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Los Angeles, CA

Havent really posted army lists here. Lets see how this one rates for the ard boys tournament

Lord on star dragon 640
lance, dragon armor, shield, helm of fortune, 5+ ward save, anti anvil item, tallisman of loec.
Teclis 475
BSB 173
great weapon, heavy armor, lvl 1 mage
Dragon mage 430
extra spell, 2x scroll
subtotal 1718

15 spearmen 150
banner, musician
15 spearmen 150
banner, musician
10 spearmen 90
subtotal 390

15 white lions 295
full cmd, lion standard, +1 to go first
15 phenix guard 295
full cmd, banner of sorcery
10 white lions 150
10 sword masters 150

subtotal 890

4 bolt throwers 400
2 eagles 100
subtotal 500

Total 3498

How do you think the list will do against the more powerful lists out there?
So far I have played vamps, lizards, and dwarves. Crushed them all.

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Might consider taking seaguard instead of spearmen (if they are core?). Not too much shooting but I imagine you don't care much about that?
How have you done against a solid shooting list?

You should try playing against my tombking list, would be fun and we'd both learn a lot I think.

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Only thing I really would add is making those spearmen 20+ or taking units of 10 bows.
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Fresh-Faced New User

you can drop the white lions with nothing and upgrade a the 15 to lorthern. drop the 10 unit of sperar men this is for general armys

for combat res extra give the bbs the battle banner and drop the magic items you gave him. the battle is hated by people who play against me think about it 6d extra combat res in every combat that is anti combat
Made in be
Regular Dakkanaut


Drop the unit of 10 spears? :p
How about he keeps them for purposes of, let's say, having a legal list? Personally I don't see the reason of nog having a block of 20+ spearmen. If 3 big blocks are too expensive, go for 3x10 archers or 1x20 spears and 2x10 archers. No reason to upgrade undermanned spearmen to lothern.
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Fresh-Faced New User

run units of 20 lorthern sea guard.
drop one white lion unit
drop champions { never take}
use the bbs and give it the battle banner {d6 combat res}
give the swords some comand and add archers
all you need is 3 bolt throwers one on each side then one in the middle
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Regular Dakkanaut


Why lothern sea guard? When you take a unit of 20 spearmen and a unit of 10 archers, you have 10 30" shots instead of 5 24" shots, about the same points, you have your spear unit that fights the same way the searguard does, while you have 10 extra men that can keep shooting. If the spearmen fail withstanding a charge, they will cost you less than when the seaguard does.
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South Jersey

Anti Anvil item?


'Ere We Go!! 
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35 pts, enchanted item "pendant of vengeance"
If a dwarf strikes a rune, and it's a succes, he has to roll it again. Also, if he fails and has to roll the Failed chart, he hast to take -1 on his roll.

As a dwarf player, I think this is ridiculous. Dwarfs have it hard enough already to win, have one decent unit: the anvil, and when my opponents know they're gonna play dwarfs (and they always make anti-armies) they just need 35 points to seriously nerf it.

Also: why should they have two anti-dwarf items... Shouldn't they rather have more anti dark elf and chaos stuff? Technically, dwarfs are their allies. And it's not like dwarfs have anti HE stuff.
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