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Made in us
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

West Chester, PA

Okay, finally getting underway this weekend with my grand return to WHFB, playing with some local club members. Here is my list. My goal is to fine tune my play and list over the next year to be ready for the Colonial GT 2009.

Any help is welcome and thanks in advance.

2250 Bretonnian List

Lord- Grail Vow, Sword of Lady’s Champion, Armor of Agiluf, Pegasus, Virtue of Audacity-283
Paladin Battle Standard Bearer-Questing Vow, Virtue of Duty, War Banner-137
Paladin-shield-Lance of Artois, Virtue of the Joust, Barded warhorse-126
Damsel of the Lady- Level 1- Dispel Scroll, Warhorse-105
Damsel of the Lady- Level 1 with Dispel Scroll and warhorse-105

8 Knights of the Realm, Full Command-216 (BSB Here)
7 Knights of the Realm, Full Command- 192 (Damsel+Hero Ride Here)
6 Knights Errant, Full Command Errantry Banner-161
5 Knights Errant, Full Command-121 (Damsel lvl 1)
6 Knights Errant, Full Command-141
10 Skirmishing Bowmen-70

4 Pegasus Knights w/ Gallant-220
5 Mounted Yoeman-75
Grail Reliquae -118

Trebuchet -90
Trebuchet- 90


I should mention a few caveats, the dual Trebuchets stay for the time being as I have two and want to give them a whirl as does the Lord on Peg as he is a conversion that I like a bunch.

Thanks again

I heart SYR 8766

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