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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Old one on Carnifex. Light armor, shield, Blade of Tzuki, Aura of quetzl, marks of itzl, quetzl, tepok.
Scar Vet on cold one. Light armor, shield, scimitar of the sun resplendant, mark of itzl, tepok.
Scar Vet. Light armor, shield, venom of the firefly frog. Mark of quetzl, tepok.

12 skinks w/javs (scouting)
12 skinks w/javs
11 skinks w/javs

19 Saurus (Champ, banner, mark of Tepok)
15 Saurus (Spears, Champ, Banner, marks of tepok, quetzl)

5 Saurus on Cold ones (Full Command, banner of huanchi)

4 Kroxigors

2 Salamanders.

No casters, but 7 dispel dice.
Made in us
Charging Bull

Rochester, New York

Take blowpipes on the skinks, the extra range is really important.

"But remember that there are over 1000 chapters of spase marienz! So the SM codex has to cover over 1000 different kinds of spase marienz! Codex CSM only has to cover 1 kind (the Chaos kind). And I don't even think Eldar are a kind of spase marienz at all. Hurr!"
- Abadabadoobaddon

Albatross wrote:I don't game in GW stores very often, but I must say that last time I did, most of the kids were much more pleasant and less annoying than some of the smelly, socially slowed ADULTS who frequent the stores.
It's a company which specialises in the selling of plastic representations of Elves, Goblins, and 9 foot tall superhuman soldiers from the future - have you ever considered that, as adults, it is US that is intruding upon THEIR world?
Made in us
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Madison Wisconsin

you don't have a BSB, that's a bad idea, lizzies really need one in the list to do good. also the carnie lord isn't that good, so unless your taking him for looks don't because he'll get trampled over by almost any other big creature or big block unit.

also saurus should be organized to sit in ranks of 6, otherwise they get slaughtered in combat against anything above a man, and this is especially so without a BSB hanging around your lines.

I like the list but think your sinking too many points into one big character when you don't need anything like that at all.

also do take blowpipes on the skinks, being able to put out 20+ stand and shoot attacks is a good thing

[FONT="Times New Roman"]Those who fight monsters should take care that they never become one. For when you stand and look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.[/FONT] 
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