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Been Around the Block

Hi all:

So I am ready to start looking into a WHFB army. I do miss my army building days. This time around in army building life, I want to make sure that I don’t spend a lot of money of items that I think are cool but wont work on the table. Also I have to let you know, I am not the best tactician and need an army that is a little survivable. I know I know, there is less room for error in WHFB, but I am not looking for a finesse army.

The other problem I face, is I love the dwarves fluff wise but I do not think I am a good general of dwarves. They are too static for me. Or at least they were in 5th edition. I am leaning on Warriors of Chaos of Vampire Counts. But maybe I'd love Skaven or Lizardmen.

Is there a link I can read a good background on the different pros and cons on each army?

Appreciate any insights.

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Dwarf High King with New Book of Grudges

United States

Can't think of a website, but here are my thoughts.

Stay away from Chaos Warriors, their current stop=gap list is garbage and they will be updated once November roles around.

Vampire counts are solid. That's the army I'm currently building. Multiple ways of approaching a competetive build, and a fairly involving play style.

I don't know much about Skaven other than that they rely on horde tactics in concert with their shooting (jezzails and ratling guns) and magical power.

Lizardmen are arguably the best army in the game. Super powerful and super tough caster generals. Cheap skirmishers with poisoned ranged attacks. Great heavy infantry and living chariots. There's not much the army doesn't have available to it, which means the tactics that you use will depend heavily on the build. The most competetive armies will be very skink heavy with a 2nd or 3rd generation slann protected by a large block of temple guard.

As for Dwarves. Your right, they are extremely static. However, doing what everyone else does by making liberal use of the Anvil of Doom helps to alleviate this. They may yet be worth a shot.

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Jervis Johnson

Out of the armies you listed you should go with VC. They're by far the easiest to play. The only bad thing in starting with them is that you won't learn the art of fleeing and setting up traps. To me one of the funniest things in Warhammer is seeing M6 Kroxigors getting the charge against M7 or M8 Knights game after game.

Anyway, go with Vampire Counts or the new Dark Elves that get released next month.
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Been Around the Block

Ok: Thanks for the tid bits. Yeah I played my first game the other night with dwarves from the battle of skull pass. I played them a little better than I used to, and it was fun. I did like the fleeing aspect of the game, so I will have to keep that in mind for any final decisions. I did pick up the VC army book so I am checking that out as we speak.

I will keep the forums all posted.

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A discussion of the various armies.

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