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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Tyrant w 1 Luck Gnoblar & 2 Sword Gnoblars H.A. Tenderiser, Wyrdstone, Gut Maw 321
Butcher w 1 Luck Gnoblar & 2 Tooth Gnoblars, Blood Cleaver and Dispell Scroll 195
Butcher w 1 Luck Gnoblar & 2 Tooth Gnoblars, Bang Stick and Dispell Scroll 195
Butcher w 1 Luck Gnoblar & 2 Tooth Gnoblars, Skull Mantle & Spangleshard 195

Character total 906

Irongut x 3 Musician 154
Irongut x 3 Musician 154
Irongut x 3 Musician 154
Bulls x 4 Musician, L.A & Ironfists 182

Core total 656

Yhetees x 3 195
Leadbelchers x 2 Musician 120
Leadbelchers x 2 Musician 120

Speical total 435

Maneater x 2 H.A. & Greatweapon 180
Gorger x 1 75

Rare Total 255

Total Point 2240

Any Suggestions?

THank you.

Tyrant will go in Maneater unit
Each Butchers will be with Irongut units
Bulls are on their own.

Does it worth to have all the luck, sword, and Tooth gnoblars ?

I will go mainly against HE, O&G, All Chaos (Beast, Daemon & Warriors) and Vampire Counts.
Would this generic list be good enough to compete against all of them?

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Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

I've never used sword gnoblars and don't put much stock in them. Whatever the tyrant is fighting, he'll probably kill it so whatev if there are 2 S2 little guys left to strike! Tooth gnoblars also are generally seen as points wasted, but considering the high-powered magic armies out there - or more so the fact that I had some points left over - I left one in for you to mess with

My tweaked list:

Tyrant - tenderizer, ha, wyrdstone, gut maw, luck
Butcher - siegebreaker, skull mantle
Butcher - bangstick, scroll
Butcher - blood cleaver, scroll, 1 tooth

3 Ironguts - bellower
3 Ironguts - bellower
3 Ironguts - bellower
3 Bulls - additional hand weapon, bellower
3 Bulls - bellower

3 Yhets
2 Leadbelchers - bellower
2 Leadbelchers - bellower

2 Maneaters - gw, ha

2250 points

It's your list, with most of the excess gnoblars cleaned out. Since you're going MSU, I downgraded the hell out of that bull unit and managed to fit in another for bait / assassination missions / flanking. I also popped in the other generic butcher build, the siegebreaker / skull mantle combat butcher. The blood cleaver I originally took out, but it's interesting and why not? So I stuck it back in.

- Salvage

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