me to win comabt by a lot meaning on the bottom of 6 skarsnick failed their ld. 4 test ran and panicked a ld. 5 unit of NG, the last of them. That made it a complete in table. That makes it two all gobbo lists that I have tabled at GW events.

Massacre win

WE left:
All characters
2 units of GG
2.5 dryads
Wild riders
Wardancers (they were the only ones to start off the board)

NG left:

Game 3 vs. Slayers

Garagrim Ironfist (another special character, yipee)
5+ ward save banner
Goblin Hewer
X2 19 Slayers
20 Slayers
20 Long Drong's
6 Doomseekers


This guy was pretty chill (sorry I forgot your name) but he had a friend with him that would argue rules with me everytime I redirected and did other WE stuff. Basically the Eagle and Glade Riders played catch with the BSB's unit and the Long Drong's taking them out of the game because of poor deployment. I did not realize how nasty doomseekers were and knew they had to be dealt with after one of them was able to destroy my WR. One unit of drysads took out 2 and they were left with two. 3 of them then charged my EG after my EG flanked his characterless unit with EG in the flank and wardancers in the front (dancers rip apart slayers). The slayers were very soon dealt with. The doomseekers all died but not before taking the EG to 3 and putting 2 wounds on my Highborn. The last seeker was shot down by GG. The GG earned their points this game as well focusing fire on the general's unit bringing it to 8 before my bwraith's unit was able to hit them in the flank and finish them off while the Bwraith managed to kill garagrim with 2 poisoned spites the bwraith is awesome . They died and that was it. We counted points and I barely got a major win, he seemed upset about this, I suspect he dinged me.

WE Left:
.5 Highborn
.5 EG
1 unit of GG
.5 GR
.5 dancers

Slayers left:
Long Drongs
one unit of Slayers

Major win to the WE against uber cheese.

Day 2:

Game 4 vs. Jed Desrosier's Brettonians

Brett Lord
2 Lvl 2 Damesls

X2 8 KotR

8 Errants

X2 18 M@A

3 Peg Knights

6 Grail Knights


Jed was an awesome guy and another great opponent. He played very well and my dice were up to their usual pranks. Firstly, I baited his Errants with GG+SS, I roll a 3 to flee and barely get chased down, the errants still got hit in the front by wardancers and GG in the flank and perished. However my dryads messed up when they were in a perfect flanking position. I thought I had the right flank secure when my Wild Riders hit the flank of the Grail Knights, over 4 turns of combat I only killed two GK which is ridiculous and they never broke either. The dryads should have been able to sweep the flank when I baited the pegs with dryads then hit them with both other units. in the front and flank. I somehow do no wounds , lose by 1 , and break with both units . Now that's just not funny. This allowed the peg knights to hit the rear of my WR and kill them off. . On the other flank i managed to bait his general's unit with the eagle and get the eternal Guard into the front and then dancers in the flank. They broke and were unable to rally because there was 2 left. The Peg knights then decided to give the EG a shot and charged them and the BSB's unit hit the dancers who were then able to kind of lip the EG, I challenged with my highborn meaning when i moved for the challenge he could not attack my unit with the realms. They were wittled down by the highborn, but then the M@A got into the flank of my unit but that just gave me kills. In the end all the units broke with me running down the BSB's unit and the indestructabe as hell pegs and M@A rallied below half but I had 4 banners . My bwraith's unit were in a bad position so they decided to suicide charge the GK and the bwraith managed to kill giving me half points but ofcourse I failed another ld. 7 test and went away. In the end I managed to eek away another major win.

WE left:
1 unit of GG

Brett's left:
1.5 Damsels
1.5 M@A
.5 Pegs
.5 Grails

Major Vistory to the Wood Elves.

Game vs. Big Al Forscythe's Khorne DL


Exalted Daemon of Khorne
Ether Blade

X2 12 Boodletters

X2 5 Flesh Hounds

X2 3 Bloodcruchers.


Alex was a great guy and lots of fun. I voted him my favorite opponent. This was pretty much the same list he won best general at the Colonial with, so I was a little worried, then my dice showed up for the first time this tourney. I was able to somewhat outdeploy him as I had most of my army castled behind some trees and a house meaning I chose pretty much what he could see. A unit of GG held down my left flank on a hill, they managed to shoot down both units of hounds. he takes turn 1 and moves the BT in a very unfavorable position for him. Using my deployment I moved everything into and or behind woods while the eagle moved to bait most of his army and the GG to bait the Thirster. I lost that unit of GG (atleast they put two wounds on the exalted). That put the Thirster in front of my EG and had the flank of hiis crushers facing my army. In went the EG to deal with the thirster and the Wild Riders to tie up the crushers. 2 units of dryads including the bwraith ganged up on the bloodletters and wiped them out in a short time. After three turns the BT died to combat res (thank god for annoyance of Nettilings) this allowed me to charge one unit of bloodcrushers, but this exposed my flank, then came the bwraiths dryads. I knew they didn't have much static res so the dryads were able to tie up the crushers (thanks to the BSB and general) until the other unit of cruchers popped and the EG charged them in the front and dancers in the flank. They were dealt with fairly shortly. He called it on turn 6 seeing as how one unit of bloodletters couldn't do anything and the exalted was crippled.

WE left:
1 unit of GG
2 units of dryads

Khorne DL:
.5 Exalted
1 unit of letters.

Massacre win to the Wood Elves

So I finshed with 77 of 100 battle points, the same as the General of Chaos, George O'Connel. I was excited when they called his name as 3rd and hoped for a high placing. Then I was pretty dissapointed to see I was 42nd. I had gotten a 15/45 painting (I had 15/25 painting at Games Day with an unfinished army) and 38/ 50 sports (I saw that 3 of my 5 opponents gave me 10s). Needless to say I was upset but I know my soft scores can only get better. I am only 15 so I have seen what my age can do to my sports scores but I am not sure how to explain the paint score. I was happy with my battle score especially since I was the youngest player there and I brought as compy of a WE list as one could have. Treemen are for pansies (eagles are the best rare choice in the game Imo).

BTW all the pictures were taken by Arromanche so thank you.

Made in au
.. .-.. .-.. ..- -- .. -. .- - ..

Toowoomba, Australia

Thanks for the report.

What were the best couple of units/characters in the list and why did they stand out?

2020: Games Played:28/Models Bought:321/Sold:471/Painted:134
2019: Games Played:81/Models Bought:175/Sold:271/Painted:92
2018: Games Played: 108/Models Bought: 183/Sold: 1/Painted: 100
2016/17: Games Played:180/Models Bought:414/Sold:106/ Painted:76
2012-15: Games Played:412/Models Bought: 1163/Sold:730/Painted:436 
Made in us
Been Around the Block

Here is a breakdown of my units.

Highborn- Although I have nicknamed him sir-whiffalot (and he lives up to his name) The 5+ ward save he gives to the unit is priceless and he keeps the nasty characters away from the unit with annoyance. Also 4 S6 WS7 attacks is very useful and that was how I killed the doomseekers although it took me forever.

BSB- Although I barely used the reroll he added some much needed S4 attacks to the unit and helped the dryads hold of the bloodcrushers. Plus the Eternal Guard are pretty much unbreakable with a rerollable 10 ld and he lets them reroll psych which is always useful.

Spellsinger- The caddy did what it was supposed to and added its bowshots.

Branchwraith- A lot of people do not like using her and think she is an overpriced dryad but I love her. She took out the slayer king and adds a dispell die. Plus her WS 6 is huge.

Glade Guard- IMO the best archers in the game ( except for maybe Lumpin's). They whittle dow the enemy and an be used to hit the flanks of enemy units. Also they can flee charges which is very important in a mostly immune to psych army.

Glade Riders- I love them although they are a little expensive but they add in some very important shots (good at character killing) and they get to where I need them. Awesome redirecters and fleeing and then being able to rally and move is awesome.

Eternal Guard- MVPs, they destroyed everything that my opponents could throw at them. They are so good and people underestiate T3 elven infantry.

Dryads- Generally they are so good to me but I felt like tgey had springs attached to them. I was able to get them into very good positions just to have them run away from an enemy they should have autobroken. I seriously think my branchwraith killed more than all the dryad units put together.

Warddancers- They were o.k. The enemy feared them because of their destructive power and knowing I had a backup unit that can do the damage they can is very reassuring. For only 133 points they are a bargain.

Wild Riders- They are great at tying units up but were rather dissapointing this tourney. You have to keep in mind how fragile they are and being ItP is bad for them (my first round opponent didn't know that until I told him that and as a result he happily charged them with the bsb)

Eagle- Best rare choice in the game imo. If I had the points or the models didn't suck I would take two (If they were 2 for 1 I would take 3-4). Honestly they are so useful for 50 points.
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