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Made in us
The Main Man

Beast Coast

Hey guys,

Here's some Flames of War stuff I just varnished over the past couple days. The Germans are for my Afrika Korps Panzergrenadierkompanie. All the Divisional symbols and other insignia are hand-painted.

The Panzers and the Americans are still WIP.

What do you think?

Comments, criticism, etc., is all welcome and appreciated!

[Thumb - mortars.jpg]
Some German mortars.

[Thumb - 8-rads.jpg]
A platoon of 8-Rad armored cars.

[Thumb - hmg1.jpg]
A heavy machine gun.

[Thumb - pak38.jpg]
A 5cm PaK38 AT gun.

[Thumb - hmgs.jpg]
Some heavy MG34s.

[Thumb - pak382.jpg]
Another shot of a PaK38.

[Thumb - panzer4_f2.jpg]
Some Panzer IV F2s with long 7.5cm guns.

[Thumb - mortar1.jpg]
A 8cm medium mortar.

[Thumb - heavy_platoon.jpg]
A German heavy weapons platoon with HMGs and mortars.

[Thumb - americans_wip.jpg]
Some WIP American infantry with a Sherman tank.

[Thumb - hmg2.jpg]
Another shot of an HMG.

[Thumb - pak38_platoon.jpg]
A light anti-tank gun platoon with PaK38 AT guns.

[Thumb - 8-rad_command.jpg]
8-Rad platoon command vehicle.

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Made in gb
Da Big Mek

London, UK

All looking very cool. How long did it take to paint each base on average, and how long did the tanks take? I have not painted any FoW stuff yet but have been very tempted to pick some up.

Any chance of a complete army shot too?

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Made in us
Devastating Dark Reaper

Catskill New York

Nicely done. What colour did you use for the armoured cars and tanks?

My other car is a Wave Serpent 
Made in gb
Deadshot Weapon Moderati


Yeah nice work. They look pretty detailed, good job.
Made in us

North Carolina

Everything looks really great. I would like to see the same amount of weathering on your armored cars as is on your tanks though.

Any chance for some close up and personal detail shots of the troopers ^_^? I know that can be a pain sometimes depending on your camera situation x.x.

Illustration and Design

Made in us
The Main Man

Beast Coast

Laserbait wrote:Nicely done. What colour did you use for the armoured cars and tanks?

The color I used for the armored cars and tanks was Vallejo Model Color Iraqi Sand, highlighted with Iraqi Sand mixed with white, then I picked out the details with some GW brown ink and the brown Kel's magic sauce, with some more highlights here and there to clean stuff up.

And grey_death,
I was thinking about weathering the armored cars, but I didn't want to go overboard. Any ideas on that?

The tanks are still WIP.

Also, I do want to do some close up shots of the troopers, but it might be difficult with my current camera setup. I may be able to give it a try sometime in December though. I will certainly post them if I can get some that come out good.

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Made in us

North Carolina

Maybe just a little heavier inking along the bottom 1/4 with a light dusting of bleached bone or your highlight color on top. Washes do rather well in this aspect too and don't leave that nasty shine you have to matte varnish away. Maybe some leaking oil where appropriate. Rust streaks are helpful too. Really give them a lived in feel. Anywhere metal touches metal that isn't welded (and even sometimes on welds themselves x.x) you have a chance for rusting. Paint chipping on high traffic areas (top of the turret, around the drivers hole etc.) are good too. But like you said ^_^ you don't want to go overboard ^_-...Careful use of any of these could easily add more detail and life to your cars!

Illustration and Design

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