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Dangerous Leadbelcher


this is a torney army please comment!

lv1+a blight of terrors(causes terror)

lv 1+a cluster of radiants(+1 dispel dice)

lv 1+a lamentation of depairs(bound spell 3 one use only
ld test or d3 wounds no saves)

12 dryad

12 dryads

12 dryads

10 dryads


power dice= 5
dispel dice= 6

please comment

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Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Are you married to the 100% forest spirit theme? If so, I dunno what to suggest, treeman is a waste in 1k and treekin are often a liability as well. Taking another unit of dryads seems so boring ...

All the same I think you have one too many branchwraiths. If you want to expand into the rest of the book, drop the lamentation one and spend the points on either an alter w/ HoDA, or look into another unit of anything. Friend of mine runs 4x 10 dryads and a unit of 10 dancers (w/ noble), have yet to beat the army despite him having played a grand total of 6 games.

I'm unsure of the points but I think some glade riders to bait-and-switch (which all those ItP dryads can't do) and an eagle to irritate / hunt war machines would be good tactical investments. Or some wild riders should fit in your theme and provide some reach too.

- Salvage

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Made in us

Paso Robles, CA, USA

If you want to keep with the Tree Spirit theme, drop one of the Branchwraiths as Boss said. You don't really need 3 and a unit of treekin or dryads will get you more mileage.

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This conversation has even begun to boggle my internet-hardened mind.

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